Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Was the Motivation to Create the "Jewish State" Political (Racist), or Religious (Messianic)?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Judaism is both political and religious. Judaism is largely a system of laws and the political ambition to destroy the rest of humanity. These laws and ambitions are justified on a religious basis—the political and the religious are one in Judaism. In the past, to be a Jew meant that one belonged to a segregated nation, a distinct faith and a unique "race". These definitions of what it means to be a Jew are each products Judaism itself.

According to the Christian faith, Jews can only be readmitted to Palestine as a nation if they recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Jewish leaders realized early on that if they failed to convert large numbers of Jews to Christianity, there would be a politico-religious war against the Jews if they established a nation in Palestine. The plan was never for genuine conversions, but rather superficial and false conversions meant to placate the Christian concern that the establishment of a "Jewish State" in Palestine would be the manifestation of the anti-Christ. Jewish leaders planned to give the appearance that large numbers of Jews were converting to Christianity so that Christians, under the careful and covert guidance of a hidden Jewish hand, would interpret this as a sign that Christ would soon return and, therefore, Christians would sponsor the establishment of a "Jewish State" in Palestine and would protect the "Jewish State" from Islam.

This plan failed because large numbers of Jews did not want to convert, but it was only one part of a two-pronged strategy. The Frankist Jews had a backup plan, which was to secularize Jews and to use these secularized Jews to destroy Christianity, so that there would be no Christian opposition to the formation of a "Jewish State". Talmudic Jews, including Moses Mendelssohn and Karl Marx, created schools of thought that led Jews down the path to atheism, while inspiring Jews to Judaize and destroy Gentile culture and civilization world-wide. Moses Hess proudly pointed out that Judaism itself was a racist political belief system, and Theodor Herzl protested loudly that the political Zionist movement was a secular racist movement to protect the Jewish race from disappearing through assimilation. Few noticed that this racist aspect of the Zionist movement was very much a religious aspect of Judaism itself, despite Herzl's disingenuous protests.

The driving force behind these efforts was the Rothschild dynasty, which assumed the role of Jewish Messiah from Jacob Frank through the illusion of Metempsychosis. The Jewish-led move to secularize masses of Jews and kill off two thirds of Jews is a part of the process of the "birth pangs of the Messiah" and is entirely religious. The darkness must precede the light. The majority of Jews alive today will be mass murdered, if the Frankist Jews have their way. This results from the Jewish leaders' interpretation of the Jewish faith. It is a deliberate illusion that the "Jewish State" is a secular state. The leaders of this state, the true and ultimate leaders, are not only religious, but have assumed the role of Jewish King, Messianic sons of Joseph and David, and are deliberately acting out the horrors of Jewish apocalyptic mythology, an important aspect of which is the turning away from God of the majority of Jews. As Judas fulfilled the prophecies by betraying Christ, and was in that sense a hero to early Jewish Christians, modern day Jewish leaders intend to bring the worst evil to the world it has yet known, in order to provoke God to bring about the Messianic Age. Israel is a religious state and it is likely that a large percentage of the secular Jews in the world will be sacrificed in a Holocaust for the sake of the Messiah, King of the Jews, just as the Jews of Europe were degraded, murdered and corralled as a precondition to the formation of the "Jewish State". Paradoxically, religion is the motive, though in many instances, irreligion is the deliberate means.