Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Informed Consent Citizenship

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


My fellow American citizens are submitting to a fifth column of traitors, who are loyal only to Israel. I believe in democracy. I also believe in the collective wisdom of an informed public. My fellow citizens should be informed of the nature of the disaster into which they are being led by enemies of the nation, before consenting to it. But they should also be forced to feel its oppressive weight.

Americans should know that to attack Iran will likely mean nuclear war and a severe and probably permanent economic depression. They should also know that this attack will be entirely unnecessary and will come at the behest of the enemy nation of Israel, not be fought in the best interests of the United States of America. Americans should know that if they allow George W. Bush to bring us into more unprovoked war, they risk losing their jobs, the sovereignty of the United States and exponentially greater risks of severe, chronic or fatal health problems. They risk a nuclear attack from Russia and China.

But they know this already. It is not enough that they know it. They must begin to experience it. Responsible leaders at the State and local level must prepare to aid Americans in the dark times to which Americans have willingly consigned themselves. Imagine if governors and mayors tomorrow demanded that Americans sign a consent form for war, which would inform them in detail of the risks they are assuming. Imagine if Americans were forced to listen to top medical people explain to them what will happen if we are attacked with nuclear weapons. Imagine if Americans were forced to listen to top economists explain to them what will be their likely economic future if Americans engage in perpetual war and abandon responsible fiscal policy. Imagine if Americans were forced to listen to top political scientists explain to them how the sovereignty of the United States will be lost and how personal property will be "collectivized" among all the citizens of a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of the Americas.

Americans should only be asked to sign away their future under conditions of informed consent, if indeed we are collectively crazy enough to consent to let the Zionist media run our lives into ruin and war. Maybe if the governors of the various states insisted that drills be performed where cities are evacuated and mock treatments are given for radiation sickness, people would begin to wake up to the risks they are passively assuming. Maybe if one day a week citizens were forced into concentration camps to welcome them into the future they have elected for themselves, maybe, just maybe, they would begin to doubt their coerced and manipulated choices. In any event, we must begin to prepare for the calamities our citizens have elected to bring upon us; and those of us who have retained our sanity are obliged for our own sake to inform our fellow citizens what it is they are consenting to when they consent to let our nation be run from Jerusalem.

Informed Consent Christian Zionism is a topic for another day. . . .