Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ahmadinejad Should Resign and in So Doing Shame the West and Save His Nation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


President Ahmadinejad should resign and state that because of his love for the Iranian People, he cannot allow the Zionists who dominate Israel, the United States of America and the international media to use him as a spurious casus belli for an unprovoked nuclear attack on Iran. The Iranian People should allow inspection of their nuclear facilities by Russia, Pakistan, China, Syria, France and the United States, provided that Israel allow inspection of its nuclear facilities, including its nuclear weapons facilities, by the same nations. Another stipulation of the agreement to inspections should be that the same standards and restrictions which are applied to Iran also be applied to Israel. Iran has a much larger population than Israel and therefore a proportionally greater responsibility and right to security. This call for equity in standards is in fact a concession, given that Israel has invaded its neighbors and threatened many countries with nuclear attack. Since Iran has not committed these offenses, it would be reasonable to hold Israel to stricter standards.

In a few years, as the Zionists are further exposed and their power has diminished, if the Iranian People desire, they can then reelect Ahmadinejad, who might then be a national hero due to his personal sacrifice for the sake of the welfare of the nation. For now, the Iranian People and Ahmadinejad's supporters abroad must ask themselves what has Ahmadinejad done to lessen the chances of a nuclear strike against Iran? How successful has Ahmadinejad been at improving Iran's position in the world? How successful have the enemies of Iran been in vilifying Iran by way of vilifying Ahmadinejad? Has Ahmadinejad deliberately played into their hands, or is he incompetent or unable to meet the challenge and overcome it? What would be lost by replacing him? What are the risks of his staying in office given that the enemies of Iran are using him to justify an unprovoked nuclear strike on Iran?