Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Syria's Guardian Angel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel has been desperately attempting to drag Syria into a war. Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians, and laid Lebanon to waste, in large part in the hope that Syria would feel compelled to war with the barbaric Israelis and rescue fellow Arabs from Jewish genocidal murder. Israel went so far as to openly threaten Syria's borders. In spite of all the Israeli provocation, Syria miraculously avoided a suicidal counter-attack. The warmongering Jewish controlled American media and government lamented the fact that they could not drag Syria into war. Never did they call for or celebrate peace. This alone ought to wake Americans up to the fact that leading Jews want to involve America in unnecessary genocidal, and ultimately suicidal, war for the sake of disloyal Jewish leadership.

The recent "terrorist" attack on the United States Embassy in Syria may well have been a staged event meant to initiate World War III. What are the odds of such an attack occuring in Syria, a primary target of the Bush Administration, on the day after September 11, on the day of key elections? The timing and place of this event could only favor warmongering Zionists. Thankfully, Syria's guardian angel again intervened. Again, instead of rejoicing that American lives had been spared, the American media largely buried the story and when it did mention the attack, the American media took the opportunity to defame Moslems in general terms, and to call for war with Syria and Iran. This attack likely either was instigated by agents provocateur who coached fools to attack, or directly by agents of the Zionist warmongers. One analyst attempted through the American media to scapegoat the Syrians for the attack and claimed they were able to counteract it because they were in fact behind it. It seems a rather obvious point that were the Syrians behind the attack, they would not have allowed any of the attackers to have survived. In addition, we have the somber, as opposed to celebratory, attitude of the Israel-firsters in the Bush regime, and the media, when they ought to have instead hyped the fact that "terrorists" had been defeated and been delighted that American lives were spared.

The quiet in the media hides the tremendous import of this failed attack, which was likely intended to create a pretext for an American attack on the Moslem world. We have very narrowly escaped a nuclear war Jewish leaders plan to artificially cause. Note that just as the Jews of Israel used the capture of two intruding Israeli soldiers as a pretext to commit an unprovoked genocidal attack in which the Jews of Israel hacked Lebanon to the ground, and which Israeli attack would have continued until Lebanon was completely annihilated had not world public opinion intervened, this failed attack on the US could well have been used a pretext to attack the Moslem world with nuclear weapons—we just don't have the troop strength or the funds to commit genocide in any other way, or so will our Israel-first leaders "reason". The truth is they want to take the lives of what they consider to be sub-human idol worshippers and concurrently fulfill the religious myths of Judaism.

It is truly the people of the world who are under attack and we cannot depend upon our leaders or our media, because both have made it painfully obvious that their goal is nuclear world war. Who is it that staffs and owns these warmongering media outlets? Why is their agenda war instead of peace, hatred instead of harmony? What is the common link? Would it be impossible to trace the backgrounds of the stars of the warmongering media? Would be impossible to put pressure on their paying sponsors to end the warmongering, race baiting and religious intolerance? Could not one billion Moslems have an influence? It is no more their duty than ours in general, but they will be the first murdered and the sights of leading Jews are trained between Moslem eyes.

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