Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ahmadinejad's Upcoming Speech at the UN

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Ahmadinejad should take advantage of his opportunity to address the United Nations to make an issue of the foot dragging that went on in that body while Israel leveled Lebanon to the ground. He should address the undue influence the United States exerts over that body. The President of Iran should make an issue of Israel's unprovoked aggression on Lebanon and speak of the genocide Israel committed. Then Ahmadinejad should call for the UN to insist that Israel disarm, and most importantly that Israel allow inspections of Israel's nuclear program and nuclear weapons program. Ahmadinejad should demand that Israel, the only aggressive nation in the Middle East, disarm its nuclear arsenal. Ahmadinejad should not mention Iran's nuclear program, but should instead turn everything around on the Israelis. He should call on Americans to help the world to pressure the Israelis to give up the Israeli weapons of mass destruction before it is too late. Ahmadinejad should point out that barbaric and aggressive Israel could at this very moment attack its peaceful neighbors with nuclear weapons just as Israel attacked its peaceful neighbors with cluster bombs, which Israel used against civilians. Ahmadinejad should demand that the UN finally and forcefully act on its resolutions against the Israelis such as 242, etc.