Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An Indictment of George W. Bush and the Enemy Nation of Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


President George W. Bush and a fifth column of traitors loyal only to Israel, individually and collectively, have engaged in a criminal conspiracy to wage unprovoked war against innocent nations and commit mass murder of both the citizens of those nations and members of the American military. They have deliberately plotted to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America. They are committing deliberate acts of sabotage meant to ruin the American economy. They are purposefully eroding the liberty of the American People and imposing their Zionist tyranny over the world. They have infiltrated the mass media and all branches of government, as well as most institutions of influence in the United States in order to subvert the interests of the American People and in order to further the perceived self interests of the enemy nation of Israel. They have conducted an ongoing campaign of intimidation, violence and wrongful imprisonment to silence their critics and prevent free and open debate on matters of national importance. They have conspired to disenfranchise the American People through voter fraud and through disproportionate, corrupt and undemocratic control of the press and other institutions of influence.