Sunday, November 18, 2018

Boycott Racist Einstein!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Please spread the word.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Uncensored

You can watch my video response to protest censorship and bias on YouTube here:

Inhibiting My Freedom of Expression and the Public's Right to Know

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

TheRapeOfJustice YouTube channel mirrored my video presentation introducing my book Warnings to the Jews! Premonitions of the Holocaust Thanks to their efforts, my video had accrued more than 42,000 views and 1,700 likes as opposed to fewer than 200 dislikes in just three weeks, when this happened:

Obviously, the public not only has a right to know what I have to say, but a strong desire to hear it and an overwhelming appreciation for my having said it. So why is a stigmata being attached to my factual and truthful statements, one which wrongfully and harmfully imparts fear and discourages participation, as well as deliberately obstructing the dissemination of this information and diminishing the ability of my goods to freely compete in an open marketplace with all others on a level playing field?

These people are not only violating my rights to inform the public and sell my merchandise, they are violating your rights to know and judge your purchases in a fair and free environment, without intimidation or inhibition.

One means to combat this censorship and these unfair trade practices is to broadcast this message as far and wide as possible and attach a price to this discrimination. Please help me to spread the word! I am carrying the flag in this fight, please march with me.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Mutiny on the Horizon for the Democratic Party

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton helped to elect arch-Zionist, Chabad Lubavitch and Russian puppet Donald Trump. Pelosi has long been subverting the Democratic Party. Conveniently, she has declared herself speaker of the House and has effectively taken the impeachment of Trump off the table.

Articles of Impeachment will open up a trial in the Senate. That could reveal a lot Pelosi and the controlled opposition want kept quiet.

But the American People and many Democrats want Trump impeached for his traitorous relationship to Russia and his hush money. There will be loud cries to form a new political party from the ruins of the Democratic Party if Pelosi succeeds in subverting due process of law, obstructs justice and betrays the Democratic base. This will begin with the most openly Marxist, Internationalist and Socialist elements of the Democratic Party and will grow with protests in the streets of America and around the world. Money and an agenda will come pouring in using Trump's treason as a pretext to further betray the best interests of Americans. Subversive elements in the alt right will help this along by playing up their misogyny and degrading the other races so as to antagonize women and non-Whites to unite against Republicans and the subversive leaders of the Democratic Party.

In a trial, the Senate will determine the facts and act as the Jury. The Supreme Court will rule on the law and act as Judge. Both are in the hands of Trump and the Russians. The Russians want to sow the seeds of discord and chaos in America. This will afford them the opportunity to do so.

So where are we? Where is the party representing us and our best interests?

Saturday, September 22, 2018

This could be HUGE!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

More than a year ago, I pointed out that terms of service agreements are being used as a sham device to discriminate against critics of Jewry and against those whose voices Jewry seeks to suppress by any and all means--and I do mean mean:

GAB Might Want to Consider Filing Antitrust and Discrimination Suits. Sunday, August 20, 2017

Evidently the Trump administration is looking into such potential violations of Federal Law:

The White House is considering an antitrust investigation into 'online platform bias' at Google and Facebook -- read the leaked document here

The discrimination against Holocaust revisionists will be the acid test. How can it be legal to ban them from selling their books or publishing their ads? How can an internet service refuse to service a consumer or seller based on political grounds, without overstepping the narrow boundaries of Federal Law?

Not only do such actions violate the letter and spirit of the First Amendment by censoring voices and obstructing the public's right to know, they violate the ability of citizens to engage in interstate commerce and discourage and prevent free and fair competition in the marketplace. If Trump pursues this, he will win and the fines will be enormous. This is needed to counteract the sanctions the market imposed when the stocks of such companies began to crash after Zuckerberg spoke out on behalf of free speech. It would be a tremendous benefit to have a new Supreme Court Justice who will favor the enforcement of the antitrust laws against the censors who are this very day deliberately obstructing free and fair trade in their pursuit of silencing free speech.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Terrible Toll of 9/11 and the "Birth Pangs of a new Middle East"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The staged terror attack of 9/11 was designed to create havoc in the world. The Jews engineered it to provide a pretext for American aggression in the Middle East that would benefit Israel and Russia, while dragging down America, Europe and the Muslim nations

America entered into a series of self-consuming wars that generated only losses for us and those we attacked. Leading Jews profited from these wars which pitted the West against Islam by weakening the Jews' enemies and America, as well as from the arms trade and by bolstering Russia's position in Asia. America is fighting Afghanistan for the benefit of Russia, and destroyed Iraq for the benefit of Israel. A weaker America is a step towards Jewish globalism, as the best country on earth stumbles downward. The Jews have always sought to drag down the nations to the lowest common denominator and 9/11 helped them reduce America to a crumbling empire serving all interests but its own. It also led to the rise of Barack Obama and the loss of American sovereignty.

These are the products of the Jews' Hevlei Mashiach, or the birth pangs of the messianic age. Then U. S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated in 2006,

"What we're seeing here, in a sense, is the growing -- the birth pangs of a new Middle East."

Henry Kissinger also referred to the birth pangs of the new age:

The Jews gave birth to a demon on 9/11. It is consuming America, by design, as America consumes the enemies of Israel and Russia, against our own best interests. Werner Sombart famously stated, "wars are the Jews' harvest." Our financial debts to Jewry grow annually. Our spiritual debts to the demon they placed in our midst are infinitely worse and have scarred our immortal soul. The reaper is grim and his scythe, sharp, as it separates us from our roots.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have just released my new book EINSTEIN'S RACISM EXPOSED!. I think it is fair to say that this book demonstrates Jewish hypocrisy and Jewish privilege better than anything else I have ever read, heard, seen or written. And that is due to Albert Einstein, not me. The same man who called separation a disease of White people, demanded that Jews separate. The same cultural icon who insisted that all non-Jewish nations surrender their sovereignty to Jewish global government, demanded that Jews establish their own segregated nation to preserve their race. After stating that anti-Semitism is good for the Jews, Einstein insisted that the Germans be exterminated for being anti-Jewish. It goes on and on, you'll just have to read the book to fully appreciate the nature of Jewish privilege and Jewish hypocrisy which Albert Einstein personified.

The world knows Albert Einstein as a cuddly and rebellious humanitarian who advocated peace and good relations among all humanity. That carefully crafted image is false. The truth is much darker and can be found in his statements and actions which contradict this cartoon character persona. The real man was a hateful bigot.

Though Einstein famously stated that separation "is a disease of white people" he hated Jews who integrated into White society. Einstein passionately believed that the Jewish race should preserve itself and rigidly segregate from all other races. Long before Adolf Hitler came to power, Einstein demanded that Jews isolate themselves from Gentile society, not serve in the German government and form their own student societies. He discouraged mixed marriages and chastised Jews who converted to Christianity as traitors to the tribe.

Opposed to this cry for Jewish segregation and the formation of a Jewish State Einstein insisted that all non-Jewish nations surrender their sovereignty and rights of self-determination to a global government. He stated, "I am against nationalism but for the Jewish cause." He bore a lifelong hatred of Germans that grew into a genocidal desire to exterminate all Europeans. Einstein said, "I get most joy from the emergence of the Jewish state in Palestine. It does seem to me that our kinfolk really are more sympathetic (at least less brutal) than these horrid Europeans. Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left, who refer to all Europeans with the collective noun 'bandits.'"

Einstein advocated a European Union and asserted that the Chinese were a superior race to Europeans and were destined to replace Europeans, whom he hated. But his racist hatreds soon spread to the Chinese when he encountered them in person during his travels to raise money for the Zionist cause. The travel diaries he wrote are littered with xenophobic and supremacist views of the Chinese and Jews. Among them, Albert Einstein stated, "It would be a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races. For the likes of us the mere thought is unspeakably dreary." He also wrote, "I noticed how little difference there is between men and women; I don't understand what kind of fatal attraction Chinese women possess that enthralls the corresponding men to such an extent that they are incapable of defending themselves against the formidable blessing of offspring."

Einstein encouraged anti-Semitism and believed it was justified and beneficial to Jews because it helped to segregate Jews from non-Jews. He said, "Why don't we just let the Goy keep his anti-Semitism, while we preserve our love for the likes of us?" He also wrote, "Anti-Semitism will be a psychological phenomenon as long as Jews come in contact with non-Jews--what harm can there be in that? Perhaps it is due to anti-Semitism that we survive as a race: at least that is what I believe."

Statues honoring men of the Confederacy are being removed from public places in the name of combating racism. Politicians are changing the names of streets to increase "diversity". There are cries to dishonor the founding fathers of America due to their participation in slavery. It is illegal to honor Adolf Hitler in Germany.

But where is the outrage at Albert Einstein for his racism?

Will the over-the-top promotion of the Einstein brand ever end? Will his likeness be removed from all public displays as the distasteful and offensive celebration of a vicious racist? Will librarians pull the hagiographic biographies of Albert Einstein from their shelves, so that children are not misled into idolizing the horrible hater?

Will the moniker "genocidal racist" be attached to every pronouncement of his name? Will corporations shun his image? Will it become taboo to use Einstein's face or name in any and all advertising? Will people cease to call the theory of relativity, "Einstein's theory"? Or will hypocrisy prevail?

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Putin's Terrorism Is Becoming Active Again as the Midterms Approach

I meant to write about this earlier, but have been busy writing books. A new one is about to be released within a week.

In my book Putin's Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in Our Time I proved that Putin orders terror attacks at critical junctions in the election cycle in order to forward the interests of his preferred candidates. I have been expecting a large terror attack meant to sway the US midterm elections. A relatively minor attack has just occurred in Amsterdam. It is telling that the terrorist is an Afghani. The Russians have made Afghanistan a central hub of their terror campaign. Putin has always hoped that he could create a global war on terror in order to cause the world to unite behind Russia to end the terror that Putin creates as a pretext for the cause.

Putin has thus far largely employed Chechens and terrorists trained and recruited in Afghanistan by those the Russians left behind. I suspect that the Syrians will soon become major players in Putin's terror game. Syrians are generally very good natured people, but Putin has been putting them through hell with his Chechen shock troops grinding the nation into dust. Putin has made Syria a good breeding grounds for terrorists. I would not be surprised if the next major terror attack comes from Syrian terrorists. This would not only help Putin's puppet Trump to win elections in the midterms, it would help turn the world against Syria and justify further Russian dominance over the occupied country for the benefit of Israel. Time will tell.

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Please help to spread the word:

From 1900 through 1920, Jewish leaders, including Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and Max Nordau warned Jewry that six million Jews faced extermination in Eastern Europe. The causes they named varied from "German terror", to "Russian anti-Semitism", to "mass starvation". Jewish relief organizations raised funds to feed and clothe the Jews. Zionists petitioned to move them to Palestine.

Whether entirely guilty, partially responsible, or completely innocent, the rest of the world openly blamed the Jews for the Armenian Genocide which claimed 1.5 million lives, and for the Bolshevik mass murder of tens of millions. Adolf Hitler repeatedly stated that the reason why he attacked the Jews, was because he personally held them responsible for the Bolshevik slaughter of thirty million innocent human beings by 1923. Several concerned people made numerous attempts from 1911 through 1922 to warn the Jews that a massive pogrom awaited European Jewry as a consequence of their alleged, as well as proven, participation in Bolshevism and the Armenian Genocide.

These dire warnings had the exact opposite of the intended effect on world Jewry. Jewish leaders argued that the best means to prevent an extermination pogrom was to keep the philo-Semitic Bolsheviks in power, regardless of the crimes they were committing against humanity. In this way, the Bolshevists and the Jewish bankers who put them in power used their crimes against humanity as an excuse to remain in power, solicit aid from those they sought to subvert, and commit more such acts of genocide. Instead of heeding this cautionary advice and perhaps helping to prevent the Holocaust as well as sparing Eastern Europe and other regions of the world the future communist genocide of 100 million souls, organized Jewry opted to scapegoat Germany for the mass murder of Bolshevism and the Armenian Genocide, and vehemently denied the well established and extensive Jewish involvement in these inhuman atrocities.

The Jewish bankers used their crimes as an excuse to keep their murderous hordes in power in the Soviet Union. They indemnified the Bolsheviks with the very blood they had spilled, because they did not want their efforts to ruin Russia and Eastern Europe to be in vain. They basically stated that, "You can not depose the Jews, because they have killed 30 million people and the nations will retaliate against the Jews for those atrocities. So in the name of humanity, you must keep the murdering Jews in power to murder more, lest they be murdered themselves." Of course, this was just a show for the public to justify Allied support for the Soviet Union, which was a foregone conclusion. The Jewish bankers had the power to keep the Bolsheviks they put in power, in power, because they controlled American President Woodrow Wilson through blackmail for his affair with Mrs. Peck, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George through his religious Zionist ties to Lord Rothschild, and French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau through the puppetry of another Rothschild, Louis George Rothschild, a.k.a. Georges Mandel. Even if there were no threat of retaliation against the Jewish masses for the crimes of the Bolsheviks and bankers, they would have simply manufactured a different excuse to keep their regime in place.

Rather than try to end Bolshevism, organized Jewry came to the aid of the failing Soviet Union they had created and sought to sustain. The Jews lobbied Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Lloyd George and Clemenceau to prevent the Allies from intervening on behalf of the Russian people against the Bolsheviks, and on the contrary instigated these leaders to rescue the crumbling Bolshevik Empire in the name of protecting 6 million Jews from pogroms, which these men then did by formally recognizing, trading with, and supplying massive aid to the collapsing Soviet Union. In this way, leading Jews used their genocidal crimes as a pretext to keep their criminal agents in power in Russia, sophistically arguing that it was necessary for the Bolsheviks to remain in power in order to prevent any retaliation against Jews for those same crimes, while ignoring the peril they themselves posed to hundred of millions of non-Jewish lives, and covering up their own guilt for already having mass murdered tens of millions of Russians. They then proceeded to amplify their murderous campaign and open threats to take over the world and had the American people paying for it, all in the name of protecting the Jews, but in complete disregard for Russian life.

This ultimately resulted in World War Two, the Holocaust, the Communist extermination of one hundred million more human beings, the spread of Communism to all of Eastern Europe, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and Cambodia, and in the Cold War which threatened to end all human life. As many had predicted by 1920, the day of reckoning for allegedly brutally murdering several tens of millions of helpless innocents was not far off for Eastern European Jewry, as was the Bolshevik genocide of 100,000,000 more defenseless men, women, children and infants as genocidal Marxism spread its wings and dragged its claws around the globe.

Republished newspaper articles and letters to the editor, chiefly from the Times of London in 1911, 1919 and the first half of 1920, suffice to prove that the Jews were warned that they would be generally and severely punished for the crimes of the Bolsheviks and Young Turks if they did not assist with all their might and influence to bring them to a quick end, whether or not they were actually in any way guilty. This extensive documentation also exhibits the organized Jewish response in support of Bolshevism, both due to its ideological affinity to Judaism and to prevent the coming pogrom. It shows the evidence that was brought forth to demonstrate the grossly disproportionate and predominate role Jews played in both Bolshevism and Young Turkism. Republished official government reports from Western Europe and America name the Jews involved in creating, financing, supporting, sustaining, promoting and leading Bolshevism and the Armenian Genocide and identify the imminent danger that Bolshevism posed to the world, as well as detailing the atrocities Bolsheviks and Young Turks had and were committing.

There was a concerted effort from 1900 to 1922 among leading Jews, the American and British governments, and socialist and communist elements in the press, to accuse Germany of attempting to create a vast Eastern empire by putting the Bolsheviks in power, knowing that when they fell, the Russians would engage in massive pogroms against the Jews which would turn the West against Russia. The Germans would then use this antagonism against Russia as a pretext to take over all of Eastern Europe and de-Russify it with the full support of the Allies. It appears that those who made these false allegations were covertly setting Germany up to carry out the desired pogroms, which would then turn the West against Germany and create Western support for a Bolshevik take over of Eastern Europe to de-Nazify it, with the full support of the Allies. The unprecedented pogrom would also generate support for the Jewish invasion of Palestine. After the assassination of Kurt Eisner, the Bolsheviks sent Adolf Hitler in to infiltrate the German counter-revolutionaries and create a stalking horse for the communist take over of Europe and the Zionist take over of Palestine.

Where did the mystical figure 6 million come from? It came from the Bible, in the book of Leviticus which states, "you shall return" with the cryptic numerical message interpreted by Jewish scholars of the Hebrew gematria to mean "you shall return minus 6--million" kind of like 6 iotas of difference. Jewry has engaged in a tremendous censorship campaign and has been waging war on the public's right to know for 73 years. The mass media constantly harp on the harm done to Jews in the Holocaust, but never discuss the more than one hundred million victims of Bolshevik genocide, nor the fact that Jews organized and orchestrated the Armenian Genocide. Obviously, they seek to portray Jewry as if innocent victims who have never done harm to anyone.

More on all that later, for now, let's directly address the divine number 6,000,000. Rabbi Benjamin Blech wrote in his book The Secrets of Hebrew Words, Rowman & Littlefield, Inc., Lanham, Maryland, (1991/2001/2004), at pages 214-215,

"These are the words chosen to be inscribed on the Liberty Bell. It is in the Jubilee year that 'ye shall return every man unto his possession and ye shall return every man unto his family.'

The Hebrew word for 'ye shall return,' (TaShuVU), seems to be spelled incorrectly. Grammatically it requires another (vav). It ought to read (TaShUVU).

Why is it lacking the letter (vav), which stands for 6? (TaShuVU) (without the 'vav') is a prediction to the Jewish people of ultimate return to their national homeland. (TaShuVU) in numbers adds up to 708: (tav) = 400,(shin) = 300, (vet) = 2, (vav) = 6). When we write the year, we ignore the millennia. In 1948 on the secular calendar, we witnessed the miracle of Jewish return to Israel. On the Hebrew calendar it was the year 5708. That was the year predicted by the incomplete word (TaShuVU), you shall return. We did return, lacking 6--an all-important 6 million of our people who perished during the Holocaust.

Yet the fulfillment of the prediction of return in precisely that year implied by the gematria of (TaShuVU) gives us firm hope that the words of the Prophets for Final Redemption will come true as well."

Ben Weintraub called attention to the fact that this exposition on the significance of the phrase "you shall return" explained why the Jews insist that six million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust, not one more, not one less, in his book The Holocaust Dogma Of Judaism, Cosmo Publishing, Washington, (1995). The gematria of the Hebrew phrase "ye shall return" is supposedly deliberately misspelled to indicate that the Jews would return to Palestine minus 6 million Jews in the year 1948.

So now that we know why the number six million was chosen, we have the right and the obligation to ask when it was chosen. Don Heddesheimer's book The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War I and Six Million Open Gates by S.A.R. Lynch demonstrate that Jewry were claiming that 6 million Jews were about to be exterminated in Eastern Europe at least as early as 1900, long before Adolf Hitler came to power, but not long after Theodor Herzl published the Zionist treatise The Jewish State in 1896 calling for the Jews to return to Palestine. For this to happen, according to prophecy, six million Jews had to perish.

The Jews not only repeatedly stated that 6 million Jews were about to be exterminated in the period from 1900 to 1922, they believed this was a necessary step towards the conquest of Palestine from the Arabs and the ingathering of the Jews in Palestine. Now, they would have us believe that it was just a mere coincidence that shortly after they predicted 6 million Jews would die in Eastern Europe while holding to the prophecy that the Jews would only return minus 6 million, a Bolshevik blow-hard named Adolf Hitler rose from nowhere to rule Germany after infiltrating the counter-revolutionary DAP shortly after the assassination of Hitler's hero the Bolshevik Jew Kurt Eisner. Hitler, supposedly coincidentally, provided the Zionists with the pogrom they were openly predicting. Not only that, but he supposedly gave them the 6,000,000 corpse tally they needed for their god's green light to genocide the Palestinians and take their country. And just coincidentally, the Jews took Palestine right after Hitler did his deeds. And not only that, but they have made it illegal in many countries to question the mystical figure six million with scientific facts, and have censored every voice telling the truth about discrepancies in the figures.

What are the Jews hiding?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Where Did the Mystical Figure 6 Million Come From? You Shall Return Minus 6

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewry has engaged in a tremendous censorship campaign and has been waging war on the public's right to know for 73 years. The mass media constantly harp on the harm done to Jews in the Holocaust, but never discuss the more than one hundred million victims of Bolshevik genocide, nor the fact that Jews organized and orchestrated the Armenian Genocide. Obviously, they seek to portray Jewry as if innocent victims who have never done harm to anyone.

More on all that later, for now, let's address the divine number 6,000,000.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech wrote in his book The Secrets of Hebrew Words, Rowman & Littlefield, Inc., Lanham, Maryland, (1991/2001/2004), at pages 214-215,

"These are the words chosen to be inscribed on the Liberty Bell. It is in the Jubilee year that 'ye shall return every man unto his possession and ye shall return every man unto his family.'

The Hebrew word for 'ye shall return,' (TaShuVU), seems to be spelled incorrectly. Grammatically it requires another (vav). It ought to read (TaShUVU).

Why is it lacking the letter (vav), which stands for 6? (TaShuVU) (without the 'vav') is a prediction to the Jewish people of ultimate return to their national homeland.

(TaShuVU) in numbers adds up to 708: (tav) = 400, (shin) = 300, (vet) = 2, (vav) = 6). When we write the year, we ignore the millennia. In 1948 on the secular calendar, we witnessed the miracle of Jewish return to Israel. On the Hebrew calendar it was the year 5708. That was the year predicted by the incomplete word, (TaShuVU), you shall return. We did return, lacking 6--an all-important 6 million of our people who perished during the Holocaust.

Yet the fulfillment of the prediction of return in precisely that year implied by the gematria of (TaShuVU) gives us firm hope that the words of the Prophets for Final Redemption will come true as well."

Ben Weintraub called attention to the fact that this exposition on the significance of the phrase "you shall return" explained why the Jews insist that six million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust, not one more, not one less, in his book The Holocaust Dogma Of Judaism. The gematria of the Hebrew phrase "ye shall return" is supposedly deliberately misspelled to indicate that the Jews would return to Palestine minus 6 million Jews. See also this rabbi's take on the six million sum:

So now that we know why the number six million was chosen, we have the right and the obligation to ask when it was chosen. Don Heddesheimer's book The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War I and Six Million Open Gates by S.A.R. Lynch demonstrate that Jewry were claiming that 6 million Jews were about to be exterminated in Eastern Europe at least as early as 1900, long before Adolf Hitler came to power, but not long after Theodor Herzl published the Zionist treatise The Jewish State in 1896.

The Jews not only repeatedly stated that 6 million Jews were about to be exterminated in the period from 1900 to 1922, they believed this was a necessary step towards the conquest of Palestine from the Arabs and the ingathering of the Jews in Palestine. Now, they would have us believe that it was just a mere coincidence that shortly after they predicted 6 million Jews would die in Eastern Europe while holding to the prophecy that the Jews would only return minus 6 million, a Bolshevik blow-hard named Adolf Hitler rose from nowhere to rule Germany after infiltrating the counter-revolutionary DAP shortly after the assassination of Hitler's hero Kurt Eisner, and provided the Zionists with the pogrom they were openly predicting. Not only that, but he supposedly gave them the 6,000,000 corpse tally they needed for their god's green light to genocide the Palestinians and take their country. And just coincidentally, they took Palestine right after Hitler did his deeds. And not only that, but they have made it illegal in many countries to question the mystical figure six million with scientific facts, and have censored every voice telling the truth about discrepancies in the figures.

What are the Jews hiding?

The more they try to censor me, the louder I will speak the truth and the more people I will reach with the facts.

White Genocide in South Africa

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Following on the heels of Tucker Carlson's report on the plight of Whites in South Africa, Donald Trump seized the moment to tweet on the issues, stating

"I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. "South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers."

There are several takeaways from Trump's comments on South Africa. First of all, it is obvious that Trump is attempting to change the subject from the massive reporting on the Paul Manafort convictions and Michael Cohen's guilty pleas to White plight in South Africa. Secondly, it is equally obvious that the media so hate Whites, and so support communist South Africa and White genocide, that the media pounced on the bait despite their overwhelming desire to finally drive a political nail in Trump's presidential coffin. They just could not let anyone get away clean with telling the truth about White genocide anywhere on planet Earth.

This is the same media which lauds the communist terrorist Nelson Mandela. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. But what is equally startling is the inability of Whites to seize on the moment to rescue themselves from this existential threat and demand that action be taken in South Africa to end the genocide, rape and displacement of Whites. Living organisms which fail to defend themselves perish, forever.

Instead of the grotesque displays of the typical alt-right versus antifa rally, why not hold candle light vigils for the victims of White genocide in front of the South African embassy and across the nation, across the world? The media took the opportunity to lie about White genocide and portray the perpetrators as if victims of their own crimes. Can we not come to the aid of these White South Aficans? As they go, so go us all.

Monday, August 20, 2018

The Battle of the Sexes Between Bolshevik Homosexuals

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Certainly, not all lesbians are man haters, but anecdotally speaking the most vitriolic and spiteful haters of men I have ever heard were lesbians. And lesbian Marxist Feminists were the most energetic of those expressing a hatred of men.

They have a non-identical twin among the Bolsheviks in the alt-right, women hating gay men who pose as if men's men. But their act is transparent and obviously scripted in Moscow, as no normal man hates women, nor do normal people express themselves the way these gay women-bashers express their hatred of women and celebration of men, including a shirtless KGB Putin. There is also a shocking number of pedophiles in the alt-right.

This mirrors the history of the National Socialist Bolsheviks and the Trotskyite Bolsheviks, both of which included pedophiles, rapists, homosexuals and misogynists to an abnormal degree and in the highest ranks. The Russian Bolsheviks want to demoralize our people and break up our families. They want to condition us to accept the nationalization of our women so that we do not care when they miscegenate or are raped and abused, because the Bolsheviks want us to view women as communal sex slaves owned by the State, who exist only as meat to be consumed by the lowest and most vicious rapist males and by lesbians.

Moscow is turning White men against White women, and White women against White men, so as to destroy the White race. The alt-right is taking a sharp turn for the worse and its leaders are planning to transition it into a sham "Men's Movement" with no hopes of political success, in order to subvert the political interests of White men, in the bogus name of forwarding them. They are employing the Bolshevik play book of creating a class war between men and women. Homosexuals, both open and closet, are leading the charge, largely because they are most practiced and shameless when it comes to bashing the opposite sex and glorifying their own. We are witnessing the sick interplay of a staged war between Marxist Feminist lesbians and Bolshevik homosexual men in the alt-right. The intended causality is the White family, and ultimately the White race.

White men naturally celebrate White women, because they are wonderful and perpetuate the race. This ugly war is unnatural and evil. It is part of the genocide of the White race. It follows the same pattern as the staged clashes in the streets between the antifa and Bolsheviks in the alt-right, meant to portray Whites as if uncivilized and brutish low-lifes. It is like a grand display of the Jerry Springer show on the world stage. And it deliberately demeans and discredits all who are involved.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Evolution of the Alt-Right into a Women-Haters Club: The New Bolshevist Deception

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have come to learn the plans of the Bolsheviks as the alt-right they created crumbles to dust. They are planning to convert its membership into a women-haters club that goes nowhere and wallows in its echo chamber spewing out vitriol against one half of the White Race, the half who bears beautiful White babies. Like the lonely teenager who can not get a date for the school dance, they whine about how horrible White women supposedly are, those glorious women who give life to the race that these pathetic women haters supposedly champion.

Instead of advocating a needed increase in the birth rate of Whites, they denounce Whites for having more children and instead focus solely on expulsion of non-Whites, which they know they have absolutely no power to enforce, and which will never happen if they succeed in pitting the White Race against itself in a Bolshevik class war between the sexes. They are planning to become the dialectical Bolshevik controlled opposition (in the form of a disingenuous "Men's Movement") to the Marxist Feminists, just as they have slavishly served their Russian masters as the Bolshevik anti-thesis to the Bolshevik antifa, resulting in another synthesis of Whites hating and destroying Whites. I already see them bashing men like Varg Vikernes for having more children, the blessings of the White Race, so as to discourage Whites from reproducing.

This is the next phase of the alt-right Bolshevik movement. It is being orchestrated by the KGB. It is meant to demoralize Whites and drive them towards Bolshevik revolution so that the Chinese and Russians can come storming into America and all of Europe and slaughter us, as they slaughtered Eastern Europeans in the tens of millions in the Twentieth Century.

These phonies are Zionists who want Jews to move to Israel. They bash Turkey in hopes of destroying NATO and rendering Turkey a Soviet Republic. And now their primary focus is to make the Bolshevik proletariat of jilted males hate and seek to exterminate the bourgeoisie of females in the name of fighting Marxist Feminism, and in the process subvert any hopes of political success for the White Race and turn Whites against themselves in ways that lower the birth rate and destroy families. Marx always sought to destroy the White family and nationalize women as sexual slaves of the State. The decaying alt-right is serving their spiritual master Karl Marx, and the KGB who controls them and writes their script.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Bolshevik Pedophiles and Rapists, and Their Impact on the Alt-Right

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have long been alarmed at the prevalence and severity of the misogyny I have witnessed among some alt-right leaders. I suspect it is indicative of their ties to, and training by, Bolsheviks. Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein) was a mass murderer of tens of millions, who raped little girls. Béla Kun (Béla Kohn) was a mass murdering Bolshevik rapist. One of the most notorious rapists of children in all of recorded history was the perverted murderous Bolshevik Lavrentiy Beria. The genocidal Bolshevik Ilya Ehrenburg incited the Red Army to mass rape German females from infants to old ladies, which they proceeded to do, and to slaughter all Germans. Ehrenburg incited the Soviet Army to genocide Germans stating,

"Kill, you brave Red-Army men, kill! There is nothing that the German is not guilty of. Comrade Stalin instructs us to put down this rabid animal. Break, with your force, the arrogant racial-pride of the Germanic Woman. Take her as your rightful prize of war. Kill, you brave Red Army men. Kill.

Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army."

Karl Marx and the Bolsheviks sought to nationalize women, thereby making them the sexual slaves of the State. This was obviously a genocidal policy meant to degrade the genes of the best females by mixing them with the most perverted and criminally brutal worst males. Of course, the experiences of the women and girls, who were brutally raped and somehow managed to survive, rendered them less fit as mothers than would have been the case had this sexual abuse and violence not occurred. Sexually transmitted diseases rendered many infertile.

This hatred of women inspires White Nationalists to degrade one half of the White race. It inspires all Whites to disrespect White women and lesson their resistance to miscegenation and the mass rape of White children taking place in England, Sweden and other historically White nations by non-White immigrants. It is intended to destroy White racial pride, as Ehrenburg openly declared.

And, like the State mandated displacement of indigenous Whites from their homes taking place in Europe today which was also Soviet policy, State sponsored rape was official Soviet policy from the very beginning of the Soviet Union. The Times of London reported on 24 December 1919, on page 10:



In the letter published in The Times on November 14 from a British officer in South Russia to his wife on "the Horrors of Bolshevism," mention was made of the outrages on young girls in the town of Ekaterinodar, in Northern Caucasia. We are now able to give a striking confirmation of these unspeakable atrocities in the report of a special commission of lawyers who held an investigation after the Bolshevists had been driven from the town.

The atrocities were perpetrated by the Bolshevists in the spring of 1918. The inquiry was held this year after the recapture of the town, and the report was issued on June 25, 1919. It is a tale of unbridled licence, brutality, and the rape of young school girls. The investigation was carried out in accordance with the regular procedure of the Russian Criminal Courts. The report reads as follows:—


Concerning Women as Public Property in the Town of Ekaterinodar, by Order of tho Soviet Administration.

In the spring of 1918 the Bolshevists issued a decree in the town of Ekaterinodar, which was published in the Soviet Govennment's official organ, the Isvestia, and was placarded in the streets, according to which women between the ages of 16 and 25 could be declared public property (socialized).

Those who wished to avail themselves of this decree had to apply to the proper revolutionary departments. The originator of this idea was the Commissarv for Home Affairs, the Jew Bronstein (Trotsky). It was he, too, who issued the authorizations (mandates) for the said "socialization." Similar authorizations were issued by his subordinate Kobsireff, the commander of the Bolshevist Cavalry Division, by the Commander-in-Chief Ivastscheff, and by other Soviet authorities, the authorizations being stamped by "The Staff of the North Caucasian Revolutionary Troops."

The authorizations were given both to the Red Guards and to various persons of high standing in the Soviet Government, such as, for example, a man named Karaseeff, who was Commandant of the Palace in which Bronstein (Trotsky) lived.

This authorization ran as follows:—


The bearer of this certificate, Comrade Karaseeff, has the right to socialize 10 women between the ages of 16 and 20 in the town of Ekoterinodar, according to Comrade Karaseeffs own choice.


(Commander-in-Chief) Ivastscheff.


Armed with similar certificates of authorization, the Red Guards seized over 60 of the youngest and prettiest women, mostly of the bourgeois class amid pupils from the local schools. Several of them were seized in the town park, which was conducted by the Red Guards. Four of the captives were outraged on the spot in one of the sheds in the park.

About 25 other young girls were carried off to Bronstein (Trotsky) at the Palace, and the rest to the Commercial Hotel and the Hotel Bristol, where they were all outraged by sailors. Some of the captives were afterwards released.

For instance, one young girl was released who had been violated by the chief of the Bolshevist militia levy Prokolieff. The other women were carried off by Red Guard detachments in their retreat, and their fate is unknown. Finally, some of the women, after various horrible tortures, were killed outright or flung into the Kuban or Knaiasun rivers.

Thus, for example, one of the young girls, a pupil in the fifth class at the Gymnasium, was raped in the course of 12 days by a whole group of Red Guards. Afterwards she was bound to a tree, burned, and finally shot.

The names of the victims are not published, for reasons which are easy to understand.

The materials for this report were collected by the Special Commission in accordance with the prescriptions of the statute of the Criminal Court.

The report is written on June 25, 1919, in the town of Ekaterinodar.


A telegram received at the War Office from Siberia states that the American Railway Mission reports as follows:—

On December 12 a party of 200 Reds took possession of Dormidonbocas [?Dormidontova] station, 69 versts south of Khabarovsk [Amur railway], capturing 79 Russian soldiers and four officers. They put the four officers and one soldier in a box car and burned them up. According to the latest reports the Reds are still in possession.

The Times of London reported on 14 November 1919, on pages 13-14,


Two little bits, ref. Bolshevist atrocities, you might type in as many copies as you can. If you and several others left them in different tea-shops every afternoon, it might touch quite a lot of people. I shall send you chapter and verse if I can. If I haven't sent chapter and verse in a month, do your best without. Papers are no good, because papers would put it more delicately.

"We have here at H.Q. passes issued to Bolshevists by commissaries on occupying Ekaterinodar. These passes authorize their holders to arrest any girl they fancy for the use of the soldiery. Sixty-two girls of all classes were arrested like this and thrown to the Bolshevist troops. Those who struggled were killed quite early on. The rest, when used and finished, were mutilated and thrown, dead and dying, into the two small rivers flowing through Ekaterinodar.

"In all towns occupied by Bolshevists and reoccupied by us 'slaughter-houses' are found choked with corpses. Hundreds of 'suspects,' men, women, and children, were herded in these—doors and windows manned and the struggling mass fired into until most of them were dead or dying. The doors were then locked and they were left. The stench in these places, I am told, is hair-raising. These 'slaughter-houses' are veritable plague spots and have caused widespread epidemics."

In his testimony Rev. Simons told the U. S. Senate, as recorded in "Bolshevik Propaganda", Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary: United States Senate: Sixty-Fifth Congress: Third Session and Thereafter: Pursuant to S. Res. 439 and 469: February 11, 1919, to March 10, 1919, Printed for use of the Committee on the Judiciary, Government Printing Office, Washington, (1919), pp. 108-162,

"Mr. Simons. Let me use a concrete case. I will try to say the thing in a way that will not be offensive to anybody. A few days before I left, the president of our Ladies' Aid Society, a scholarly woman who has been a teacher for more than 25 years in one of the famous imperial institutions, called on me. I will not give you the name of the institute because I would like to reserve that for some other occasion, as I do not want this to get into the press and back to Russia. She said, bursting into sobs, 'You know what a fine big building we have. I want you to tell the women of America this,' she said with much emotion, as she buried her face in her hands. 'I am sorry I lived to witness all this.' I said, 'This is so distressing to you that you had better not try to tell me. Write it out and send it to me some time.' But she said, 'No; I must tell you.' She said, 'On the first floor of our spacious institute, which used to be a palace, you know those large rooms that we have on the first floor. These Bolshevik officials have put hundreds of red soldiers, sailors, and marines of the red army and the red navy and given orders that in the other half of the same floor the girls of our institute should remain, girls who are from 12 to 16 years.' This affected her so much that she burst out into tears. 'I wish I had died before I witnessed all this. But I want you to tell the women of America.'"

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Just as I Predicted Three Years Ago, Trump and Putin Are Working Together to Drive Turkey Out of NATO and into the Soviet Union

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a series of articles in 2015, I predicted that Donald Trump would try to drive NATO member Turkey away from its Western alliances and into the waiting arms of KGB Putin. See as but one example of many, my article Trump's Jewish To Do List? in which I wrote,

Trump's attacks on Muslims, Iran and Turkey greatly benefit communist Putin. As Iran is attacked, Russian oil and natural gas will become essential to the West and the price will skyrocket, just as Putin wants. A bolshevik puppet regime in Syria will provide another front against NATO, if Turkey remains in NATO, but it appears that Trump will see to it that Turkey and Greece will leave NATO. Perhaps he will completely dismantle NATO and press for the internment of all Antisemites and Nationalists throughout the World.

The press is now reporting that that is exactly what is happening. Trump is deliberately driving Turkey and Iran into Putin's crafty claws and making them bitter enemies of the United States. He, Trump, is deliberately destroying NATO by imposing sanctions on our allies. He, Trump, does this at the direction of Putin, and the Lubavitch Jews who now rule both the American and Russian Empires.

In the news:

Russia SHUNS US dollar for trade as it joins Turkey in protest against Trump

The Media Are Employing the Wrong Barometer to Gauge the Strength of the Alt-Right

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The media are relishing the relatively small numbers that turned out in support of Jason Kessler's "Unite the Right" rally in Washington, D.C., as if it indicated the demise of the alt-right. It does not. It does indicate that the radical Left's intimidation tactics are working, for now, but that does not mean that any minds have been changed.

Rather, the alt-right movement is more apt to manifest itself in rising resentment that will show itself in the polls come election day. Increasingly displaced Americans are more motivated than ever to turn out the vote. Those who cannot express themselves on the streets are still free to vote their conscience.

A far better indicator of the mindset of Americans is the success of Donald Trump and his rallies, despite all of his many shortcomings. A Tsunami does not show itself until it crashes on the coast. The protestors are glorified in the media and crave the attention and mutual support they enjoy, but they do not by any means represent mainstream America. The undercurrents are building and will one day present themselves as a tidal wave sweeping away and washing clean the filth that has gathered on the beach in hopes of witnessing it.

Spontaneous Combustion and Virtual Freedom of Speech

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I don’t like the term "Flash Mob," but I do like the concept. Basically, a group of like minded individuals mysteriously coalesces at a given spot to hold a public performance. This places the unsuspecting observers in a trance-like state of wonderment. That leaves them highly suggestible to a political message. Whether the witnesses agree, or not, with the message, or even know what it is, they will be effected by it and they will remember what they have seen.

As quickly and as magically as the show begins, it ends. And the ethereal actors vanish into the crowd leaving behind only their impression on the minds of the spectators as they disappear into memory. I will call this "Spontaneous Combustion" burning down the barriers to free speech the antifa and other Bolsheviks have erected to silence us. I suggest we engage in Spontaneous Combustion and ignite a fire to the movement.

This Heraclitean firestorm will provide the energy needed for the chemical reactions that will take place in our people's minds when they confront reality–not the made up reality force fed them and viewed through the lens of a cell phone or computer monitor–but the sights, sounds, smells, taste and feelings of men and women barking the truth into their faces at point blank range without the physical violence, interruption and distraction of masked lesbians tasked with preventing reasoned discourse and engaging in cowardly and illegal open warfare. Change requires energy, fire to set in motion the forces which remold our existence into new forms.

In violation of our fundamental human rights, the Bolsheviks have destroyed our rights of free speech. They boycott us. They monopolize the market place of ideas and illegally exclude us from its streets. They terrorize us, our families and our communities. The Bolsheviks try to make it impossible for us to express ourselves to the public.

One of their methods of illegal intimidation is to make it impossible for us to earn a living and provide for our families by doxing us and intimidating our employers and those who have contracted with us to provide us with services, while they hide behinds masks to commit murder and mayhem. Technology provides us with the means to overcome this very real existential anger. We can build free speech robots and holographic professors.

It would be a very interesting social and law enforcement experiment to construct a remotely controlled robot and send it into the streets of a large city with its head spinning in all directions asking the rhetorical question, "What happened to all the White People?!" We could covertly video the reactions of people and the crimes they would commit to silence even a machine.

In like manner, we could construct a large hologram to project the image of a standing speaker. We could surround it with bullet proof glass and leave it on a parked and unhitched trailer, then remotely activate it. The "Virtual Professor" would then give a lecture on the destruction of Western Civilization. The reaction of people and their crimes could then be covertly recorded. A ground level storefront with a TV in the window could be made to serve the same purpose, or just a TV left near the street where legal to do so.

There is no need to surrender to the Bolsheviks. There is a need to be creative and take advantage of technology. And we need to do it now.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Did They Get the Message? Alex Jones Censored

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a previous article, I pointed out the fact that Mark Zuckerberg took a $16 billion dollar hit to his stock holdings, after defending the right of Holocaust revisionists to express their opinions. There was a great deal of collateral damage to other like companies. Perhaps, Zuckerberg should have investigated whether or not any deliberate or illegal practices occurred which caused the value of his stock to nose dive.

At about the same time as the stock market crash of 26 July 2018, the press announced on 27 July 2018, that Facebook was considering censoring Alex Jones. The day before the crash, on 25 July 2018, it was reported that YouTube had censored Alex Jones videos, but Facebook had not. And on 15 July 2018, the press reported that Facebook was "taking heat" for not censoring Alex Jones.

But it wasn't until now, not long after the stocks began to tumble one after another, that an apparently orchestrated move was made to obstruct Alex Jones' access to public forums. The press is reporting that this is a free speech issue, which it is--but it is more than just that.

This censorship crosses State and International lines. It inhibits free commerce between States. It discriminates against political, religious and racial views, issues and groups. It creates a monopoly that inhibits free access to the marketplace of ideas, books, videos, etc. The internet is the movie theater of the modern age. It literally transmits movies shown in public theaters. It is illegal to discriminate in such public forums, and blocking providers of content also of necessity blocks viewers of content from that content.

I wonder what impact, if any, the drop in stock values had on the decision to engage in this massive censorship. It is a symptom of the creeping and creepy Bolshevism taking place all over the world. And the censorship in Soviet Russia, Red China and Bolshevik North Korea is even worse than it is in the West.

Friday, July 27, 2018

In Print: Ludwig Lange Father of the Inertial System: How Albert Einstein and His Greedy Friends Plagiarized Ludwig Lange's Work, Ruined Ludwig Lange's Life and Spat on His Grave

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ludwig Lange Father of the Inertial System: How Albert Einstein and His Greedy Friends Plagiarized Ludwig Lange's Work, Ruined Ludwig Lange's Life and Spat on His Grave is the true story of how Albert Einstein and his friends manipulated credit for Ludwig Lange's theory of the inertial system and literally drove him mad culminating in his death in an insane asylum. Lange and Einstein not only clashed over the issue of plagiarism, but on a number of political issues as well. Einstein hated Germans and wanted to see the nation of Germany divided and ruined. Lange was a patriotic German who publicly opposed moral and political relativism and sought to protect Germans from internationalism and communism.

Numerous noteworthy scientists sought to give Lange his due credit for his innovations, which were fundamental to the special theory of relativity. Albert Einstein and Max von Laue colluded with the press to smear these men with racist accusations as a means of distracting the public from their honest charges that Einstein was a career plagiarist and a self-promoting fraud.

In 1885, the young mathematician and physicist Gustav Ludwig Lange published a remarkable new theory, which presented a novel method for mapping uniform, rectilinear motion of translation. He called these reference systems "inertial systems". Lange firmly believed in his theory and patiently waited until his death for the scientific community to recognize his unique contributions to science. Instead of acknowledging Lange's priority for this fundamental element of the special theory of relativity, and despite Lange's public plea for recognition, Albert Einstein and his friends ridiculed Ludwig Lange and took credit for his revolutionary ideas and nomenclature.

Ludwig Lange died in a mental hospital suffering from severe depression brought on by Einstein's plagiarism of his work. All of Ludwig Lange's papers on the inertial system are republished, as is his scarce article "Mein Verhältnis zu Einstein's Weltbild" (My Relationship to Einstein's Conception of the Universe) in which Lange details the facts exposing how he and Ernst Mach were being deliberately written out of the history of relativity theory. The book provides a complete history, including extremely rare booklets and newspaper and journal articles from the period, of Albert Einstein, Max von Laue and Einstein friends' dishonest, racist and hypocritical smear campaigns against Ludwig Lange, Ernst Gehrcke, Philipp Lenard and Paul Weyland.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Did the Jews Just Teach Mark Zuckerberg a $16 Billion Dollar Lesson?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On Wednesday, 18 July 2018, Kara Swisher of Recode interviewed Mark Zuckerberg. He informed her that he did not believe Holocaust revisionists should be censored on facebook. A firestorm of criticism erupted from the Jews and Zuckerberg was a lonely voice defending the right of free speech.

Today, Thursday, 26 July 2018, the press gleefully reported that Zuckerberg lost 16 billions dollars as facebook stock dropped some 20%. Is this merely a coincidence, or did the Jews just send Zuckerberg a $16,000,000,000.00 message?

Zuckerberg is member of the tribe. Jews are not supposed to inform on the tribe, or side with Gentiles against the Jews. The punishment set forth in Jewish law for disloyalty is death. A Jew who reveals secrets of the Jews is referred to as a "Moser" and the law of din Moser imposes a death sentence on those Jews who betray their fellow Jews to the judgement of Gentiles.

Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky wrote in their book Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel,

"Two additional halachic laws are of special importance both generally and specifically when related to the Rabin assassination. These two laws, employed since talmudic times to kill Jews, were invoked by the assassin, Yigal Amir, as his justification for killing Prime Minister Rabin and are still emphasized by Jews who approved or have barely condemned that assassination. These are the 'law of the pursuer' (din rodef) and the 'law of the informer' (din moser).

[Notation:--'Moser,' the Hebrew word for informer, is a terrible insult for Jews, similar to the word 'collaborator' for Palestinians.]

The first law commands every Jew to kill or to wound severely any Jew who is perceived as intending to kill another Jew. According to halachic commentaries, it is not necessary to see such a person pursuing a Jewish victim. It is enough if rabbinic authorities, or even competent scholars, announce that the law of the pursuer applies to such a person. The second law commands every Jew to kill or wound severely any Jew who, without a decision of a competent rabbinical authority, has informed non-Jews, especially non-Jewish authorities, about Jewish affairs or who has given them information about Jewish property or who has delivered Jewish persons or property to their rule or authority. Competent religious authorities are empowered to do, and at times have done, those things forbidden to other Jews in the second law. During the long period of incitement preceding the Rabin assassination, many Haredi and messianic writers applied these laws to Rabin and other Israeli leaders. The religious insiders based themselves on later developments in Halacha that came to include other categories of Jews who were defined as 'those to whom the law of the pursuer' applied. Every Jew had a religious duty to kill those Jews who were so included. Historically, Jews in the diaspora followed this law whenever possible, until at least the advent of the modern state. In the Tsarist Empire Jews followed this law until well into the nineteenth century."--I. Shahak and N. Mezvinsky, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, Pluto Press, London, (1999), pp. 137-138.

Taking Zuckerberg's life would have been a bit too obvious and severely counterproductive. Taking $16 billion is severe punishment. They will watch and see if he has learned his lesson.

The controversy over Mark Zuckerberg's comments on Holocaust denial, explained: The hard problem of how and when Facebook should regulate speech. By Ezra Klein

Mark Zuckerberg loses $16B in one day as Facebook stock plunges 20 percent

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Media Are Finally Acknowledging that Albert Einstein Was a Racist

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For fifteen years, I have been telling the world that Albert Einstein was a racist, and have been viciously personally attacked and smeared for speaking this truth. Two and one half years ago, I published my 785 page book Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Racist, which thoroughly documents Einstein's genocidal racism. It took the media fifteen years to catch up, but nowhere do they give me credit for my pioneering work:

Einstein's travel diaries reveal 'shocking' xenophobia

Albert Einstein's 'shocking' racism revealed by publication of private diaries

I have yet again been fully vindicated! That is why I continue to write my books, despite the terrible costs to me and my family.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018


I have just now published a book I have been working on for two decades, SAMUEL TOLVER PRESTON: FATHER OF E = mc2, THE ATOMIC BOMB AND ATOMIC ENERGY. I was the first person to identify Preston as the architect of E = mc2, the atomic bomb, atomic energy and superconductivity. I tried to collect the vast majority of his work in one source in order to promote and facilitate further research into his ideas and record them for posterity. Here is the description posted on

Though commonly associated with the name Albert Einstein, Samuel Tolver Preston published the formula E = mc2 in 1875, four years before Einstein was born. Unlike Einstein, Preston fully grasped the significance of the tremendous store of energy the equation represents. He engineered machines to take advantage of the energy source, including the atomic bomb. In 1875, Samuel Tolver Preston calculated the mass-energy equivalence with the equation E = mc2 in his book PHYSICS OF THE ETHER, which is republished in full. He proposed methods of obtaining atomic energy and generating superconductivity. Adopting the mechanical gravitational theory of George Louis LeSage, S. Tolver Preston presented a comprehensive physical theory of gravity and electromagnetism, analogous to the kinetic theory of gasses and based upon an aether composed of subdivided matter, whose particles travel at light speed and possess the energy of their mass times the speed of light squared.

Preston's works forecast and inspired numerous discoveries and technologies that would shape the Twentieth Century. He wrote almost exclusively in highly polished prose and the non-mathematical reader will find it easy to understand his writings.

Preston was an eloquent proponent of science and championed female collegiate education in the 1880's. In another anticipation of the theory of relativity, he fully relativized unipolar induction in the same terms Albert Einstein would repeat decades later as justification for a new theory of the electrodynamics of moving bodies known as the special theory of relativity.

His insightful and creative articles were eagerly sought by journals around the world and inspired other authors of science, as well as science fiction. In addition to Christopher Jon Bjerknes' history of Preston and his innovations, the book republishes an extensive collection of Preston's works, including Preston's books PHYSICS OF THE ETHER and ORIGINAL ESSAYS, and 116 thought provoking and historically important journal articles and letters to the editor.

SAMUEL TOLVER PRESTON: FATHER OF E = mc2, THE ATOMIC BOMB AND ATOMIC ENERGY by Christopher Jon Bjerknes is the first and only account and collection of Samuel Tolver Preston's works and achievements. It is an unprecedented and long overdue documentation of this largely forgotten genius and his many significant accomplishments, which cannot be found anywhere else.

My book is also available from Kindle as an ebook.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Red Russia Is Supplying North Korea With Hydrogen Bombs and ICBM Supplies and Technology

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Shortly after Washington ordered Moscow to close its consulate in San Francisco and annexes in DC and NY, Kim Jong Un declared that he has hydrogen bombs and North Korea detonated a powerful nuclear device. Red Russia had threatened a mighty response. It came from Red Russia's proxy State North Korea.

Red Russia has been flying nuclear bombers around the Korean Peninsula to threaten America and our allies with a nuclear attack. Red Russia has supplied North Korea with ICBM missile technology and fuel. Red Russia has now given North Korea hydrogen bombs, and what has Donald Trump said or done about it? Nothing.

North Koreans are fond of tunnels. They have built several leading into South Korea. It is almost certain that they have built many more from North Korea to Red China and Red Russia. Putin is amassing Red Russian troops on the North Korean border. Red China is amassing troops on the North Korean border. If those tunnels exist, they may be filled with weapons stockpiles, armored vehicles and mobile nuclear missile launchers. They might also serve as fallout shelters for North Koreans, Red Russians and Red Chinese. While the communists are preparing for war, America and our allies, led by the communist press which subverts us, is seeking new methods of appeasement.

This will inevitably lead to a preemptive nuclear strike on North Korea. But the Red Russians have now supplied North Korea with hydrogen bombs and ICBMs. The Red Chinese and Red Russians can now launch hydrogen bombs on South Korea, Japan and the United States and scapegoat North Korea for the attack. Given Trumps reticence on Russia he himself may cast doubts on our military's reports as to the source of the attack and call it "fake news" that Red China and/or Red Russia has fired off a nuclear strike on South Korea, Japan and the United States.

It is not going to be pretty, but the United States of America has to act immediately, or face a rapidly deteriorating situation inevitably leading to a global nuclear war. The sooner America attacks, the more difficult it will be for Red China and Red Russia to launch false flag attacks the US and our allies under the pretense that these are North Korean attacks. If we do not immediately begin to treat Red China and Red Russia as the existential threat and bolshevik regimes that they are, we will not survive.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Takeaways from the Latest North Korean Provocation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The press is reporting that North Korea has fired a missile over Japanese territory:

North Korea fires missile over Japan in aggressive test

If these reports are true, then that missile should have been intercepted and shot down. The fact that it was not proves that Japan has no effective defense against North Korean missiles, and that North Korea has committed an act of war against Japan.

North Korea would not commit such an aggressive act without assurances from Red China and Red Russia that they will fight for North Korea. North Korea would also not have committed such an act without assurances that Red China and Red Russia had subverted Trump and America, and likely Japan and South Korea as well; and will ensure American, South Korean and Japanese defeat.

We also have to wonder what new weapons the communists have, that they are itching for a fight. And we need wonder to what extent they have sabotaged our military abilities.

The only military move likely to stop North Korea would be a preemptive nuclear strike. It may be the jews are creating a scenario where the US will be obliged to begin a nuclear war.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The White Nationalists Must Move from the Internet to the Soapbox

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Antifa are using masks as a method to conceal their identities while committing acts of terrorism. Technologies exist which permit police to see through clothing, including masks. The authorities should review privacy issues and equip police at rallies with cameras that see through clothing to be used in the event crimes occur in order to collect evidence. Another possible option is to screen those wearing masks in a fashion similar to airport security in order to scan for weapons and identify those who are deliberately concealing their facial features, perhaps narrowing exits and screening those wearing masks after a crime has occurred. The fact that they are not doing this indicates that government agents may be participating in Antifa.

White Nationalists are being discriminated against on the internet. In addition to filing lawsuits claiming that the internet is a "public accommodation" for purposes of Federal Law, and that antitrust laws are being broken to discriminate against Whites, with Terms of Service agreements serving as sham devices to empower this illegal discrimination; White Nationalists should seize this opportunity to move their message from the internet to the soapbox and garner as much media attention as possible. They should devise ways to protect themselves from terrorists. One approach I have been advocating for years is the use of flashmobs with camera crews, Flashmob / Smartmob Tactics, December 14, 2012:

I suggest we use flashmob / smartmob tactics to generate awareness of the Jewish war on mankind. The following video demonstrates such methods used for silly entertainment, but we could instead do something considerably more substantial:

If Ron Paul follows through on his plans to undertake a college speaking tour in 2013, this will provide us with an ideal opportunity to reach college students eager to understand why their future is evaporating. We should produce an informational brochure and dvd exposing the Libertarians as the new Communists and offering an alternative party which will provide our young with an honest future of prosperity and opportunity.

We could turn what appears to be a random crowd into an organized demonstration opposing the Libertarians and Jews and offering the Power Party as a far better alternative. We will have to comply with all laws, of course. We should have hidden camera crews to capture our demonstration for distribution, and to protect our interests.

In the 1950's through 1970's, the Jews funded and conducted a faux controlled opposition to the Communists using Jewish "neo-Nazis" to make a mockery of the exposure of Jewish subversion. Libertarianism is far more dangerous to Americans than was Communism, and we need to provide a genuine opposition to it, and the Jews generally, or they will destroy us.

There are other creative ways to protect speakers. Hologram projectors could enable White Nationalists to generate a virtual protest and make the Antifa appear to be low tech brutes. Armored vehicles might be available for rent or even just a van that can be used to bring people in and out and then project from the roof. Large television screens sealed in bullet proof glass could be brought in and placed on stage with a remote feed creating a surreal feeling the media would love, that highlights the suppression of Whites' rights to peaceably assemble and speak. The speaker could highlight the fact that his or her rights are being denied by violent terrorists. The protesters will appear ridiculous protesting a giant TV screen. Of course, it will be necessary to catch them off guard.

It is time to become creative and smart, not more thuggish. The soapbox is waiting for someone to ascend and capture the media attention which is not yet being exploited to its full potential.

Under circumstances where it would be legal to do so, drones could be used to conduct a virtual protest. They could also be used to track Antifa criminals who have committed crimes.

Genocidal Jewish Privilege on Full Display

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jewish supremacist State of Israel is violating International Law and stealing more land from the Palestinians. In response, some international groups are advocating a policy of boycott. The US Government is seeking to make such boycotts a felony:

43 Senators Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Boycott Israeli Settlements

The accusation that jews boycott news organizations by refusing advertising dollars to publications that do not bend to their will, has always been called an anti-semitic canard by the jews. But they are openly doing just that, and not only that, but they are actively preventing the publication of anything that they deem to be a form of White Supremacy.

So the jews advocate boycotting White Supremacists, but seek to make it a felony to boycott jewish supremacists. This is clear proof of genocidal jewish privilege and the bolshevization of America to make the jews absolute rulers of the fate of Whites by preventing the free speech necessary to the political process and Whites' continued existence as dignified and free human beings. The jews will crack the whip of the State on White backs if Whites oppose their supremacy by means of boycott or even discussion of boycott, at the same time that the jews muzzle Whites with boycott when Whites speak about their rights to territory and rule. Clearly, coexistence with the disloyal jewish State within the American State is slavery for Whites. Either jews will be supreme and Whites slaves, or Whites will be supreme and able to stop the jews from taking away their rights and their voice. They leave Whites no other choice than to strive for political supremacy, or live as slaves.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

What the Anti-Whites Did to Us With Cheap Labor, We Can do to Them With Automation and Robotics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For many years, I have been explaining that the prepper movement is the wrong approach to saving and improving the White Race. We should be developing better as yet unknown weapons, not resorting to hoarding small arms which cannot combat nuclear, biological, airborne, armored, naval or heavy artillery; nor prevent mass starvation.

We should also not pursue the course of becoming primitives, or like the Amish. I love nature, and modern technology and potential new advances are the best way to protect the environment, not reverting the White Race to a primitive existence. I believe the communists are covertly behind these movements to reduce us to hiding and primitive individuals as opposed to a technologically advanced civilization, just as they have always been behind the anti-war and non-interventionist movements, so as to sabotage White progress and defenses as the Asian races advance on the basis of what Whites have created then given away to them.

We will have far more time to enjoy and restore nature if we employ technology to its maximum advantage, and drive out non-Whites who are currently crowding our nature preserves and parks, and forcing us to work extra hours to pay for their benefits and the problems they cause us. Employing our combined nuclear might, the White Race will attain military supremacy and we can devote our energies and resources to more efficient fighting methods and equipment and use high technology to secure our borders, which will be far easier once we have attained the Continental supremacy that will provide us with the seas and oceans as our border fences.

Previous attempts to create White communities have focused on attracting brute labor and proposed living in terrain that prohibits Autarky. I propose we attract the brightest and the best and the use of automation and robotics to supplant labor. We should also use the latest methods of agriculture to maximize yield and minimize the time Whites have to spend producing food.

As I watch new communities currently arise, and others expand, I see that the housing is being taken up by the foreign non-White labor that works the construction industry, creating a vicious cycle for us where non-Whites earn income building their own new housing and ours and so gain a means of invading our society and supplanting us both territorially and occupationally. Modular homes could be manufactured by robots and erected on foundations created with a minimum of labor. These could be constructed year round in controlled environments, 24/7. The equipment, as opposed to the labor force, can then be relocated to build new communities in new places. This would displace the non-White workers and remove any incentive to allow them among us.

As their societies would likely decline, ours will become more sound and secure. We can promote healthy virtues and the growth of our population as we will have more time and economic advantages to produce and care for young. Our media will celebrate us, promote education and make heroes out of those who are most creative and productive.

I believe the jews are producing horror movies about robotics, AI and high technology, and nature shows glorifying a primitive lifestyle, with the intent of discouraging Whites from pursuing robotics, and encouraging them to waste their time and resources becoming primitive, as our Asian competitors and enemies become more technologically advanced. They take a similar tack when they encourage pacificism and the reduction of our military, and pretend that we need fear no one, but Whites.

I would suggest that America is the best place to begin, because America has the protections of the Bill of Rights, and because America has the nuclear weapons to back us in a 21st Century Reconquista of Europe, Canada, Australia and Southern Africa. Unimpeded by non-Whites in our schools and our workplace, we can then set about doing what is best for us, not our enemies and competitors. We will also turn the tables on cheap foreign labor and the theft of our industries and technologies, by using robots to do our work and which will enable us to produce and sell our goods at a price no labor intensive production methods can match, including slave labor. We will carefully guard our technological and scientific secrets and work towards absolute political power and use it for our self interests. As we rise, the parasitic and uncreative races will likely fall.

Just as our subverted governments have let them invade us without firing a shot, we will someday advance far beyond them by merely removing them and by means of benign neglect. We need to attain political supremacy so that we can draft laws which favor our interests and allow us to build White communities.

A Model White Supremacist Community

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

All throughout recorded history, there have been two primary factors resulting in miscegenation in White nations, which have killed the genius of the founding peoples of those nations.

One problem has been the creation of empires, which results in cosmopolitan cities that produce miscegenation. The other and often related problem is the importation of foreign cheap labor, usually in massive numbers, to perform the menial tasks the ruling races elect not to perform for themselves. Eventually, interbreeding occurs, especially as jews promote the rebellion of the lower classes against their rulers, and the quality of the race is diminished to the lower common denominator, resulting in equality at the bottom.

We now have a means to avoid these problems, while creating an even higher standard of living, and attracting the brightest and best Whites to join in the community. We could solicit the participation of engineers, software designers, and robotics manufactures and maintenance specialists, to construct a largely self sustaining society where the menial tasks are performed by robots. This would have a eugenic effect, at least as regards to intelligence, by attracting the most intelligent class of Whites, while obviating the desire to import cheap, generally non-White labor.

It would also create a high tech and dominate culture and offer the attraction of being the most vanguard place to live on earth. We could construct self sustaining robotics factories as a source of revenue, and send out our people to construct new communities on our model, creating an empire without race mixing, thereby solving both problems without breeding out the White Race.

The community would become a magnet for the best of the refugees of White flight and attract those most loyal to the race. This would place a breeding pressure on immigration and create a filter that would promote genetic resistance to miscegenation.

We need to attain political supremacy so that we can draft laws which favor our interests and allow us to build White communities.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Anti-White Iconoclasts Working for the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin's ISIS are iconoclasts. They destroy statues supposedly for Islamic reasons, but what they are truly doing is enforcing the Noahide Laws for the jews:

The communists erect many idols to Karl Marx and others. KGB Putin uses the destruction of these idols as a pretext for invasion. Putin tries to link the removal of these communist icons to Russophobia, because he tries to link communism to Russian nationalism and believes in the communists' supposed right to rule the world for the benefit of the jews and in fulfilment of jewish messianic prophecy.

Nearly all the 45 goals of the communists are being heavily promoted by the alternative media in America, especially their support for Red Russia and Red China. As part of jewish iconoclastic activity, the communists seek to destroy all meaningful public art, including statues depicting our ancestors:

"22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to 'eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.'

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. 'Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.'"

Behind the Islamic and communist iconoclasm stands the jew. The jew is told to destroy all graven images in the Old Testament, Exodus 20:4-5:

"4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;"

In Sweden not long ago, they began removing paintings of Whites in the universities, on the pretext that they were racist, and despite the fact that they were paintings of prominent figures in the history of those universities, and included Nobel Prize laureates. Now they are toppling the statues of Whites in American universities and public places. This is part of the jews' practice of superstitious sympathetic magic. By killing the statues of Whites, the jews believe they are killing off Whites, their ancestors and their gods. They are blotting out the names of Whites from the book of life, as they believe the Old Testament commands them to do, Psalm 69:28,

"Let them be blotted out of the book of the living, and not be written with the righteous."

Deuteronomy 25:19,

"Therefore it shall be, when the Lord thy God hath given thee rest from all thine enemies round about, in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee for an inheritance to possess it, that thou shalt blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; thou shalt not forget it."

Exodus 17:14,

"And the Lord said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven."

From Palmyra to Charlottesville, the jews are erasing the Gentiles from history, mocking our ancestors and us, and killing off the gods for the benefit of their jealous god, and in so doing killing us off, as above, so below. The jews believe that if they kill off the Gentiles' gods on earth it will also kill them off in heaven, and when the Gentiles' gods die, the Gentiles lose their supernatural protection and die with their gods and ancestors, as above, so below. The jews also believe that pure races carry ancestral memories in their genes, but when miscegenation takes place, those memories are lost and those races become extinct.

So beware, Whites, the jews are trying to genocide you. As they topple the images of our ancestors, they are deliberately committing genocide against us. They are replacing our ancestral memories with the worship of communist idols. The jews believe that this will not only turn the Gentiles' gods against Gentiles, and kill off both the gods and the Gentiles, but it will infuriate the jews' jealous god and provoke him to exterminate the Gentiles.

When the jews destroy images of our ancestors, they are writing us out of the book of life. It is a deliberate attack on our lives and our souls.

We had better treat this as the existential threat it is meant to be. The jews have killed off and bred out numerous races and nations. The danger is real and imminent.

The jews view you as cattle, to serve them in the pursuit of your own destruction, and then be slaughtered.