Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What We Are Losing: What the Traitors Are Taking from Us

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America has great power, but is too often using it to do harm instead of good. It is a shame, because if the American nation led the world to better times, peace and prosperity; we would be loved and other nations would rush to aid us. Instead, traitors have made America a tool of racist Zionist policy and power.

The world is compelled to react to the attack of the Zionists. As a result, the world is compelled to curtail American power. Where will this lead the world, if not into a world conflict?

Let us not lose sight of what we could accomplish as an American People leading the world to a new era of peace—what we could accomplish if we could unseat the power of the Zionist traitors. Imagine a world in which Israel occupied as little attention in the international press as Latvia. Think if we spent as much time in the future improving the world and focusing our attention on constructing better societies and better international relations, as is today wasted on Israel's plans for destroying humanity.

America is our country, not Israel's. It is our duty to defend our interests. First and foremost, we must actively defend our fundamental human liberties from the traitorous Israel firsters who are trying to intimated and silence us. These rights grow stronger with exercise. Speak up! Speak out! Speak often!