Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Interviews on Politics, History, and Current Events

August 10, 2006
About Albert Einstein, his plagiarism and Zionist beliefs, and personal attacks on Einstein's critics; curret events in the Middle East, the UK Terror plot and its timing; history of Zionism; Jewish Bible messianic and racist beliefs and how do they reflect in the current day events; Governments of the Middle East and their corruption; The need for Muslim people to get American people on their side.
Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
July 28, 2006
About the history of Turkey and Sabbatai Zevi, Young Turks, Armenian Genocide, Donmeh Turks, subversion of Turkish culture, utopian movements, their goals and means; present status of Turkey; Messianic mythology, Masons and Leon Trotsky as Mason; Masonic Lodges and Young Turks; Thule Society and Turkey; Media propaganda and our moral obligation to condemn our government's involvment in the genocide or Arab people; How to combat racism and racist Zionist remarks; why European nations and European leadership criticize the United States, but do not stop Israeli- U.S. actions; call to action against racism and genocide.

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
July 25, 2006
About the history of Jewish segregation, how Jewish people had been duped and hurt by the Racist Zionist agenda, Lebanon destruction as outlined in the Old Testament; Colonel House and his predictions; American Imperialism and NATO; Moses Pinkeles and his financing of Volkischer Beobachter; Zionist beliefs that anti-Semitism is good; purposeful fueling of anti-Semitism; needless destruction of Lebanon, use of revolutions to cause havoc and instability, and more.

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
July 22, 2006
About the conflict that is brewing in Lebanon and Palestine and the need for the good people of the world to stop the escalation into a wider war that is waged by racist Zionists and irresponsible Zionist media; Jewish Bible prophecy of the Lebanon war; American Evangelical Christians and the promotion of an "us against them" mentality; what we can do to stop this genocide.

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
July 18, 2006
About the history of Jewish terrorism and Jewish hatred of the Arabic peoples; Is Iran's president Ahmadinejad a nationalist, or is he helping to unite Jewish people against the Arab people, just like Israel wants him to act? Jewish dualism: good and evil, how Kabalistic Jews believe they are duty-bound to make the world an evil place in order to bring about Messiah; Why is American press calling for WWIII and working against the interests of America; Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion describe who defines liberty and how the media works; David Ben-Gurion believed it would be worthwhile to pay an Arab a million pounds to start a war; and much more.

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
July 16, 2006
About crazy Jewish messianic beliefs of good and evil and world destruction. How the events that are taking place today are only the extension of a 2,500-year-old history.

Bjerknes and Hufschmid talks to Jim, ex-Christian Zionist
July 1, 2006
About Christian Zionists and how Christianity has been hijacked. First-hand experience from Jim, who was raised as a Christian Zionist, but has recently changed his worldview when he learned how rich banking families have controlled the world for the last three hundred years.

Eric Hufschmid Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
June 27, 2006
About Jewish tribalism and segregationalism; Zionism is the latest form of Judaism; story of Esau and Jacob; British propaganda during WWII; Theodor Herzl's writings call Jews heads of revolutionary movements; Henry Ford's role in trying to stop WWI and Zionism, the Rothschilds' claims to being "King of the Jews", the history of the Protocols of Zion, and Bjerknes' new book "The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein".

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
February 2, 2006
About Jewish religious beliefs that "The best among Gentiles deserve to be killed", that Gentiles are "innately evil" and "derive from refuse". Includes quotes from genocidal racist Jewish writings which say that the uncircumcised are "dead dogs", Jesus and Mohammed are "dead dogs". Quotes from the Bible about constant war and extermination of Amalek. Discussion about Crypto Jews and the story of Esther.

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Ray McGovern
January 31, 2006
Christopher Jon Bjerknes calls in 2 minutes into the program. The discussion is about impending U.S. war in Iran, the clause of preemption, and accusations of anti-Semitism.

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
January 27, 2006, Hour 1
Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes
January 27, 2006, Hour 2
Explanation of Zionism, about the Rothschilds, their wealth, and their politics, Disraeli and influence on British politics; Zionist collaboration with the Nazis; Jewish racism and Jewish statements that anti-Semitism is good for the Jews, because it keeps Jewish people segregated. About the Jewish leadership's dictatorial policies that do not take into account what Jewish people want. Brandeis and Untermyer destroyed Rothschild's competition to set up current banking system.

Daryl Bradford Smith talks to Christopher Jon Bjerknes
January 13, 2006, Hour 1
Daryl Bradford Smith talks to Christopher Jon Bjerknes
January 13, 2006, Hour 2
About what can be learned from Jewish culture to overcome the Zionist political influence; Was Christianity a stumbling stone thrown on the path of the Romans to gain revenge for the destruction of Jerusalem? Communist strategy of weakening societies in order to cause revolutions. Understanding French, Russian, and English revolutions in order to understand today's situation in America. Terrorism is used to prompt call for dictatorship; Rothschilds and other bankers funding of wars and support for revolutions. American media attacks Iran.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a historian of science who has written a 2,800+ page book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein:


The book illustrates how Einstein was made into a 20th century icon by the Zionist media.