Wednesday, September 20, 2006

George Bush is a Zionist Traitor

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We have a hostile state within a state in America. Zionists place the perceived self interests of the Israelis and Israel above the genuine interests of the American People and the United States. Cabalistic Jews are training Christian children to be cannon fodder, and to mindlessly mass murder our fellow human beings, in the name of securing Israel. Esau is dutifully slaving and soldiering for Jacob. Once that duty is fulfilled, Jacob and its "Messiah" will slyly slay Esau in the Jewish genocidal "End Times". That is the documented plan, which has been openly stated by leading Jewish figures throughout the history of the tribe.

Christian Zionists are as stupid as they are dangerous. Furthermore, they are disloyal to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the United States. They are the enemies of the People of America, they are the enemies of Christianity and they are the enemies of humanity—the pro-Zionists are anti-Christ, anti-America and anti-humanity.

Members of the tribe gathered in New York to protest free speech and support the racist apartheid nation of Israel. They are blindly obedient to their warmongering leadership and attempt to present a unified front based on obedience to the "Jewish race", as opposed to obedience to the principles of justice, peace and humanity. They are slaves to a racist, tribal mythology and are the declared the enemies of humanity—the declared enemies of American values. And they are powerful in their united effort to destroy.

Since racist Jewish mythology teaches the Jews that they are a master race, and that the rest of humanity is sub-human, has no rights and is duty bound to slave for the Jews, racist Jews claim it is anti-Jewish for any other people to assert its human rights. Non-Jews do not have the human right of free speech, and unless non-Jews wag their tongues in praise of Jewish racism, they must be silenced and ultimately killed, and beyond death will supposedly boil in excrement in hell (Erubin 21b, Sanhedrin 88b, Gittin 57a, Rosh Hashanah 17a, Shabbath 32b, Shabbath 116a). Pro-human is deliberately confused with "anti-Jewish", because racist Jews define the "Jewish race" in anti-human terms (see for example the Jewish Torah in the Jewish book of Deuteronomy chapter 7, verse 6, the Jewish Zohar, and the Jewish Talmud in the Jewish book of Sanhedrin folios 56a-60b).

I suspect that the mass media is taking note of 911 research, if at first in a mocking fashion, as a warning to the traitor George Bush that he had better toe the Zionist line. It is a sword of Damocles they hang over his cowardly head. The left-wing propagandist "main stream" media has the same tribal loyalties to Israel as the pseudo-right media. They care not at all for America, in fact they are deliberately destroying us, the US. They have Bush in a trap he did not foresee. We are caught in the same trap if we fail to recognize who it is that destroying us, the US. Our enemy is the nation within our nation, who actively work against our interests and who place traitors before our eyes to lead us down the path of our destruction. We ought to investigate the stars of the mass media with an eye toward exposing their motives and hidden, and not so hidden, loyalties. Many of them are the treasonous and venomous voice of the hostile nation within our nation. We should be encouraged by the fact that they can be largely defeated by exposing them to the sanitizing light of day. That is why they so actively seek to censor honest voices and open debate.