Friday, June 21, 2019

Not Out of the Iranian Woods, Yet

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President Trump reportedly called off a retaliatory strike against Iran. That was a wise choice, but does it signify that the likelihood of war is now far less than it was? I doubt it.

Every day that passes without a war is a good day. That said, we should watch what happens in the coming weeks for signs of a troop build up surrounding Iran. It would be stupid to hit Iran without first massing troops around the nation. Furthermore, the US would be ill advised to instigate a war without generating popular support among the American People and the allies of the United States, which does not presently exist.

Before waging war in the Persian Gulf, the Allies of America would probably begin to massively increase their reserves of oil and secure the Saudi Arabian military. An increase in oil shipping would indicate that this is occurring. America would also likely increase domestic oil production.

The winds of war are still whirling. If Iran is in on the game, they will begin threatening not only the US, but Israel, as well. And they will boast of their enrichment of weapons grade nuclear materials.

Israel will probably use the situation as a pretext to demand more military handouts from America. The news cycles will rock back and forth to play upon the emotions of the American public and make it impossible for them to decipher what is real and what is not. It is a process of attrition. The constant barrage takes it toll on the psyche of the American People and the lulls only intensify the magnitude of the horrific moments.

They are obviously trying to amplify the impatience of the world for some final result to occur. The odds that it will be peace seem low at this time, most unfortunately.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Being Pressured to Attack Iran?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Agnes Callamard of the United Nations stated that there is credible evidence that the government of Saudi Arabia committed the premeditated murder of Jamal Khashoggi. She calls for a criminal investigation into the matter:

This places the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman in a very awkward position. The government of the United States and the press could exploit this opportunity to pressure the Crown Prince into attacking Iran. They could potentially promise him that they would use their influence to suppress this proposed United Nations investigation and/or its findings if, and only if, he wages war against Iran. Recall that the United States pressured Saddam Hussein into attacking Iran and then Kuwait.

Friday, June 14, 2019

CNN Article Pointing to Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A recent CNN article by Nic Robertson is drawing the conclusion that the circumstantial evidence surrounding the recent bombings of ships in the Gulf of Oman points to Iran. I would like to point out that the Gulf War was very good business for CNN and established the network as a major player in mass media. The Wikipedia article covering CNN states,

"The first Persian Gulf War in 1991 was a watershed event for CNN that catapulted the channel past the "Big Three" American networks for the first time in its history, largely due to an unprecedented, historical scoop: CNN was the only news outlet with the ability to communicate from inside Iraq during the initial hours of the Coalition bombing campaign, with live reports from the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad by reporters Bernard Shaw, John Holliman and Peter Arnett."

There is an obvious conflict of interest in the mass media which forces us to question everything they say that generates war fever. Wars are very good business for the mass media, which creates an incentive for them to generate wars. We face this dilemma at the precise time that the social media oligarchs are partnering with organized Jewry to promote mass media reporting over independent media reporting, even going so far as to censor independent journalists.

I do not believe it is mere coincidence that false flag attacks are wrongly being attributed to Iran at the precise time that the mass media are being resuscitated and the independent media are being purged from the internet. They have largely silenced all the voices who would likely attribute these recent attacks to false flags operations.

A war on Iran would be a golden opportunity for the mass media to reestablish itself as the framer of public opinion in the climate of absolute censorship of independent media. The American People will clamor for news, and only the mass media will be allowed to deliver it with their uniform and scripted voice. Left and Right mass media will speak with one voice on issues of importance to Israel, and the American People will be deluded into committing mass suicide by waging war on Iran.

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Jewish Hypocrisy of Tyrannical Anti-BDS Laws

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Zionists are aggressively combating the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement by attempting to proscribe it by law. This violates the fundamental human rights of freedom to choose among products, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to self defense. The international Zionist organizations behind these laws are also violating the sovereignty of the nations where they seek to impose these tyrannical proscriptions on the citizenry and government.

What is more, these Jews are absolute hypocrites. The Jews heavily organized to boycott Russian and Polish goods, and to block the Tsars' access to the money markets for loans. In this way, they so weakened the Russian Empire that they rendered it ripe for the Bolshevik Revolution during which they seized control of the empire and promptly mass murdered 30 million of its best citizens. Having destroyed Tsarist Russia and lacking the bogey of fabricated Tsarist oppression, they placed Adolf Hitler in power to oppress German Jews.

After the big Jews accomplished the creation of a new Pharaoh, Hitler, the Jewish masses set out to boycott German goods internationally and thereby overthrow the Hitler regime and wreck Germany. The big Jews opposed these boycotts, but seized upon the opportunity as a pretext for the Transfer Agreement which would enable them to found the nation of Israel.

Samuel Untermyer formally established this pretext for sincere Nazis to acquiesce to the Transfer Agreement by pronouncing a worldwide boycott of German goods and services. Not only that, he called for an official religious "Cherem" to be placed on all German goods. Rabbi Mendelson then performed the Jewish rite imposing the Herem on German goods. This meant that no Jew could touch these goods upon punishment of excommunication. Edwin Black described these events in his book The Transfer Agreement, at pages 350-353:

"So in the first days of September, spontaneous calls went out in various countries to compel the Zionist Organization to stop its deals with Germany.16 If not? Cherem. For centuries, the cherem had been the curse of untouchability imposed against the Jewish people's greatest enemies and most reprehensible sinners. Once pronounced by a rabbi against a non-Jew or inanimate object, the person or object became untouchable for Jews. Once pronounced against a Jew, the Jew was either excommunicated or shunned or both. Anyone breaching the cherem would himself fall under the cherem. [***] The second speaker was Untermyer, who denounced those bargaining with Adolf Hitler to salvage 'a few possessions' belonging to German Jews. Untermyer told the rabbis that a cherem was the only answer to such traitors. [***] The solemn ritual began when two tall black candles were set on a table several feet apart, then lit. A rabbi wearing the traditional talis or prayer shawl, blew three times on the shofar, the twisted ram's horn sounded on the Day of Atonement. Following the shofar blasts, the rabbi of Newark, Rabbi B. A. Mendelson, chanted the decree in Hebrew, 'In the name of the Assembly of Hebrew Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada and other rabbinical organizations that join us in our beliefs, we take upon ourselves. . . as leaders of Israel, to decree a cherem on everything manufactured in Hitler's Germany. From today on we are to refrain from dealing in all basic materials such as metals, textiles, and other things. . . which come to us from the Nazis. . . We urge all to not knowingly violate this boycott which we have this day decreed.'20 Rabbi Mendelson then took his gavel and ritually extinguished the candle flames. As the flames turned to smoke, many in the room were heard to mutter softly, 'Like this for Hitler.'21"

Invoking this Herem on Germany was a declaration of genocidal war and the symbolic extinguishing of the flame of the German life force. The Old Testament calls for Herem against the Canaanites and the other peoples the ancient Jews demanded be exterminated. The Herem as a method of censure and exclusion from the community inevitably becomes the Herem as a war of extermination.

So as the Jews commit genocide against the Palestinians, they deny the world the human right of boycott to stop them. They are not only oppressing the Palestinians in this way, they are viciously oppressing every human being on earth by denying us our fundamental human rights of protest, free unbridled expression and boycott. They are absolute and genocidal tyrants, as well as complete hypocrites. Their ability to control our leaders to subvert our fundamental human rights is firm proof of their grossly disproportionate international power, which they justify with their religious mythology that they are divine and the Gentiles, satanic beasts.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

"Fight censorship! Distribute this video and break the social media monopoly."

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I would like to ask for your help in a new campaign I would like to start to combat censorship and fight back against the information monopoly. When time permits, I am going to upload my banned and censored videos to platforms less prone to censorship. This is not enough, because I have the fundamental right to the full benefits that all others enjoy from every social media platform. As a method of protest and to gain awareness of the criminal censorship and of my work, I ask that you burn DVDs and thumb drives of my videos and those of Adam Green of Know More News.

I will create an intro video describing how the information monopoly has repeatedly censored me and denied me my fundamental human rights to free and fair political expression and scholarly research. We can take a totally neutral position and simply state that the videos are being distributed to promote free speech and counter organized censorship.

We should really produce a compilation DVD with many voices decrying censorship and demanding fair and equal treatment in social media. Let's see if we can create a new form of viral media in a permanent form that can be collected in personal libraries and shared among friends and strangers alike.

We should send members of Congress Adam Green's latest video. A cover letter should demand that our Congress instigate an investigation into Israeli violations of our fundamental rights to free speech, freedom from discrimination, freedom from intimidation and threats, freedom to assemble, and privacy.

We can label every DVD, "Fight censorship! Distribute this video and break the social media monopoly."

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"Treat It as Your Greatest Patriotic Duty Not to Go to War"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A listener of the Adam Green show "Know More News" has corresponded with me. He tipped me off to the work of Grzegorz Braun:

I was struck by this man's talk on two significant points. First, he asserts that Chabad Lubavitch is creating sovereign zones within sovereign nations, States within States. The Jews had long sought autonomous zones within Polish sovereign territory, and spread lies around the globe of exaggerated pogroms and persecutions in order to secure it. This is documented in my book Warnings to the Jews: Premonitions of the Holocaust. Having been driven from Poland and the Ukraine by the Zionist Nazis, after being warned to cease this subversive activity or face a massive pogrom, the Jews are now returning to Poland and the Ukraine and reasserting self-sovereignty with growing outposts of Israel. Braun fears they may instigate a war between Poland and the Ukraine.

Secondly, Braun demands that the Poles see it as their patriotic to NOT go to war. Only by maintaining peace can the nation and the people survive this foreign attack. Therefore, the best interests of the nation and the people compel peace.

This is the exact message we should be giving to the American people with respect to the bellicose rhetoric and threatening actions of the Netanyahu-led Trump administration. It is our patriotic duty to NOT go to war with Iran. Only in this way can we save ourselves and our country. Netanyahu has been waging war against America for decades by instigating us to fight self-destructive wars which benefit Israel and Russia, but which destroy America and Muslim nations. It is our greatest patriotic duty to NOT go to war, unless it is against our real enemy who is goading us to fight others who have done us no harm.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Are They Blackmailing Trump With the Threat of Impeachment?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Every time Trump iterates bellicose rhetoric against Iran, the calls for impeachment quiet. Every time Trump backs off the war agenda, the calls for impeachment intensify. The same is true of potential charges against his family members.

It could be that Trump is being blackmailed into attacking Iran.

The Israelis Now Claim God Given Rights, Whereas Before Their Claims Were Political

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israelis used to claim their supposed right to exist were based upon such mundane instruments as the Balfour Declaration and United Nations Resolution 242. They have changed tactics. They now claim a biblical right to exist.

This enables the Israelis to assert ancient rights to vastly greater territories and justify the land grabs as fulfillment of their god's covenant with them. This also justifies, in their minds, their fulfillment of Jewish messianic prophecies.

The shift from political justifications for their existence to religious justifications is a quite significant and immensely dangerous one worth taking note of. They are using it to make the Talmud the law of the land in Israel. That means they intend to govern the world under Talmudic law.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We Must Remain Vigilant That There Not Be a Saudi-Iran War, Like the Iran-Iraq War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is wonderful to learn that the momentum is turning against Trump, Netanyahu and Putin and their plans for an American attack on Iran. But the danger of war has by no means passed.

The last time the Israelis, Americans and Russians conspired to bring war to Iran, they used Iraq as a proxy army. This time they are gearing up to use Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis are itching for the fight, too. They have been for quite some time and they have bought up large amounts of armaments in preparation for it.

If Saudi Arabia manages to instigate a war with Iran, it will be different from the Iran-Iraq War in many respects. The alliances are now stronger. The oil disruption will be worse, and other countries will certainly be drawn into the conflict.

The Carter Doctrine states,

"Let our position be absolutely clear: An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force."

This will be used as a pretext for America and Europe to join in the fight, which may expand to Lebanon, Syria and other nations. We need to expose any Saudi false flags immediately and forcefully and deflate any cries for war.

Great News! Bernie Sanders and the EU have Come Out Against Trump's War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It will not take a great effort to end Trump's (Netanyahu's) push for war against Iran. It is so stupid a move, that it is not difficult to convince the American People to oppose it. The opposition is mounting at home and abroad:

Bernie Sanders says war with Iran would be "many times worse than the Iraq War"

Former Bush Aide Shocked at Iran Troop Deployment Report, Says We've Learned Nothing From Iraq Invasion

British general in Iraq says no elevated Iran threat

Trump Will Use the War on Iran to Gain Reelection

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If Trump succeeds in his quest to gin up a war against Iran, he then will use the war he needlessly started as a campaign issue to win reelection. This is an old tactic. Incumbents invoke the old proverb, "Don't change horses in midstream."

When Abraham Lincoln ran for his second term during the Civil War, he said it was, "no time to swap horses!" During the Iraq War, George W. Bush made the same pitch, and it won him reelection.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama also said, "Don't change horses in midstream," claiming that they needed a second term to fix the economy. I suspect that Trump will attempt to employ the same strategy. He will then fight WW III.

Of course, the mere fact that Trump is trying to instigate a completely unnecessary and utterly self-destructive war with Iran is reason enough to vote him out of office. But logic has little to do with politics and the media will cheer on this war with Iran, if Trump and Netanyahu can get it started. Organized Jewry has been pushing for this war for decades in America, and for thousands of years in their religious literature.

I have heard many prominent Jews call for a nuclear attack on Tehran. Let us hope that it was impassioned rhetoric and not insider knowledge of what has been planned.

Let's Petition Trump

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America states in the relevant part, "the right of the people [***] to petition the Government for a redress of grievances". The White House affords us with this option to petition the President:

We should start petitioning the White House to stop serving Israel and Russia. I suggest we instigate a petition demanding that the President not take military action against Iran and stop threatening Iran with a show of force.

We should also petition Trump end all forms of censorship and the violations of fundamental rights which exists in all "anti-Semitism" legislation.

It should be easy to start a petition demanding, "No War on Iran!"

Monday, May 13, 2019

Where Are the Polls?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Typically, the news media would conduct polls at times like these, to determine whether or not the American People want to go to war with Iran, North Korea and/or Venezuela. So where are they? What are the numbers? Why are they waiting?

It could be that is exactly what they are doing, waiting for "some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor" to quote from PNAC, before gauging the popular sentiment for war, or lack thereof. Then, after such an event, they would be more certain that there is popular support for war. Someone, please conduct a poll now, before the false flag event, on whether or not Americans want to wage war on Iran. I know that we do not.

The Theaters Opening Up to Stage World War III

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Why are we being simultaneously led to pull our military forces away from the United States and Europe? The Communists and Israelis, with Trump on their leash, are drawing us towards conflicts in Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. Each of these nations has close ties to Russia, just like our President.

Iran and Venezuela are also oil producing nations. What will happen if we go to war with all three countries at once? Our land, sea and air forces will be spread thin and wide, far from home. Energy prices will skyrocket, providing Russia with massive revenue with which to build weapons of war, as our Western economies crumble.

Europe and America will grow ever weaker and more in debt. Our military resources will be exhausted. And what will happen if we "win" these wars? Will we occupy each of these nations and further deplete our vital resources and will to fight?

What if Saudi Arabia joins in our war on Iran? Will Russia use it as pretext to war against us? Will the entire Muslim world erupt in internecine warfare between Sunnis and Shia? Will the Persian Gulf become engulfed in war and disrupt energy supplies to the West?

What if China again joins with North Korea, this time fully supported by Russia? What will become of Japan, Australia and the United States, as China invades Australia as we fight in Korea and Japan?

And China has its sights aimed at South America, too. If we are drawn to fight there, they will have a pretext to follow us and shred the last remaining scraps of the Monroe Doctrine.

This is a very bad mix for us. It is extremely advantageous to Russia, China and Israel. That cannot be a coincidence. This is all still avoidable, but no one can help prevent it but you. You must become politically active and let the Congress know that the American People do not want these wars. We want to defend our homeland and preserve our military and our will to fight for that purpose.

If we fail to stop these relatively minor wars, Russia and China will build their forces as ours are depleted. Then they will strike, with Israel at their side, when we are weak and war weary. It is easy to act now. We must do so. If we do, we will succeed.

The Convergence of Laws Proscribing Anti-Semitism, the Coming War on Iran, Etc.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Despite the easily demonstrably fact that neo-Conservative Jews instigated and led the war on Iraq, organized Jewry now claims that the Jews were opposed to the war on Iraq. Benjamin Netanyahu has been attempting to provoke a war between the United States and Iran for decades. He has lied over and over again falsely claiming that Iran is an imminent threat, which will allegedly shortly possess nuclear weapons. His hysterical rants against Iran have never been retracted, though they have been repeatedly proven to have been deliberate lies.

If the anti-Semitism laws the Jews seek to enact become law, then all information about the Jewish involvement in 9/11 will be scrubbed. Any mention of Jewish messianic prophecies and their impact on non-Jews will be proscribed by law. I suspect they want to make it illegal to speak about the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu has led us to wage war on Iran. But that is only the beginning. The war on Iran will provide an opportunity for Israel to bring down the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque. The Jews will then begin to construct the Third Temple of Solomon and anoint their King.

Christians and Muslims will proclaim that the anti-Christ and al-Dajjal has arrived. Organized Jewry want to make it illegal to make such claims, and will define them as "classical anti-Semitism" of a "world Jewish conspiracy". They won't be able to stop people from saying these things, but they will use artificial intelligence and secret internet police to keep you from ever seeing or hearing them. And they will use real world police to arrest those speaking the truth.

So say it now, and say it loud, it is Jewry which is provoking war with Iran! We can and must stop this war before it begins, and before organized Jewry succeeds in proscribing free speech. "No More Wars for Israel!" It is the recurrent mantra, because Israel demands permanent war until all the nations succumb to death.

Christians and Muslims should find common cause in rejecting these wars. Christians and Muslims should find common cause in preventing the destruction of the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque. Christians and Muslims should find common cause in eroding the Israeli domination of American foreign policy. Time is growing shorter. We can do this. We have succeeded in the past. Contact your Congressional representatives and let them know that you do NOT want to fight another Middle Eastern war. Demand that they do NOT impose any restrictions on free speech. Iran is not a threat to the United States. Israel is!

We can and must stop this war. The only way to do it is to demonstrate to the politicians that we do not support it and not reelect them if they do.

The USS Liberty Attack and the "Sabotaged" Saudi Oil Tankers

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In 1967, the Israelis launched a false flag attack on the USS Liberty. The Israelis wanted America to think that Egypt had sunk the vessel and then declare war on Egypt.

This was yet another attempt to provoke an American war by attacking a ship. The supposedly sabotaged Saudi oil tankers may well fit into this pattern of deception. Both Saudi Arabia and the United States are eager to instigate a war against Iran at the behest of Israel. They lack only a pretext which will rally their peoples to wage war. Nothing threatens Saudis like an attack on their oil trade. This will have the Saudi public riled up and ready to fight. This fight will have a powerful religious element to it that will spread across the Middle East and the world. It will also potentially isolate America and Europe from major oil suppliers, which will hurt us and benefit Israel and Russia by raising energy prices and availability.

When you look at the attacks on the Saudi oil tankers, and the coming attacks on other ships, remember the USS Liberty, the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, etc. It is a centuries' old tactic to provide a pretext for war and the public outrage needed to support it.

"Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The United States of America has repeatedly used attacks on ships as a pretext for war. The sinking of the USS Maine led to the Spanish-American War in 1898. The sinking of the Lusitania served as one of the justifications for America's entrance into the First World War. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which many had predicted and of which President Roosevelt had foreknowledge, brought us into World War Two. The Gulf of Tonkin incident precipitated the Vietnam War.

This tried and true tactic of manufacturing a pretext for war is now being tried against Iran. I suspect it will succeed, and soon.

The best time to launch an anti-war protest is before the war begins. We have stopped the Zionists from instigating a war against Iran many, many times in the past. We can stop them now, if we can demonstrate that there is strong will not to go to war with Iran and not to fight another Middle Eastern war. We have to publicly show that the American People do not support a war against Iran. We must do this now, before the war starts.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

This Is What Might Happen If We Are Silent About Our Fundamental Rights to Free Speech

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suspect the Congress is going to try use the public outrage at the billionaire social media oligarchs to slip in legislation proscribing criticism of Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Israel. In the name of free speech, they are asking for the power to proscribe certain classes of speech, which have been defined by the Jewish lobby. They will sell this to conservatives as legislation protecting the rights of the Alex Joneses of the world. They will sell these laws to liberals as breaking the back of the monopolies.

We must contact our representatives in Congress and insist that no laws be passed which create privileged classes, or in any infringe upon our Constitutional rights to free speech. If they render social media platforms into utilities, we must carefully read the legislation and oppose any attempts to use the power of the State to impose sanctions on anyone violating rules which proscribe any form of free speech. They will attempt to create a police force and methods of imposing sanctions. This will be the "thought police". In the name of ending the thought police of the billionaire social media oligarchs, they will create a State "thought police" force.

As Alex Jones always said, "problem, reaction, solution". They created the problem by declaring Jones "dangerous". The reaction was to oppose this suppression of free speech. The proposed solution will be for the State to takeover the policing of public discussion and free up Alex Jones, and those like him, while proscribing and slipping in punishments for criticizing Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Israel.

Such illegal legislation violates the First Amendment on its face, and is therefore void on its face. It is also irrational; in that it presumes that Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Israel can do no wrong and therefore there can be no legitimate basis for criticism against them–but that is a separate issue from the issue of basic freedom of speech. There is no need to justify free speech. No one can proscribe it whether they agree with it, or not; whether they find it legitimate, or not. It is the speaker's choice what he or she wishes to say, and no one elses.

We have foolishly allowed some exceptions to the absolute right of free speech. The classic example is that it is illegal to scream out, "Fire!" in a crowded theater when there is no reason to believe a fire exists. But it is never illegal to scream out, "Fire!" when there are reasons to believe that a fire exists.

Therefore, it is irrational to ban certain classes of speech in order to shield special interest groups or sets of beliefs from criticism. It must never be illegal to warn the public about threats emanating from any group or set of beliefs. To argue otherwise is to irrationally and with no basis in fact claim that there can be no conflicting interests between groups in our society, and that certain protected classes and belief systems can never be considered dangerous or come to be scrutinized. It is to argue that theaters can never burn, and that enemies of privileged class are not enemies, despite the fact that someone believes that they are and wants to talk about the danger.

It is time to be vigilant and to be heard!

Does Anyone Remember Rev. Ted Pike's One Man War Against "Hate Crimes" Laws?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rev. Ted Pike almost single handedly stopped numerous attempts in the Congress of the United States of America to pass "hate crimes" legislation. He did this by setting up a website with the names and telephone numbers of the offices for each person in Congress. He went on numerous talk shows and asked everyone to call each member of Congress. He then issued a clear and concise statement for people to quote when calling asking that this legislation not be passed, and stating why it should not be passed.

Rev. Pike went on every talk show that would listen, and spread his message at key junctures in the voting cycles. People responded very positively and the movement he set in motion succeeded over and over again. This man saved us from "hate crimes" laws many times over the course of many years.

We have an opportunity to mirror what Pastor Pike did with regards to internet censorship and monopolies owned by billionaire social media oligarchs. We especially need to focus on free speech issues and let our voice be heard by our members of Congress. Remember, Rev. Pike succeeded, so this has a history of working that we can build upon. The Zionists have the power of their money, but politicians still need votes and if they sense that they will be outed if they do not respond to the wishes of their constituencies they will take that into consideration.

Here is what we need to do:

We need a website with the names and telephone numbers for the offices of each member of both the Senate and House broken down by district and State. We need a clear and concise message stating our demands that our rights to free speech be respected by law, and that the monopolies be broken apart. Once this is established we need every voice we can summon to go on internet talk shows and ask people to call and iterate the statement to their Congressional representatives and direct them to the website with names and phone numbers, as well the message to be read verbatim.

Both the Left under Elizabeth Warren and the Right under Donald Trump are speaking out against the billionaire social media oligarchs. This creates the chaos they want to exploit to impose laws against us. We need to have our voice heard in this debate and demand laws that respect the American way and protect free speech.

In the news today:

Facebook co-founder calls for the company to be broken up and says Zuckerberg has 'unilateral control over speech'

Facebook co-founder says Zuckerberg 'not accountable,' calls for government break up

Monday, May 06, 2019

We Need Anti-War Protests and We Need Them Now!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I had a premonition that they were going to escalate hostilities with Iran in the near future. A decade ago, I revealed the prophetic ambitions of Judaism to wage war on Iran:

The Jews Have Been Planning to Attack Iran for at Least 700 Years in Order to End the World in Fulfilment of Jewish Messianic Prophecy

In writing my books on Hitler regarding the First and Second World Wars, several things struck me as relates to WW III and how it will likely unfold if it is staged to mirror Jewish messianic prophecy. I contacted Adam Green and informed him that I would like to discuss this. A few days later, he granted me the opportunity and a few hours after our live interview, the press began to report that Trump is sending a large naval and air force to intimidate Iran. That opens the door to false flag attacks and escalating tensions which might lead to war.

In my interview with Adam, I explained the Jewish messianic prophecies calling for war with Iran, and the fact that these wars are meant to destroy the West and Christendom, as well as Islam. Another war, especially one in the oil rich region of Iran, will have devastating consequences for America, which is already under the yoke of crushing debts, and which has lost its status as the moral leader of the world. We need to protest this drive to war with Iran.

So will the alt-right abandon its Trump worship and actually put America first by protesting this drive to war? Who will take to the streets and demonstrate to oppose this bellicose posturing, which is already costing us massive amounts of money?

Trump is sending forces to a region where they are not needed. They would be better positioned near North Korea and Red China, or South America.

Trump is using our military to serve Israel and guard its strategic interests in the event of war. He is not protecting America or Japan from the active and very real threats from Communist China and North Korea. Trump is putting Israel and Russia first, and setting America up for destruction.

We can stop this drive towards war with Iran, as we have already done many times by protesting it in the past. We need to let the government know that we will not support another war for Israel. The alt-right needs to end its Trump hero worship and stand for the best interests of America and humanity. If the alt-right comes out strongly against this warmongering maneuver, it may well shift the balance and end this drive to war.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

What Is to be Done About the Un-American Social Media Oligarchs?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Facebook has just banished Louis Farrakhan, Paul Nehlen, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and Laura Loomer. Turn about is fair play. Facebook is owned by the Billionaire Social Media Oligarch Mark Zuckerberg. He loves to talk! More than that, he loves to heard! But he hates my American values which honor free speech for all. So by his own standards, he should be banished and muzzled, but how? How do you compete with billionaires who hold all the advantages and impose their own unfair rules against them?

Their power is now both clerical and profane. They have become the Church and the State. These Billionaire Social Media Oligarchs are assuming all the rights and privileges of the Monarchs of old, and of the Church. They are imposing punishments, engaging in banishment and setting an arbitrary standard of morality and behavior, any breach of which results in censorship and exile. Tyranny by State, Church or Billionaire Social Media Oligarch is still tyranny.

Is Zuckerberg free to be a dictatorial tyrant and inhibit my ability to engage in the political process in the same fashion as any other human being? Does he have the fundamental human right to corrupt our political process to favor his personal agenda and that of his tribe? I say that he does not.

His freedom ends where it conflicts with my rights to freedom of speech, assembly and my rights to engage in a political process which affords me the same rights and opportunities as every other citizen on a level and fair playing field. Zuckerberg seeks to make it impossible for anyone he would silence to use the political process in an equitable way to reinstate the system of government and the social contract established by the Founding Fathers. Zuckerberg has labeled the beliefs of the Founding Fathers "dangerous" and banned them from his services. He has contradicted their beliefs in the absolute right to free speech.

Zuckerberg has created a public space in cyberspace and imposed his tyrannical will on who is, and who is not, permitted to speak in it. That is every bit as corrupting, unfair and oppressive as if the State were to do the same. It has the same force to prevent my rights to participate in the political process as if the State were to do the same. So we are obliged and within our rights to enact laws which prohibit the Billionaire Social Media Oligarchs from interfering with our political and personal rights.

Only I have the right to determine my morality. Only I have the right to determine what I think, believe and say. If I decide to think and say something which Zuckerberg deems "hateful" then too bad for him. He has no right to impose his will on me, or my thoughts and expressions. He is not my King, nor is he my church father. He cannot tell me what to think, believe or say. Does he grant me the same authority to silence and banish him for hating the beliefs of our Founding Fathers, as he exercises to keep me from expressing those same beliefs? What gives him greater political rights than me? Does he fancy himself the new Torquemada as he engages with the Facebook secret police to search out every blasphemous statement I may make of which he disapproves, so that he may publicly humiliate, banish and silence me?

This is identical to the tyranny of Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia. Why did we oppose those tyrannical regimes? Was it to let Billionaire Social Media Oligarchs create secret police and artificial intelligence programs to engage in surveillance over us so that we learn to watch our step and obey, or be punished and censored? Did our forefathers fight and die to give us freedom only to have a handful of billionaires take it away and publicly shame us for not obeying their religious codes? They even have the public pillory of putting accounts in limbo for periods of punishment under threat of deleting them for disobedience. They are treating us like animals and robbing us of our human dignity.

We should enact laws against this oppression, so that the State can regain its authority to secure our liberty. We should utilize the powers of the State to restrain these tyrants from unfairly imposing their will on American citizens.

Lord Acton wrote in his correspondence the famous lines,

"But if we might discuss this point until we found that we nearly agreed, and if we do agree thoroughly about the impropriety of Carlylese denunciations and Pharisaism in history, I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men, with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption it is the other way, against the holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. That is the point at which the negation of Catholicism and the negation of Liberalism meet and keep high festival, and the end learns to justify the means.--Letter from Lord Acton to Mandell Creighton (5 April 1887), published in Historical Essays and Studies,Mamillan and Co., London, (1907), p. 504.

These Billionaire Social Media Oligarchs have far too much power over us. We have to take it away from them through the power of the State and our laws. They are pretending that if they silence everyone who they want to quiet, then the world will be a safe place for all. The fact is that their power to oppress us is the greatest danger we face. Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." The Social Media Oligarchs claim that the means of banishment and forced silence are justified by the end of public safety, but who is safe from them, when anyone who speaks out against their oppression disappears from the public arena they control? How can we have free and fair elections when the public forums for political discussion are controlled by the enemies of freedom, and make no mistake about it, those who banish and silence the political views of men and women who speak the same words as the Founding Fathers of America are the enemies of our freedom.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

My new book Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist, Volume III, World War I is now available in paperback and as an Ebook. The description reads as follows:

Volume III of ADOLF HITLER: BOLSHEVIK AND ZIONIST is a thorough analysis of the causes, consequences and aims of the First World War. Walther Rathenau described the First World War as a "World Revolution". Jacob Henry Schiff accomplished what Hitler and Napoleon could not. Schiff defeated Russia through revolution and installed his own government to rule the nation. During the war, General Erich Ludendorff promoted the Communist cause around the globe. Ludendorff helped to put both Lenin and Hitler in power. Of the three cousins who instigated the war, Tsar Nicholas II, Kaiser Wilhelm II and King George V, two lost their thrones. The war was a Socialist Revolution that unseated the Monarchies of Continental Europe and enthroned Socialist dictatorships. The war also produced the Balfour Declaration and enabled the British to take Palestine from the Ottoman Empire. Communists and Zionists predicted the world war in the 1800's and welcomed the opportunities it would bring them, which they accurately forecast.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

We Must Take Them to Court

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Federal Government of the United States of America is violating the fundamental Constitutional rights of American citizens by means of the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004, the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism and House Resolution 41 - "Rejecting White nationalism and White supremacy."

In violation of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, the government is violating the fundamental constitutional rights of American citizens to engage in normal conduct, by de facto criminalizing and otherwise proscribing normal conduct. Jews have been expelled from dozens of countries. Jesus Christ, St. Paul, Strabo, Tacitus, Martin Luther, Johannes Eisenmenger, Johannes Buxtorf and numerous other knowledgeable, prominent, respected and authoritative historical figures have iterated scathing criticisms of the Jewish hatred of humanity and of Christians. It is normal conduct to oppose disproportionate Jewish influence and Jewish supremacism. It is normal and legal conduct to engage in self defense, promote international law and oppose foreign intrusion into American politics.

In violation of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, the government is violating American citizens fundamental constitutional rights of due process and equal protection. Without lawful Constitutional authority, trial, the presentation of a defense or judgement by one's peers, the government is defaming, condemning and causing other harms to specific classes of American citizens who are alleged to have engaged in the entirely legal conduct of criticizing Jews, Judaism and the Nation of Israel, thereby sanctioning them without trial, the right of appeal or any due rights to present a defense. The government is using the power of the State to harass, tyrannize, stigmatize, intimidate, threaten, belittle, alienate and discourage a targeted class engaging in entirely legal conduct, in favor of a privileged class of domestic and foreign Jews and Israeli foreign nationals. The government is favoring foreign nationals over American citizens, and granting foreign nationals privileges by tampering with the rights of American citizens to engage in legal conduct without the intrusion of the State to spy on them, intimidate them, defame them, alienate them and otherwise use the might of the State to discourage legal conduct, including legal political conduct. It is treasonous for government entities to wage war on the American People in favor of a foreign and openly hostile power.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Religion as a Weapon of War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I do not know what caused the fire at Notre Dame. Maybe it was an electrical short. My memories of it are also aflame. I seem to recall that it would have been easy for someone to scale the structure near the flying buttresses, or to launch some sort of incendiary missile from outside the building into the bell tower, but these are vague and old memories.

I have many memories of Europe and its churches and Gothic cathedrals. I remember how Christians are scapegoated for the war in Cologne and Berlin. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was never rebuilt so as to serve as a perpetual and permanent reminder that Christians are supposedly evil warmongers. The Kölner Dom, saved by Providence, is covered in soot which they will not clean off to likewise blame Christians for the war. The message is clear and not subtle, despite how offensive it is to use religion in this way as a propaganda weapon.

The Bolshevik Jews destroyed many Christian churches, and converted others into pig barns. They left synagogues intact.

But maybe Jews had absolutely nothing to do with the holocaust of Notre Dame. Maybe it was cosmic Karma arising to serve justice upon Mrs. O'Leary's Roman Catholic cow, which kicked over a lantern and started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Or maybe someone just wanted to burn the idols of the saints in the crematorium that Our Lady became, because the Jews declared long ago that idol worship is forbidden, Christians must be beheaded, and no representation of their eternal god can be made of perishable materials. Maybe, just maybe, as Adam Green has discussed, it is retaliation for the destruction of the Temple by Rome. The Vatican is a likely target for Israeli nuclear bombs.

It would be awfully convenient for the Jews if Notre Dame led to conflict where some Christian could be blamed for destroying Al Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock in retaliation. Let us hope it does not happen, for it would provide the pretext for building a Temple of Solomon while Christians and Muslims combated each other rather than joining forces against the anti-Christ/al Dajjal.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Historian David Irving Discusses the Jewish Bankers Who Financed Hitler

TheRapeOfJustice YouTube channel was taken down shortly after it mirrored my video introducing my book Warnings to the Jews: Premonitions of the Holocaust. He brought me over 40k views in a short span of time and the video was starting to go viral. I suggest you check out his bitchute channel and subscribe to it. He has put a lot of work into disseminating this forbidden knowledge and has helped me tremendously over the course of many years:

In 1921, Nazi Party Member Ernst Ehrensperger Denounced Adolf Hitler as a Traitor and Jewish Puppet

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In my book Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist, Volume 1, Communism, I translated a brochure entitled "Adolf Hitler--Traitor?" which Nazi Party member Ernst Ehrensperger published denouncing Hitler as a traitor and Jewish puppet, who sought to undermine the NSDAP and derail it to serve Jewish interests. The source for the original German text is E. Dauerlein, Der Aufstieg der NSDAP in Augenzeugenberichten, Second Edition, Munich, (1976), pp. 138-140. You can read my English translation by selecting the "Look inside" option on the kindle version of my book, near the very end of the sample text:

Adolf Hitler--Verräter?

Machtdünkel und persönlicher Ehrgeiz haben Herrn Adolf Hitler nach seiner sechswöchentlichen Reise von Berlin, über deren Zweck er sich bis heute noch nicht ausgesprochen hat, auf den Posten gerufen. Er glaubt die Zeit für gekommen zu erachten, um im Auftrag seiner dunklen Hintermänner Uneinigkeit und Zersplitterung in unsere Reihen zu tragen und dadurch die Geschäfte des Judentums und seiner Helfer zu besorgen. Es zeigt sich immer mehr, daß sein Zweck kein anderer war, als die Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei nur als Sprungbrett für unsaubere Zwecke zu benützen, um deren Führung vollständig an sich zu reißen und sie im geeigneten Augenblick auf ein anderes Gleis zu schieben. Das beweist am besten ein Ultimatum, das er vor einigen Tagen an die Parteileitung stellte und in dem er u. a. vollständige alleinige Diktatur und den Rücktritt des Ausschusses und des Gründers und Führers der Partei, Werkzeugschlosser Anton Drexler, als i. Vorsitzenden forderte. Diesen Posten verlangte er für seine Person; ferner verlangte er, daß innerhalb der nächsten sechs Jahre keinerlei Einigungsverhandlungen mit den übrigen Nationalsozialisten und Deutschsozialisten geführt werden. Diese Forderungen allein schon bedeuten weiter nichts, als die Partei klein zu erhalten und ihr einen weiteren Ausbau unmöglich zu machen. Welche Geldgeber ihn dabei stützen, ist unbekannt. Tatsache ist nur, daß Hitler, der Österreicher ist, mit den dortigen Kaiser-Karl-Kreisen in Verbindung steht. Er wurde bereits vor längerer Zeit einmal öffentlich als "Karlist" bezeichnet, stellte damals zum Schein Klage und zog diese wieder zurück.

Ein weiterer Punkt ist seine Berufs - und Geldfrage. Auf Fragen seitens einzelner Mitglieder, von was er eigentlich lebe und welchen Beruf er früher gehabt habe, geriet er jedesmal in Zorn und Erregung. Eine Beantwortung dieser Fragen ist bis heute noch nicht erfolgt. Sein Gewissen kann also nicht rein sein, zumal doch sein übermäßiger Damenverkehr, bei denen er sich des öfteren schon als "König von München" bezeichnete, sehr viel Geld kostet.

Ein weiterer Punkt ist sein schon lange bestehender Kampf gegen den Gründer und Führer der Partei, den Werkzeugschlosser Anton Drexler. Obwohl Hitler genausogut wie jeder andere Mensch weiß, mit welchen Idealen Drexler beseelt ist, obwohl er genau weiß, daß an Drexlers Charakter nicht das geringste auszusetzen ist, bezeichnete er ihn in der letzten Zeit des öfteren mit Ausdrücken wie "charakterlos", "gemeiner Hund", "Idiot" und änlichen Namen mehr. Und warum? Weil Hitler genau weiß, daß die Bewegung so lange eine gesunde bleibt, als Drexler die Aufsicht führt, weil er ganz genau weiß, daß sein Verräterspiel erfolglos bleiben wird, da Drexler ein Mann so stark wie eine Eiche ist.

Und wie führt er den Kampf? Echt jüdisch. Er verdreht alle Tatsachen und stellt die Sache so hin, als ob Drexler nicht revolutionär genug sei und ins parlamentarische System zurückfallen werde. Was ist die Tatsache? Drexler ist noch keinen Finger breit von seinen Anschauungen abgewichen, die er bei der Gründung schon betonte. Wohl will Drexler neben der revolutionären Tätigkeit zugleich auch dem deutschen Arbeiter den Weg zeigen, welchen er gehen muß, um seine Ziele zu erreichen, d. h. er will neben einer beißenden Kritik an den jetzigen unsauberen Verhältnissen gleichzeitig auch Wirschaftspolitik treiben.

Bei seinen Umtrieben hat Hitler einen Kampfgenossen gefunden, Herrn Esser. Dieser Mann, der nachgewiesenermaßen ein Spitzel der Sozialdemokratie ist, den Hitler selbst wiederholt schon als Schädling der Bewegung bezeichnete, um seinen Sturz herbeizuführen, der bei Drexler schon wiederholt den Sturz Hitlers forderte, der ferner dem "Völkischen Beobachter" durch seinen Sauhirtenton das Verbot trotz wiederholter polizeilicher Verwarnung absichtlich zuführte, diesen Mann nahm sich plötzlich Hitler, um seine dunkeln Pläne durchzuführen. Das merkwürdigste ist, daß Hitler selbst wiederholt erklärte, was unter Zeugen festgestellt werden kann: "Ich weiß, daß Esser ein Lump ist, aber ich behalte ihn nur so lange, als ich ihn brachen kann!"

Nationalsozialisten! Urteilt selbst über solche Charaktere! Laßt Euch nicht irreführen, Hitler ist Demagoge und stützt sich nur auf seine Rednergabe, er glaubt damit, das deutsche Volk irrezuführen und Euch besonders Dinge aufzuschwätzen, die alles andere sind als die Wahrheit!

Protestiert dagegen, daß man es mit der ehrlichen Gründung der NSDAP auch so machen will, wie es früher mit den anderen Parteien gemacht worden ist, sie durch einen zugelaufenen Größenwahnsinnigen und Sprüchmacher in ein anderes Gleis zu schieben!

Zeigt, daß es noch eine ehrliche deutsche politische Partei gibt, die den Mut hat, auch Fehler einzugestehen und Schädlinge zu beseitigen, die sie früher für ehrliche Menschen gehalten hat.

Nur auf diese Weise wird es gelingen, im deutschen Volke wieder Vertrauen zu erwecken, das es gerade durch derartige Hitler-Charaktere verloren hat.

Stützt Eure Ehre und die Wahrheit, die nach Überstehung von einigen aufgepeitschten Kämpfen doch zum Siege führen wird!

Mit deutschem Heilgruß!

Die Nationalsozialisten Münchens

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Social Media Oligarchs and Their Destruction of Our Democracy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The social media oligarchs have begun to rule over us and have subverted our democracy. They employ such sham devices as the "YouTube Community" and Terms of Service agreements to enforce the tyranny of the majority over the minority, and the tyranny of the minority over the majority in ways which the United States Constitution does not allow. They have created secretive kangaroo courts with unknown laws where star chambers impose their will over the masses and over vulnerable minorities.

The claim that there is police force of a "YouTube community" which objects in a very partisan manner to any videos which criticize Jewry is suspicious on its face. In what form does this "Community" exist and why is its often minority voice employed to deny the rights of the majority? I have seen videos with a 95% plus favoritabilty rating of likes over dislikes removed pursuant to the whims of a secret police force of a "YouTube community" and the judgement of YouTube employees working in collusion with them as anonymous judges in a secret court. There is no right to confront the accuser, and the accuser is never identified, so there is no means to demonstrate their bias, organization and political affiliation. There is no right of appeal. Evidence cannot be presented. Only the side of the secret police is given a hearing. There is no due process and no defense is allowed, let alone the commonly asserted defenses of selective enforcement, malicious prosecution or the assertion of fundamental human rights as a defense, including the right of free speech and rights to representative government. No clear definitions exist of proscribed conduct, so insufficient notice is given of the laws being enforced. They are too vague to be meaningful or enforceable, and therefore are enforced arbitrarily and selectively.

These quasi-governmental agencies, who by their own policies act as police, prosecutors, jailors and courts, violate all the most fundamental precepts of justice, fairness and equality. They are instead dictatorial oligarchs imposing their will and political agenda on our nation and our citizenry. They rule with their money, not their ideas, which they ban us from challenging.

We must not allow these billionaire social media oligarchs to subvert our democracy. They have already taken away our freedom. They have already engaged in banishing us, defaming us and alienating us from the political process without affording us any hearing or due process to defend ourselves from their attacks, or a means by which we can assert our fundamental human rights. They have created their stand alone governments, replete with police, courts and prisons in violation of the sovereignty of the United States of America and have used these quasi-governmental offices to destroy and violate our most precious rights, rights necessary to guarantee our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They are not only unAmerican in their existence, policies and practices, they are anti-American and tyrannical to an extent that compels the American Government to take action against them. So why is it not?

Like Municipalities and Public Utilities, Social Media Platforms Have Become Quasi-Governmental Agencies Engaging in the Formal Political and Voting Process and Must Therefore Be Impartial

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Federal Government of the United States of America has declared that the Russian Government has utilized social media platforms to illegally undermine the fair and free election process of the United States. The Federal Government has thereby acknowledged that social media platforms are public and quasi-governmental agencies engaged in the formal political process of the United States. Free and fair access for all to these social media platforms is essential to the political process and any restrictions imposed on individuals, groups or points of view inhibits the rights of all Americans to representative government, in favor of totalitarian special interests with the disproportionate financial means to undermine our democracy.

Social media platforms are presently employing selective enforcement of their Terms of Service agreements which are imposed without negotiation, and have rendered those TOS agreements waivers of rights and the biased enforcement of particular political viewpoints. This constitutes a totalitarian political system which is proscribed by the Constitution of the United States of America. We need new laws which compel social media outlets which serve as quasi-governmental agencies and public spaces to operate without bias and with complete impartiality granting free access to all without restrictions on points of view or limits to the rights of free expression. These social media outlets which are an integral part of our formal political process must allow all citizens to engage in the public discussion on a level and fair playing field.

The Need for New Laws to Proscribe the Violation of Our Fundamental Rights in Social Media and in the Government

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is vitally important that we break the cycle of "propaganda of the deed" and secure our fundamental rights to freedom in this age of high technology. There are proven instances of terrorists committing acts of violence in the hope that the governments will use their violence as a pretext to further restrict our rights. They further intend that this increased oppression will inspire others to commit acts of violence out of frustration, which will then serve as the pretext for further governmental encroachments on our fundamental human rights, in a compounding and escalating vicious cycle of violence and repression. They do this with the intent of destabilizing society and promoting violent revolution and civil war.

Intelligence agencies around the world have an easy time creating and maintaining agents provocateur who engage in destructive acts meant to increase the tyranny of government so as to inspire more violence, which then triggers the programmed and planned response of ever increasing governmental oppression. They are deliberately trying to create instability in Western Civilization by denying us our fundamental rights to freedom of speech and to keep and bear arms, while employing terrorists to provide the illegitimate pretext for their intrusion on our inviolable rights.

Any political party which denies the absolute right to free speech is not a political party, but a totalitarian dictatorship in the making. We presently live in an Orwellian world, where the Federal Government of the United States of America is arbitrarily, selectively and illegally condemning certain sectors of the population and openly pitting itself against its own citizens to intimidate, repress, stigmatize and defame them. This is an intolerable encroachment on our right to representative government for all American citizens on a fair and level playing field. Each and every American has the same fundamental and inviolable right to hold whatever views he or she chooses to hold, and to express them without the power of the State bearing down on them to imprison, defame or intimidate them. The State is presently selectively and arbitrarily stigmatizing, attacking and condemning groups. This constitutes a governmental sanction without trial or due process of law, without any Constitutional authority to do so, and in direct violation of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America. This is designed to have a chilling effect on the free expression of opinions and implies that the State is planning to use its overwhelming force to attack those of its own citizens it has declared enemies. No member of these repressed groups was ever given a fair trial by a jury of their peers and due process of law to defend themselves and their rights, before the Government took the illegal step of publicly condemning them and imposing the sanction upon them of publicly defaming them and shaming them for holding their views. The Government of the United States of America has no legal authority to engage in the orchestrated defamation and public shaming of its citizens.

All this being the case, we can campaign on the platform that our political opponents do not represent American political parties, but instead foreign interests attempting to impart a totalitarian regime within our disrespected borders, in order to render the Constitution of the United States invalid and thereby break the contract between the People and the Government and in the absence of its safeguards against tyranny and oppression impose their biased and foreign will upon the American People.

The American Federal Government has openly acknowledged that social media are a vital and influential part of the American political process. We therefore require new laws which safeguard our rights to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the rights to be heard and to hear, the rights to representative government and to engage in the political process on a level and fair playing field and in a manner and with the views each individual citizen deems fit without restrictions arbitrarily and selectively imposed by politically biased entities in control of social media. These laws must secure our rights to be free from attacks on our person, rights and identity by groups, individuals and artificial intelligence programmed as a weapon to remove us from public view and the public arena. It is the absolute right of each and every American to formulate his or her own views without coercion, duress or the undue influence of anyone else. No one has the right to restrict or define for anyone else what views they may hold and/or express. Social media platforms do not have the lawful authority to selectively prohibit political views in services they offer to the public at large. No one has the right to inhibit the free expression of political views in public platforms which have become an integral part of the political process.

Social media are utilizing special interest groups and artificial intelligence programs to selectively identify, alienate, stigmatize, intimidate, obstruct and destroy the identity and public face of targeted groups and individuals. These special interest groups and the artificial intelligence programs so employed are weapons used to commit assault against American citizens and destroy their reputations, identities and rights. This must become specifically proscribed in the Federal laws of the United States of America. We can campaign on the platform that social media, including publishing outlets, be proscribed by law from employing these highly destructive weapons against anyone, any group, or any set of views. We should legally define deliberate attempts to make a person vanish from public view and the public records, as criminal attempts to commit assault, and as new forms of criminally proscribed assassination and banishment.

There is also the demonstrated need for new Federal laws barring the Government from defaming, stigmatizing or otherwise inhibiting the political rights of its citizens by formally condemning their views. This is demonstrably necessary to break the totalitarian State now being employed against American citizens which has illegally defined by Government proclamation what it arbitrarily and with intended bias deems acceptable and unacceptable political viewpoints. Any attempt by the Government or the quasi-government of social media to tip the scales in favor of one political viewpoint or another is the overt manifestation of totalitarianism.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Dehumanization of Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have always found it a bit pretentious when others refer to themselves in the third person. But now that I have not only been censored, but rendered illegal, I feel I have earned the right to talk about the much maligned Christopher Jon Bjerknes, persona non grata, as if someone other than myself, someone under a spotlight, a searchlight and a microscope.

Caught in the crosshairs of Jewish power, my work is so effective, that legal action was taken against it within 5 days to shut it down. It is so offensive to liars because it is so demonstrably true to neutral observers. If the powers that be were able to refute what I have said, they would try. They cannot, but instead of conceding that I have spoken the uncomfortable and needed truth, which could potentially help save billions of lives from the coming catastrophe, they nevertheless feel justified and compelled to impose their criminal tyranny over me with their Bolshevik oppression, and formally censor my words. I have not only failed to win the Nihil Obstat of the Church of Jewish privilege, I am officially banned from the public forums of humanity.

This follows decades of uncivilized censorship. Though my critics are afforded page after page in the mainstream press to spread their lies about me and my work, my responses in defense of the truth have always been suppressed, utterly unwelcome in the Jewish controlled press. This flies in the face of the best traditions of Western Civilization, but is in perfect conformity with Jewish law, which forbids Gentiles to examine the facts of things Jewish, let alone render judgement upon them.

Learn from me, friend and foe alike, that America is a beautiful and glorious place, a bastion of human dignity where freedom is enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America. Do not listen to any KGB shill calling itself a White Nationalist or Alt-Rightist, who urinates on the bill of rights, while lauding Bolshevik Vladimir Putin who likewise censors all truths uncomfortable to Jewish power. They seek only to wet the fire of freedom with the rains of disingenuous Jewish tears and extinguish its revealing light.

Learn from me, friend and foe alike, that we must fight without ceasing until our freedoms are universal and secure. The dark obfuscations of Bolshevism and Zionism are snaking their way around the globe and your saviors are demons sinking their fangs into the neck of your freedom to draw the blood of liberty out of your lives and leave you a dry corpse preserved in an enshrined cocoon of carefully spun lies.

Censored Again on YouTube

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

YouTube has again censored me:

They do not want me discussing Hitler's Bolshevism and Zionism, or revealing the cabalistic origins of the six million figure. To overcome this censorship, I need your help. The best means to combat the censorship is to spread the word about my book. This will attach a price to their actions and punish them for what they have done.

I am working on volumes 2 & 3 of Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist and need income to fund my endeavor. They are obstructing my ability to earn the income I need so that I can devote the time needed to write these research intensive books. I am also obliged to buy rare books, which I cannot afford.

My YouTube appearances featuring my books Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist, Warnings to the Jews: Premonitions of the Holocaust and The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians have been extremely popular and in each instance started going viral just before YouTube censored them. The public wants to know what I have to say. Will you help?

Sunday, March 24, 2019


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have just released a new book which is certain to shake things up. I am interested in doing interviews to discuss this new work Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume I Communism:

Volume I of a planned multi-part series compiles mountains of evidence, including scarce sources and new translations, to explain:

Why Hitler hid the fact that he worked for Kurt Eisner's revolutionary government and was an elected liaison and propagandist for the Communist Soldiers' Councils of the Bavarian Soviet Republic.

Why Hitler was a Communist informant, intelligence agent for the Reichswehr and spy.

Why Captain Karl Mayr and General Erich Ludendorff chose Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler to lead an anti-Semitic and anti-Bolshevik National-Socialist party, and how they made him into a "German Joan of Arc", dangerous demagogue and belligerent dictator.

Why Hitler infiltrated the German Workers' Party, changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers' Party and replaced its leader Anton Drexler.

Why Hitler let the British escape at Dunkirk, why he lost the Battle of Britain and why he opposed Operation Sea Lion.

Why Hitler collaborated with the Soviet Union, then attacked it and ensured his own defeat.

Why Hitler, who never declared wars, declared war on America.

Why Hitler wanted Lebensraum in the East as living space for his dead German soldiers.

Why Hitler let Hermann Goering deliberately lose the war he helped Hitler deliberately start.

Why Hitler repeatedly sacrificed his soldiers to the Soviets and provided Stalin with foreknowledge of his plans.

Why Hitler refused to negotiate a peace at war's end and instead issued the Nero Order calling for the suicidal destruction of Germany by Germans.

Find the unexpected answers to these and countless other conundrums in Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The CIA Should Investigate Brenton Tarrant's Ties to Russian Agents

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Brenton Tarrant's manifesto The Great Replacement might as well have been crafted by the FSB/KGB. As I explain in my book Putin's Reign of Terror Putin is behind ISIS and has sponsored global terrorism to sway elections and provide him with a pretext to invade other countries. Putin wants to drive a wedge between Turkey and NATO. Putin wants to Balkanize America and is behind the separatist movements in California and Texas. Putin wants a revolution in America and sponsored the alt-right versus antifa wars in our streets. Putin is pitting Muslims against Whites and Whites against Muslims, for the benefit of Israel. Putin sponsors the Zionist cause by agitating for anti-Semitism in the West to inspire Jews to either emigrate to Israel or Russia. Putin has called for Jews to come to Russia, where they will be safe. Russian Jews want Israel to shift its main alliances from America to Russia.

Brenton Tarrant is a globe trotter, and therefore an ideal candidate for Russian influence. Tarrant's terrorist attack was an attack on the American political system by a foreign agent. Tarrant openly stated in his manifesto that it is his aim to drive America into a civil war and Balkanize the nation. He attacked Muslims to accomplish his ends, so as to drive a wedge between Muslims and Whites in their common cause to end Jewish oppression. Tarrant is Zionist who want Jews to move to Israel. Tarrant is an anti-Capitalist Communist who admittedly engages in propaganda of the deed. Tarrant claims to be a "Fascist" and Communists have long created the false opposition of Fascism to serve as their Bogeyman.

Tarrant engineered his attack to drive a wedge between Turkey, America and NATO. Tarrant's manifesto takes a page directly out of the FSB/KGB playbook, when it states:

"To add momentum to the pendulum swings of history, further destabilizing and polarizing Western society in order to eventually destroy the current nihilistic, hedonistic, individualistic insanity that has taken control of Western thought. To drive a wedge between the nations of NATO that are European and the Turks that also make a part of the NATO forces, thereby turning NATO once more into a united European army and pushing the Turkey once more back to the true position of a foreign, enemy force. Finally, to create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms in order to further the social, cultural, political and racial divide within the United states. This conflict over the 2nd amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines. This balkanization of the US will not only result in the racial separation of the people within the United States ensuring the future of the White race on the North American continent, but also ensuring the death of the 'melting pot' pipe dream. Furthermore this balkanization will also reduce the USA's ability to project power globally, and thereby ensure that never again can such a situation as the US involvement in Kosovo ever occur again(where US/NATO forces fought beside muslims and slaughtered Christian Europeans attempting to remove these Islamic occupiers from Europe).

Tarrant's terrorist attack was NOT a White Nationalist attack. It was a Russian Communist attack on Western Civilization. He is a Russian agent trying to destabilize the West, especially America, for the interests of Russia and Israel. If the CIA scratches around a little, they will certainly turn up a nest of Russians who crafted Tarrant's agenda and set him up to knock us down.

So why am I telling you all this surrended by a sea of silence from the media and our government? These things are obvious! Just as I warned the world that Trump was working for the Russians and publicly called for the CIA, FBI and Congress to investigate Trump and the alternative media years before they did so, I am publicly calling for the CIA, FBI and Congress to investigate Brenton Tarrant with a special emphasis on turning up the Russian influence that created his terrorism and anti-American agenda. Tarrant definitely had Russian advisors.

I have heard the same anti-Western Russian agenda iterated by several "alt-right" stooges for the FSB/KGB. They generate self defeating hatred of Muslims. They say all Jews should move to Israel. They want Turkey to leave NATO and become a Russian ally. They demand the Balkanization of America, which would spell the death of Whites, etc. Why isn't our government protecting us from all of this, instead of using it as a pretext to strip us of our rights?

Whites and Muslims, if you think Putin is your friend, you are sadly deluded. He is pitting you against each other so that you destroy each other.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Brenton Tarrant's Propaganda of the Deed

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Brenton Tarrant murdered 49 people in an attempt to take away our gun rights. Tarrant anticipates that his terrorism will provoke the government to deprive us of our rights to keep and bear arms. He believes that this will prompt the American people to revolt against an increasingly tyrannical government. He is engaging in classic communistic and anarchistic "propaganda of the deed." His manifesto The Great Replacement is Zionist, anti-Capitalist and calls for the Balkanization of America.

The New Zealand government has taken the bait and done exactly what Tarrent wanted them to do. They are moving to take away their people's rights to keep and bear arms. His attack has been a complete success.

He is following the Communist playbook to gin up revolutions and provoke a race war. Putin must be delighted by all of this. If Tarrant is not working directly for the Russians, he is working indirectly for them by succumbing to their agenda and forwarding it. He is also a Zionist who wants all Jews to move to Israel. And Tarrant claims to be a member of the Knights Templar, all of which recalls Anders Breivik and his rampage of murder. It is also reminiscent of Charles Manson's false flag murders meant to spark a race war.

The mass media are responding exactly as Tarrant predicted they would. There will probably be more book burnings and social media is already becoming more discriminatory against Whites. The more restrictive they make the means of communication to achieve political parity and representative government, the more the media and corporations will inspire such insane acts of violence. As they make it impossible for politics to succeed in giving Whites a voice, the more they will drive Whites to engage in public violence in acts of desperation and protest, despite the fact that it is morally wrong and politically counterproductive to do so. John F. Kennedy said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

The media are in love with the story because it fits in perfectly with their agenda, but only because Tarrant wanted it to fit their oppressive agenda and deliberately engineered his violence to achieve that end. The mass media will never discuss how censorship and repression are inspiring these horrible acts and are in part to blame for this horrific mayhem. They also falsely and generally accuse White Nationalists, as if they are collectively to blame for Tarrant's insane acts, this as they violently oppose generalizations which collectively blame Muslims for acts of terrorism committed by insane individuals.

The media are also not addressing the violence in movies and video games, which is turning masses of people into psychopaths. They want easy answers which strip of us our rights and impose government and corporate tyranny on Whites, which only compounds the problem, and which will inevitably inspire more violence as a response to the increasing repression. That is what Tarrant wants. He wants Whites to face increasing restrictions on their rights, so that they will violently rebel against the increasing oppression in a self feeding cycle of violence and tyranny.

Instead of restricting our means of communication and political activity, corporations and the mass media should be affording us greater freedom of communication and augmenting the public debate with a level and fair playing field. Every human being shares the same rights to freedom of expression, self determination and representative government. If the corporations and mass media continue to presume they have the right to selectively silence individuals with differing views, those with pro-White views, then they will increasingly inspire unstable individuals to express themselves through violence because they will not have the option of civil discourse. The hysterical mass media and the corrupt corporations make Brenton Tarrant's propaganda of the deed a success, and therefore encourage more of it to the detriment of us all.

In order to better understand how "propaganda of the deed" works, consider the increase in Muslim terrorism that would occur if the Koran were banned from all the major booksellers. Further image that Muslims were banned on all major social media outlets and artificial intelligence was used to delete anything and everything they wrote and said. What would happen if every foul act committed by a Muslim was used to justify the elimination of civil rights for all Muslims. That is exactly what governments, the mass media and corporations are doing to Whites. Since they are making it impossible for Whites to engage in civil public discourse about their own destiny and rights, they are inspiring unstable Whites to express themselves with violence, having no other public means to express themselves. It is a predictable response and Tarrant predicts more to come. The media, despite their pretense of sophistication, has been taken in by a sick terrorist and was outclassed. They have no clue as to what just really happened, but Brenton Tarrant does. His propaganda of the deed was a stunning success, most unfortunately.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Contact Information for the Federal Trade Commission

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The FTC investigates potential antitrust violations. The Federal Trade Commission has published a brochure in pdf format which you can download here:

Page seven of the brochure provides the following contact information:


If you wish to submit confidential information, send it by mail and mark it "Confidential."

Mail: Federal Trade Commission

Bureau of Competition-H374

Washington, D.C. 20580

Telephone: 1-202-326-3300

Everyone is equally free to confidentially inform the FTC of potential monopolies and other antitrust violations which obstruct free and fair trade.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Kindle's Whimsical Approach to Burning Books

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Kindle has yet again refused to state the specific reasons why it has banned my book E = mc2 and the Jewish Question. Though Kindle claims that the "subject matter" of my work is in violation of its "guidelines", Kindle will not and cannot tell me which guideline has been violated because Kindle does not have a guideline which covers the subject of "subject matter". Furthermore, Kindle has refused to define the "subject matter" of my book, and since it has no definition of the subject matter of my book, the subject matter of my book cannot serve as a justification for banning my book. Instead of answering my questions, Kindle has confirmed my assertion that they are selectively and arbitrarily banning my book without due cause based solely on their assumption of the power to whimsically ban books without any means of appeal and without any notice as to the reasons why the book has been banned. That is quite a capricious and cavalier approach to the historically dangerous practice of burning books. Would they banish or burn heretics with an equal lack of policy and process to the way they ban arbitrarily declared heretical books? That type of murder at the stake is what is at stake in our society if we permit this reckless discrimination, persecution and censorship to stand.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I would like to call your attention to the historical persecution and censorship of Jews, because that will probably pique your interest and it is a safe space for you to rest in without worry that your financial interests are in jeopardy. I won't ask you to think too hard, as I would not want to tax your mind the way heretical books would. The Jews enjoy special privileges in our society, especially as relatable victims, so perhaps portrayals of Jewish victimization will form understandable images in your mind, where the persecution of Whites is a taboo subject banned from your cybershelves. The persecution and censorship of Whites only appears to capture your imagination when your companies engage in it.

The Jews excommunicated the now famous Jewish philosopher Spinoza with the following vicious decree,

"The Lords of the ma'amad, having long known of the evil opinions and acts of Baruch de Espinoza, have endeavoured by various means and promises, to turn him from his evil ways. But having failed to make him mend his wicked ways, and, on the contrary, daily receiving more and more serious information about the abominable heresies which he practised and taught and about his monstrous deeds, and having for this numerous trustworthy witnesses who have deposed and borne witness to this effect in the presence of the said Espinoza, they became convinced of the truth of the matter; and after all of this has been investigated in the presence of the honourable chachamin, they have decided, with their consent, that the said Espinoza should be excommunicated and expelled from the people of Israel. By the decree of the angels, and by the command of the holy men, we excommunicate, expel, curse and damn Baruch de Espinoza, with the consent of God, Blessed be He, and with the consent of all the Holy Congregation, in front of these holy Scrolls with the six-hundred-and-thirteen precepts which are written therein, with the excommunication with which Joshua banned Jericho, with the curse with which Elisha cursed the boys and with all the curses which are written in the Book of the Law. Cursed be he by day and cursed be he by night; cursed be he when he lies down, and cursed be he when he rises up; cursed be he when he goes out, and cursed be he when he comes in. The Lord will not spare him; the anger and wrath of the Lord will rage against this man, and bring upon him all the curses which are written in this book, and the Lord will blot out his name from under heaven, and the Lord will separate him to his injury from all the tribes of Israel with all the curses of the covenant, which are written in the Book of the Law. But you who cleave unto the Lord God are all alive this day. We order that no one should communicate with him orally or in writing, or show him any favour, or stay with him under the same roof, or within four ells of him, or read anything composed or written by him."—Steven M. Nadler, Spinoza's Heresy: Immortality and the Jewish Mind, Oxford University Press, New York, (2001), p. 225.

I am sure you will agree that those Jews who censored Spinoza were following the norms and mores of their time and were just as convinced as you that they were morally superior to the man they sought to silence. After all, the rabbis did not want their fellow Jews to have a bad experience reading the works of Spinoza, so they justifiably banned his works, isn't that so? I could bring up the censorship of Galileo Galilei, but somehow the persecution of Whites does not draw instant sympathy to the extent that tales of the poor suffering Jew do. And while we are all shedding tears for the long dead Spinoza and the injustice done to him, let us bring up the obligatory persecution of the Jews under the Nazis. I could refer instead to the mass murder of the 30 million souls and nearly complete destruction of the intelligentsia of Gentiles in the Soviet Union under the Bolshevik Jews, but who cares about them, right? After all, they were White. So let's talk about the tyranny and censorship imposed on Jews by Germans, so that you can relate to the danger of engaging in censorship.

In May of 1933, the German Student Union set about to burn books as an "Action against the Un-German Spirit", and take note of the fact that it is now considered "un-American" to be pro-White despite the fact that the Founding Fathers specified that America is a White nation and limited immigration to Whites of good character. These Nazis most famously burned books by Jews, because they were convinced by the norms and mores of their society that they were morally superior to the authors whose subversive books they burned. They probably felt just like your workers who banned my book E = mc2 and the Jewish Agenda, and Greg Johnson's book The White Nationalist Manifesto, in order to prevent a bad reading experience by your customers. No, it was not a time to try to argue the issues raised with more free speech, it was time to use the brutal and heavy handed force of absolute censorship, lest society crumble under deceived masses who bothered to read such tripe and were unable to think for themselves, but instead were better off surrendering their right to know to the censors.

As another example of the well meant censorship of Jewish works, the false Jewish messiah Jacob Frank led the Catholic Bishop to demand the destruction of the Talmud, which was far more precious to many Jews than the Torah, itself. And this happened in an open court, unlike the banning of my book by your companies. The Talmud was banned for offending Christians, who did not want to have a bad reading experience while discovering the Jewish view that the Virgin Mary whored herself to Roman soldiers and other such gems of Jewish lore.

So who are you, Mr Bezos? A bookseller, promoter of free speech and purveyor of knowledge vital to the public interest; or a book burner who succumbs to the bullying of special interest groups to silence heretics who dare to speak truths which cannot be refuted by the free exchange of ideas?