Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jews Have Always Scapegoated Their Victims

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Messianic Jewish religious mythology teaches Jews to commit genocide against all other peoples. Jews are taught to ruin the religions, cultures, nations and lives of the rest of humanity. They often hide their evil acts by scapegoating their victims and blaming them for the atrocities Jews have committed and are committing today.

The Jewish mythology of the scapegoat is found in the Hebrew Bible at Leviticus 16 and in the Jewish Talmud in the book of Yoma. On the day of atonement, Jews used to select two goats, one to be sacrificed to God in the Temple, the other to be sent into the wilderness to Azazel. All the sins of the Jews were placed on the goat which was sent into the wilderness and in this way Jews unburdened themselves of the guilt of their sins. About the time Jesus Christ was said to have been sacrificed to atone for the sins of mankind, the rituals of atonement in the Jewish Temple began to fail. Forty years later, the Romans destroyed the Jewish Temple. Some Christians believe that Jewish ritual sacrifices ended with the sacrifice of Jesus, and that the Jews ought not to rebuild a Temple and must not resume animal sacrifices, for such sacrifices would constitute a blasphemy against the sacrifice on the cross.

In recent times, organized Jewry have scapegoated the Czar of Russia for the crimes against the Russian People Jews have deliberately committed. In this way, criminal Jews were able to drive a wedge between the Russian People and the government which was desperately trying to protect the Russian People from organized Jewry which sought to destroy them. Racist Jews organized strikes and carried out pogroms against Jews, and then Jews defamed the Czar in the international press by falsely blaming him for the misery Jews were deliberately causing other Jews and Gentiles. Jews promoted war between the Japanese and the Russians, and financed the Japanese while blocking Russia’s access to funds. Jews heavily financed violent and destructive revolutionaries to create discontent and unrest among the Russian People. Jews made the Russian People suffer and blamed the Czar for the harm Jews had done. In this way, Jews caused the Russian People to destroy themselves and their government and hand over all their independence and power to organized Jewry. Jews were then able to carry out their ancient plans as they mass murdered tens of millions of Slavic Christians.

Zionist Jews then placed Adolf Hitler into power to further the spread of Communism and to drive reluctant Jews to Palestine against their will. Jews then blamed German Gentiles for the harm to Jews and other Europeans, which these same Jews had deliberately caused.

Zionist Jews placed George Bush into power in America. Jews had their agent George Bush bring America into perpetual war and perpetual debt. These same Jews now blame Bush and Gentile government in the United States for the harm Jews are deliberately causing Americans and the non-Jewish peoples of the Middle East. Jews even blame the United States for Israel’s unprovoked aggression and genocide against Lebanon. In this way, Jews not only unburden themselves from their guilt, they discredit Gentile governments and bring Gentile governments into unnecessary war with each other, all of which furthers the ambitions of ancient Jewish Messianic goals.

Jews are presently also scapegoating Hezbullah and the Palestinian People for the barbaric Jewish genocide of the Palestinian and Lebanese Peoples. Israelis followed the same model to create a pretext for the Jewish mass murder of helpless Arabs. Israelis sent Jewish soldiers into foreign territory and then pretended that the capture of these soldiers constituted a casus belli for the genocidal wars Jews have been planning for 2,500 as found in the book of Ezekiel. Jews overrate the strength of Hezbullah so as to provide a pretext for the complete destruction of Lebanon Jews planned in Ezekiel Chapters 27 and 28. Jews offer false hope that their unprovoked aggression will soon end, then dash those hopes by intensifying their murder of helpless Lebanese children and babies and pour the blood of their victims back onto their victims by scapegoating them for Jewish atrocities.

Scapegoating is but one form of deceit which is deeply ingrained in the Judaic psyche. Another ancient Jewish deceit is the use of crypto-Jews to undermine Gentile societies and religions. Christian Zionists, often led by crypto-Jews, are desperate to commit genocide against at least two billion human beings in the false and utterly selfish hopes that by mass murdering these innocents Christian Zionist mass murderers will provoke Jesus to Rapture the Christian Zionists mass murderers into Heaven. Crypto-Jews created these false beliefs (and others like them) and sponsor them today in an effort to trick Gentiles into killing one another off. Ancient Jews taught this behavior in the Hebrew Bible in the book of Esther. Jews celebrate the genocide of Gentiles, and the deceit of the crypto-Jew, once every year in the Jewish festival of Purim. It is the Jews' favorite holiday.
Crypto-Jews, Zionist Jews, and Israel firsters have infiltrated the mass media and governments of all the world. They are deliberately attempting to orchestrate a nuclear World War III in the hopes that it will kill off the Gentiles and leave only "righteous Jews" alive in the "End Times". The People of the World must take action to save themselves from the genocide racist Jews have been planning for 2,500 years and which they believe they must carry out now that they have created the Jewish Kingdom in Palestine. We cannot depend upon government or media to help. Both have been corrupted by genocidal Jewish influence.