Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Pitiful Pope

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It was clear from the Pope's 12 September 2006 speech, that the infamous quotation the Pope reiterated, and the Pope's subsequent diatribe, were an excuse to hide behind in order to lend credibility to the Pope's deliberate, deceitful and cowardly attack upon Islam and Moslems as if irrational, evil and inhuman—sub-European (allegedly sub-human)—you see there is no moral crime in killing off supposed idol worshiping animals, which allegedly have no souls; and Jewish leaders have set their sights on the Moslem world. The Pope has not apologized for his insulting and degrading attack upon one billion innocent people, nor has he apologized for condemning a world religion to the trash heap. Rather, the Pope pretends to regret that the allegedly soulless barbarians caught on to the deliberate attack and realized that the sophistical argument, and reference to a 14th Century dialogue which was beyond obscure, were merely cowardly cover for the Pope's vindictive and hateful sniping at innocent people. But the Pope's transparent pretense is so transparent as to be obviously deliberately transparent—more fuel for the fire.

The Pope states that he regrets that Moslems took offense at his offensive comments. He does not regret making his offensive comments and denies that they were offensive, though they undeniably were. The Pope's disingenuous "apology" is yet another insult to the intelligence of the Moslem community. Make no mistake about it, the Pope first sought to defame Islam, then found a cowardly way in which to do it, which would offer him some spurious means of deniability. The Pope is again showing the world that he is a spineless coward and vicious liar by pretending to apologize, but instead further insulting people who have done him no harm. The Pope is blaming the people he has deliberately offended, for his offense, for daring to be offended by it! His actions are so absurd and disingenuous as to be unmistakably contrived and deliberately provocative.

The Pope and the media sidestep the other vicious and offensive elements of the Pope's tirade. The Pope effectively called the Moslems sub-human, violent, irrational and non-European; while defining Europeans as if God's master race. The Pope is repeating the Jewish curse upon Ishmael, whose inheritance is stolen by the Jews in their Jewish Torah, in which Jewish Torah Ishmael (who came to be associated with Islam) is cursed to be stupid and violent and less than Isaac and Jacob, less than the Jews (Genesis 16; 17:18-27; 21:9-21). The Jewish book of Genesis 16:12 is exploited by Jews and their agents to defame Islam, because the Prophet Mohammed stated that Ishmael, who was Abraham's firstborn, inherited the covenant to which the Jews lay claim through Isaac and Jacob,

"And [Ishmael] will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren."

The Pope's supposed invitation to dialogue was instead a deliberately dishonest, vicious, reckless and unprovoked attack—much like the Jewish State's deliberately dishonest, vicious, reckless and unprovoked attack on Lebanon. Who instructed the Pope to attack Islam, and why? How did his attack become an international story? Who benefits from this circus?

The Pope's outrageous and venomous slander can be equated to the Jewish anarchists' assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, which was used as a pretext to provoke the First World War by pitting pan-Germanics against the pan-Slavics. In reality, Kaiser Wilhelm II and his cousin Czar Nicolas II were following an incestuous script handed to them by the Jewish bankers. It is likely the Pope is doing the same, as are the supposed "Moslem leaders" in Turkey, Egypt and elsewhere who outwardly appear to be falling into the trap the Pope set, but who are likely paid agents playing their role in the third and final act of world war, which will draw the curtain closed on humanity.

The Jewish controlled media has been destroying the Catholic Church and Islam for centuries and has pitted them against one another for hundreds of years. The Kulturkampf, the Armenian genocide committed by crypto-Jewish "Young Turks", and other such engineered conflicts down through history, were each contrived battles created by Jewish leaders to discredit Catholicism and Islam, and to pit Catholics against Judaized Protestants, and to pit all Christians against Islam so that they would destroy one another and leave the Jews standing in Palestine.

Jewish leaders always hide behind others so that they can cast blame for their evil actions on others. Jewish leaders are today trying to provoke World War III, but are trying to do it in a way which will make it appear that Catholics and Moslems are at fault. Jewish leaders were behind the Nazi attack on Jews, but it is the German People who are blamed. Jewish leaders were behind the Soviet genocides of Slavic Christians, but it is the Russian People who are blamed. Jewish leaders were behind the Armenian genocide, but it is the Turkish People who are blamed. Jewish leaders were behind the American Civil War, but it is the Southern Christians who are blamed. Etc. Etc. Etc. Jewish leaders are cleverly trying to trap Christians and Moslems into killing one another off. The non-Jewish peoples of the world are, and always have been, the targets of Jewish genocidal ambitions. We all must recognize the true enemy and defang it. The time we have to accomplish this necessary end is running short.