Tuesday, August 15, 2006

World Public Opinion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


The current break in the genocidal Jewish attack on Lebanon is the result of world public opinion. Hezbullah is not chasing Israel out of Lebanon. Hezbullah did not inflict heavy damage on the IDF. The Jewish war machine had free rein in Lebanon and is fully intact.

I caution the Moslem world to capture this moment to discredit Israel in several important ways but to consider refraining from attacking Israel in other more provocative ways. The Jewish war on humanity is not over and will never end until Judaism is discredited as the hateful, racist and genocidal threat to mankind that it is.

I suggest that the Moslems and all well meaning people of the world flood the internet and the media with images of the deliberate and barbaric Jewish destruction of Lebanon. Show what Zionism truly signifies! Call for an economic embargo on the aggressive nation of Israel until it has paid for its crimes against humanity and paid reparations to the Lebanese and Palestinians for the Jewish led Holocaust of the Lebanese and Palestinian Peoples. Demand that Israel disband its aggressive, imperialistic, colonial and genocidal army. Demand that genocidal and inhuman Israel peacefully dispose of its nuclear arsenal, which is a real and present threat to all of humanity.

Point out the Jewish control over many nations in the region, and the international racism sponsored by the Jewish media which prolonged and prolongs the Jewish campaign to bring the world into war. Cry out against the injustice and madness of the racist Jewish State, which consists of some small number of five million racist Jews, but which feels justified in its never ending campaign to ruin the lives of a billion Moslems and its relentless efforts to kill off hundreds of millions of Arabs, Turks and Persians. Speak out against the warmongering and inhuman nation of Israel, which unimportant and hate filled nation perpetually throws the world into turmoil because it believes that five million racist Jews are a master race, superior to the sum total of six billion cattle which dare to inhabit the world against the Jewish God's genocidal wishes. Demand justice! Demand reparations! Demand that racist Israel disarm!

Rather than threaten war, sing the praises of peace. Show that helpless Lebanese and Palestinians have been decimated by the genocidal Israelis. Drive a wedge between America and Israel! Do nothing to help the Jewish fifth column in America to use the American People to murder the Moslem and Christian People of the Middle East. It is true that the United States has committed and continues to commit horrific injustices in the Middle East. Our government has been usurped by racist Jews and their ill gotten fortunes. But it is an elemental tactic of war to drive a wedge between ones enemies and to promote compassion in an enemy who irrational hates you because a vile fifth column has infected the nation. Only a fool would promote the racist Jewish campaign to unite Americans with racist Jews against the world.

World public opinion is a fickle thing and racist Jews have a near universal lock on the international media. Let them shoot themselves with their hubris and hatred. Show that the Moslems are compassionate and peace loving people and that it is the racist Jews and their terrible and genocidal army who spread war and turmoil. It is the racist Jews who oppress and harm their neighbors. It is the self-obsessed racist Jews, a tiny horde of five million, who must surrender their desires for world conquest and let the billion Moslems and more broadly the six billion citizens of humanity live in peace and prosperity.

Speedily take the opportunity to photograph and record on video the damage racist Jews have inflicted on helpless people and show it to the world again and again. The racist Jews have not done with their killing. We can all be certain of that.