Friday, August 18, 2006

Apartheid America and Racist Profiling

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Racist Jews have poisoned America with all of the problems they have deliberately created in Israel. We now see American soldiers attacking Islamic families in their homes—just like the Israelis. Racist Jews are teaching Americans to irrationally hate Moslems—just like the Israelis. Racist Jews are teaching Americans that Moslem life has no value—just like the Israelis. Racist Jews have brought terrorism to America—just as racist Jews brought terrorism to the Middle East. Racist Jews propose the same solutions to the problems they create in America, which racist Jews propose in Israel—hatred, racism, segregation, war and genocide.

In order to distract from the Israeli genocide of the Lebanese, the Jewish media are promoting the Israeli apartheid system in America. They are scapegoating Moslems for Jewish hatred, Jewish atrocities and Jewish warmongering. In violation of the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eight, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America; racist Jews are asking Americans to adopt institutional racism and religious intolerance by creating an artificial class of persons called Moslems, which the racist Jews broadly stigmatize with the lie that they are terrorist suspects by reason of their religious choice.

Never mind that millions of American Christian Zionists, who have been made hateful and genocidal by Israeli leaders and their agents, are plotting to commit genocide against one third of humanity and two thirds of Jews. There is no need to worry about this group's desire to end the world with nuclear war. They have the full support of the racist Jews who created them. There is no need to worry about the Christian and Jewish terrorists who are plotting to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock to both provoke the Moslem world with this injustice and attack, and to enable the racist Jews to build a Jewish temple on the site.

The goal of the racist Jews is not to prevent terrorism, but rather to commit state sponsored terrorism against one billion Moslems. Racist Jews want Moslems to feel subhuman. They want all non-Moslem people to look at the persecution of Moslems and presume that there must be a good reason for it. Racist Jews want Moslems perpetually back on their heels defending themselves from Jewish attacks so that they can never gain forward momentum in their defense against Jewish racism and Jewish genocidal designs on their lives. Racist Jews want Moslems docile and supplicant as the racist Jews kill them off.

Racist Jews want to Bolshevize America and establish a legal precedent that fundamental human rights are the enemy of Americans and are the source of terror. Racist Jews are teaching Americans that free speech, liberty, equality under the law, etc. are weapons which will destroy us, and that we must therefore banish these allegedly dangerous fundamental rights from our nation.

When the Zionist Nazis marked Jewish shops with identifying badges in response to the Jewish call for war against Germany, Zionist Jews welcomed this act of segregation. Racist Jews love segregation. Racist Jews have always promoted segregation and racist hatred. Their current desire to dehumanize and segregate Moslems is not new. Jews have been dehumanizing Christians, Moslems and more broadly all non-Jews, for thousands of years.

There are many ways to counter this racist Jewish push to divide and destroy America. Americans should ask themselves if they want to buy products which sponsor racism in the American media through their advertising dollars. Americans could write to sponsors who finance the propagation of blind hatred and racist intolerance in the American media and let those sponsors know that they will not purchase their products or use their services.

Racist Jews are spreading their message of hatred, war and genocide around the globe. They will try to incite a war between Pakistan and India. They will promote an alliance between Israel and India, though they have planned to exterminate the idol worshiping Hindus for thousands of years and will provide both sides with weapons to destroy one another. Racist Jews would love to see millions of Pakistani Moslems and Indian Hindus massacre one another with nuclear weapons, just as they applauded and sponsored the prolonged war between Iraq and Iran in the hopes that the senseless violence would take more innocent Goy life. War, segregation, racist hatred and genocide are the racist Jewish agenda. Moslems are the present primary target. Christians and Hindus will be next.

We each have a moral obligation to oppose the racist Jews' desire to make America an apartheid state. Do we really want to sponsor the sponors of racism in the American media?