Monday, August 07, 2006

Who Violated United Nations Resolution 1559?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel is trying desperately to scapegoat Lebanon for the Jewish destruction of the Lebanese nation and its people. Mossad agents and Israel firsters in the American Government and press propagate the Israeli lie that Lebanon allegedly violated U. N. Res. 1559, and that this alleged violation gives legal justification for Israel's illegal genocide of the Lebanese.

In fact, it is Israel which has violated United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559, in that the resolution protects Lebanon's national sovereignty and Israel has invaded and occupied Lebanon in violation of Lebanon's national sovereignty. In addition, Resolution 1559 does not provide for genocide as a sanction in the event that this selfsame resolution is violated, nor does the resolution mandate a time schedule, nor does the resolution provide for an Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon.

The United Nations never declared that Israel should invade Lebanon. The United Nations never sanctioned Israel's unprovoked and barbaric aggression against Lebanon.

Lacking any legal justification for their long planned and unprovoked attack, Israel sent a few of its soldiers into Lebanon knowing that the Lebanese would have to take action against them and capture them. Israel then used Israel's violations of international law as a spurious pretext to invade Lebanon. Far from being sanctioned by the United Nations, Israel's unprovoked and genocidal aggression is instead the fulfillment of an illegal and inhuman 2,500 year old Jewish genocidal plan for the destruction of Lebanon mapped out in the Jewish book of Ezekiel chapters 27 and 28.

It is ludicrous for Israel to claim that Lebanon is in violation of 1559 and that, in effect, the U. N. has called upon Israel to grind Lebanon into dust. However, it should come as no surprise that the Jewish State does not honor international obligations or fundamental human principles. Jews are taught in the Hebrew Bible (Deuteronomy 7:6. Isaiah 2:3) and in the Talmud that Jews are a master race, which makes all laws for all peoples and need honor none when dealing with Gentiles. Jews deliberately disavow any obligations in their annual dishonorable prayer of kol nidre.

Furthermore, it is ludicrous for Jews to claim that Hezbullah constitutes a State within a State. Jews know a little bit about being a State within a State and this accusation has been leveled at Jews for thousands of years. Not only have masses of racist Jews formed a State within a State around the world, they have formed a State hostile to all others which violates the trust and good will of its host nations and subverts the interests of Gentiles and deliberately leads them into ruin and death. Disloyal Jews and their Israel first agents form a disloyal and hostile State within the United States, and they constitute a fifth column and fourth estate of the Israeli war machine which is driving us all into World War III in deliberate and artificial fulfillment of Jewish Messianic prophecy.

Hezbullah is a political faction in the Lebanese People, not a State within a State. If it is a "Militia" it is the only Army defending Lebanon from Israel's illegal and barbaric aggression. Hezbullah has proven itself to be the only Lebanese national defense force, and therefore it is not subject to 1559. Unlike racist and disloyal Jews around the globe, Hezbullah defends the nation which is its home and does not claim racial and national distinctions from the nation which is its home, which racist Jews claim no matter where they happen to live. It is the racist Jews who form a State within a State. Hezbullah has proven itself to be Lebanon's only national defense.

Since when does Israel heed United Nations resolutions? There have been scores of United Nations Resolutions demanding Israel take action to end its many violations of international law. There have been scores of United Nations Resolutions condemning Israel for the racist atrocities Israel has committed against its neighbors. Israel has always violated United Nations resolutions and continues to do so. It is Israel which has violated United Nations Resolution 1559.