Saturday, September 23, 2006

The "Jewish State" Is Fomenting World War III: Part 2: More Evidence from the BBC

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Some interesting BBC reportage has been posted on YouTube. The BBC argues that the Israelis might want to use a Kurdish airport as refueling a station for air attacks on Iran. The Israelis' strategy is far broader. They want to use the Kurds to foment war between Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Israelis are training Kurdish terrorists to conduct operations in each of these countries. Mossad agents are also acting as agents provocateur to talk Kurds into committing acts of terrorism and are providing them with the training and means. Mossad agents are also dressing up as Kurds and conducting their own operations, which they blame on Kurds. Kurds are just another of the desperate peoples Jewish leaders are exploiting as scapegoats for messianic Jewish bloodlust and warlust. Billions of human beings are likely to die in the war Jewish leaders have engineered to destroy humanity. The genetic and environmental damage they plan to cause will forever ruin the human race. It could possibly end life on this planet, which is the goal of the Cabalistic Jew, who believes that we must die so that the Jews can enter a new aeon on a "New Earth" with a "New Heaven".

Israel trains Iraqi Kurds : BBC Doc Part 1 of 2

Israeli's Training Iraq Kurds : BBC Doc Part 2 of 2

The following documentary on Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook reveals that Jewish secularism is paradoxically a part of Jewish religiosity:

The "reformists" and Communists who ultimately secularized a very large sector of the Jewish population, did so as part of a religious plan to bring about the "End Times". Israel, as a political state, exists for religious reasons. One of those reasons is to bring about our deaths and in so doing hasten the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.