Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bravado Is a Blunt Tool

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


It is a strange phenomenon. The fierce pride of the Moslem Peoples, most especially the Arab Peoples, is the spine which holds these peoples upright and dignified. On the other hand, the bravado of these persons works against them, by inhibiting them from working together, and from crying out against the injustices Jewish leaders have done to them. While Jews take pride in portraying themselves as victims, even when they know there is no cause to do so; dignified Arabs foolishly puff themselves up with the myths of martyrdom and hold their tongues when victimized by Jews. There can be no trial of Israel's crimes against the Arabs in the court of world public opinion, until the Arabs change their cultural imperatives and bring the evidence of Israeli crimes to the world and ask for help.

Another stumbling stone over which Islam is tripping is the religious respect it gives to Judaism. Judaism is more a political ideology than a spiritual one. It has thrived by spawning both Christianity and Islam and implanting in both the seeds of a poisonous plant that will choke the planet with war and poverty. Islam should not feel inhibited from exposing the criminal nature of Judaism and the attacks the Jewish Talmud and Jewish Cabalistic writings make on both the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ. It is not wrong to target a religion for attacks, when that religion has targeted you for death.