Friday, August 11, 2006

George Bush Is a Racist Warmonger

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is becoming increasingly clear that George Bush irrationally hates Moslem people. The President of our United States of America has smeared the Moslem world with the racist slur of "Islamic Fascists". What is that you say, Moslems are not a race? I think in George Bush's eyes they are. To Bush, the Moslems are a race of "evil doers", the sub-human cattle that the cabalistic Jews must exterminate, directly or through proxies, during the "birth pangs" of the Messiah or "hevlei Mashiah".

Why is it that Bush uses the word "fascist" to describe Moslems? It is a buzz word which to the Jewish community means Hitler and the Holocaust. Bush wants to unify the Jewish community with racist hatred against the manufactured and artificial enemy of Islam. Bush is blind with genocidal hatred. His hatred comes from his racist friends who want to slay Amalek to the last man, woman and child. Ironically, it is Bush who is the fascist. He has no regard for liberty. His administration has an incestuous relationship with the war industry and the media.

Bush and his racist friends regularly smear and dehumanize a large segment of humanity with the hateful terms of "terrorist", "extremist" and "fascist". They offer no proof, but rely on emotion and manufactured hatred to blind the public to fact that they are being manipulated to despise and mass murder our fellow human beings. It does not bother the Bushes of the world that Christian Zionists regularly call for the mass murder of two billion human beings. They do not need to be watched, or even discussed. Their plans for genocide cause no alarm. Bush speaks not a word in condemnation of Israel's terrorism and crimes against humanity. In Bush's mind, Israel is killing off an evil race and doing the world a favor. It does not bother Bush that the self-proclaimed "Jewish State", a racist nation of but five million hatefilled Jews, is forever destabalizing the world and causing wars. Bush wants war. Why? So that he can kill more Moslems. Bush won't be satisfied until he has killed all Moslems. Terror and genocide do not alarm Bush. They are his modus operandi.