Monday, September 25, 2006

On the Use of Hindus in the Mass Media to Defame Moslems

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many Hindus bear an animus towards Moslems. Both Moslems and Hindus have committed atrocities against one another in modern times. The mass media in America are exploiting hateful Hindus to attack Moslems in general terms. This serves many purposes for Jewish leadership. The American public is notoriously ignorant of the nature and motives of various ethnicities and nationalities around the globe. Many Americans will believe that East Indians are "Arabs" and that "Arabs" are self-critical. Many Americans will believe that the Indians who are defaming Moslems in the American media are Moslem insiders who are shocked by their fellows' beliefs. The Jewish controlled media almost never allows the Moslems it attacks on camera to defend themselves from these vicious and deceptive attacks. Jewish leaders hide behind the Indians to make the attacks, and thereby both escape detection and create a deeper rift between Indian Hindus and Moslems amongst themselves, because these people are apt to know the ethnic origins of the Hindus making the attacks, which escape the "average American".

Hindus ought to realize that some Jews plan to impose the Noahide laws on humanity. When they have accomplished this end, they will behead all Hindus, who are evil "idol worshipers" in the eyes of Jews. Jews helped the Russians, the Indians, the Pakistanis, the Chinese and the Koreans to develop nuclear weapons in the hopes that these peoples could eventually be provoked to destroy one another so as to make it easier for the Jews in the "End Times" to kill off Christians, Moslems, Buddhists and Hindus. Those Hindus who take advantage of Jewish hatred and Jewish power to attack the Moslems and indulge their egos with self-promotion, are in fact helping Jewish leadership to foment wars which will eventually kill off hundreds of millions of Hindus.