Thursday, September 07, 2006

Isolating Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Americans who love America above Israel, loyal Americans who desire peace and prosperity, should call for the American Government to end all aid to Israel, cut off diplomatic relations with Israel, impose economic sanctions on Israel, impose an arms embargo on Israel, and demand that Israel disarm. Israel must pay reparations to the Lebanese and Palestinians. Israel must end its apartheid practices and allow all persons the right of return without regard to ethnic, "racial" or religious origin.

Should we Americans fail to disassociate ourselves from the racist, genocidal, warmongering nation of Israel, the world will be forced to subvert our economy, attack our people and pray for our demise. We gain nothing from helping Israel to attack humanity. Instead, we are losing our human dignity, our economic strength and our moral character. We are placing our lives and those of our future descendants in mortal jeopardy, all for the sake of a people who hates us and who actively seeks our ultimate destruction. Though many of our own people are too stupid to recognize these facts, the people whom we are assaulting with our unprovoked and self-destructive attacks are increasingly coming to realize that their survival depends upon our demise.

There is a much better alternative for us to choose than perpetual war and antagonism towards all other nations of the world but Israel. In truth, all nations have a common enemy in racist, warmongering Israel, and we can cooperate to peacefully end the threat by simply applying commonly accepted standards of international behavior in a fair and equitable fashion to all nations of the world. For the very reason that Israel does not exist in a vacuum, it can be suffocated economically in a matter of weeks.

Israel has threatened humanity with nuclear devastation. Israel has committed unprovoked and genocidal aggression against its neighbors and has openly avowed in its Jewish literature over the course of millennia that it will exterminate all non-Jews. Jewish Israelis and racist and tribal Jews around the world must cure themselves of their hateful sickness. Americans can no longer afford to have our interests subverted by disloyal Jews who hate us and who use us to attack humanity. Decent Jews have a duty to disassociate themselves from racist and tribal Jews. They ought to educate themselves on the true goals and objectives of Judaism and realize that many of those who speak in their name fully intend to fulfill these horrific goals by any and all means. The clannishness inherent in Judaism and Jewish culture is ultimately destructive to Jews, as history has proven again and again. The racist Jewish imperative, "Is it good for the Jews?" should be applied to Judaism itself, and the answer is clearly no.

We can drive a wedge between Turkey and Israel by educating the world of the fact that Jews destroyed the Turkish Empire and committed genocide against the Armenian Christians in the name of the Turks. Turks want to deny this history, but their denials are misguided and self-defeating. The true culprits must be exposed. This will drive Turkey away from Israel, which is an important factor in avoiding World War III. Turkey is a NATO nation. Jewish influences are attempting to foment war and revolution between Turks, Kurds, Sunnis, Shias, Iraqis, Syrians, Iranians, Arabians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Sudanese, Ethiopians, Lybians, etc. Given their proven past conduct, it is a given that Jews and their agents have, are, and will continue to imposture as other peoples and commit acts of terror and war so as to instigate war, civil war and ethnic strife.

We can drive a wedge between Russia and Israel by exposing the fact that Jews have sought for centuries to exterminate the Slavic Peoples. In recent times, Jews have fomented genocidal hatred toward Russians among Americans in the hopes that America will destroy Russia with a nuclear attack. Jews in Russia have likewise been fomenting genocidal hatred of Americans for a very long time. The Cold War was a Jewish creation meant to divide and destroy humanity. Americans and Russians must at long last confront this deliberate campaign by leading Jews to kill us all off.

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