Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What Is the Fate of Mother Russia?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

According to Jewish End Times prophecy, Israel will be the only nation left standing after the Jewish Messiah has laid all other nations and peoples to waste. In other words, racist Jews feel duty bound to eliminate all challenges to Israel, not merely as a superpower, but as the ultimate and only power on the face of the Earth. Russia has always had the potential to be the greatest nation on Earth. Russia has long been the primary target of Jewish bloodlust.

Jews and their agents have, for centuries, flooded Western Europe and America with hateful propaganda against Russia. Jews have repeatedly decimated Russia through their agents Napoleon, the Imperial Japanese, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Bush, Clinton, etc. Genocidal Jews have mass murdered tens of millions of Slavs through deliberate famine, mass executions, wars and the deliberate poisoning of their living environment. They have deliberately exterminated the best and brightest of the Slavic Peoples in the hopes that those Peoples would suffer irreparable genetic degradation.

In anticipation of World War III, which hugely destructive war racist Jews have been planning and arranging for decades, really for 2,500 years, racist Jews have been the hidden, and not so hidden, hand fabricating the Christian Zionist fallacy that it will be a good thing and the fulfillment of prophecy to commit genocide against the Russian People. Racist Jews have coached American Christians to adopt the false beliefs that Jesus will Rapture them into Heaven if only they deliberately exterminate the Russians in supposed, though false, fulfillment of the prophecies of Ezekiel in chapters 38 and 39. If racist Jews are successful in their ancient plans, then the fate of Mother Russia will be to perish from the face of the Earth forever.

The government of Russia, and the Russian People, ought to engage in a broad and aggressive campaign to expose and discredit these genocidal Christian Zionists, and those racist and genocidal Jews who are behind them, directing them. The fate of the Russian People, and the people of the world, is at stake.