Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Zionist Vampires Have Cost Us Our Honor

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled media has orchestrated a tag team event with Chavez and Ahmadinejad in their corner to wrestle away the last remnants of American honor. Chavez, in his Commie red shirt (for now sans the Che Guevara beret), is rallying the world against America. With the help of the Jewish dominated American media, Chavez is playing the bad cop to Ahmadinejad's good cop. Chavez is deflecting negative attention away from Iran and Israel, and is focusing it onto the US.

We used to be criticized as being the "policemen of the world". The Israel first traitors have now relegated us to the status of "genocidal criminals" of the world, who are led by a stupid witless Satan. And that is what the racist Jews want, the US to be the enemy of the world, together with Israel, so that we will be their iron scepter with which they can smash the potter's vessel of humanity. The racist, supremacist Jews have installed their puppet as our leader and he has terribly shamed the American nation. While our government sends our tax dollars to Israel and Egypt, the Communist Chavez gives oil to our poor and mocks our presidency to the world, and all the while the Communist Jews in America laugh alongside him and the rest of the world, as America is shamed. Oh, what we have lost as the Zionists have deliberately ruined us. It is truly pathetic!

And Jewish leadership has ready our "saviors" to save us from the devils and demons they have imposed upon us. While America should have been spreading universities and advanced industries and agricultural methods to our neighbors to the south, the Jewish leaders instead oppressed and impoverished these nations, deliberately inhibiting their progress and developing an oppressed class to use as a hammer against the American People. For more than a century and a half, the Rothschilds have been planning to grab us with a desperate hand from the south and tear us in two. Instead of America leading our hemisphere to a better and brighter future, Jewish leadership has done what it can to guarantee our common demise. Jewish leadership has raised up red shirted scum to come and spit in our faces for the crimes Jewish leadership has covertly committed against humanity in our name. After deliberately discrediting our government in the eyes of the world, Jewish leadership is attempting to discredit our government in our own eyes so that we will beg Jewish leadership to provide us with a savior like Communist Chavez who will bring us a Utopia of free oil and freedom from fascists like the Zionist traitor George Bush. Jewish leadership will next offer us freedom from income taxes and coins made of gold. What they won't tell you is that you'll have to buy your gold from them and that they will once again melt it down after you buy it and return it to their coffers. What they won't tell you is that your property will become theirs and you will have no income upon which taxes can be levied. You see, Jewish religious mythology teaches Jews that all the gold and property in the world is theirs by God's decree. Communism is not, and was never meant to be, a means to eliminate personal property. It is a means for Jewish leadership to steal all the wealth of the world. It is a means for Jewish leadership to destroy all religion in the world. It is a means for Jewish leadership to destroy all culture in the world. It is a means for Jewish leadership to destroy all national sovereignties in the world, save Israel—and there is the resolution to the Zionist/Communist Jewish paradox. There is no contradiction for a Jew to simultaneously call for all nations to surrender their sovereignty in obedience to God, and for Jews to have no goal but strengthening the nation of Israel. That is messianic Judaism in all its horror and racist hypocrisy. Ironically and paradoxically, a major part of the Jewish religious plan is the objective of making Jews irreligious. Jewish leaders believe that the prophets commanded that Jews fall away from God and that they are duty bound to see to it that two thirds of Jews perish as a result (Zechariah 13:8-9). They believe that the Messiah will only come when Jews have embraced heresy and have made the world evil (Sanhedrin 97a).

But the two-headed snake which has slithered onto our shores, and filled our thoughts courtesy of the Jewish controlled media, has another fanged fiend, another agent of Jewish leadership, Ahmadinejad. His Iranian fellows tempered his rhetoric, wisely and appropriately, but he slipped in a telling tribute to his Shabbataian-Frankist past. Round about the time crypto-Jewish Communists were infiltrating Iran in their campaign to surround Israel with Communist nations, with Communism which would destroy Islam and any Islamic ability to resist Jewish domination, round about that time in the 1950's, crypto-Jews created a Frankist-style sect among the Shia called "Hojjatieh" or "Hojjatiya". This sect used all the Frankist techniques of worming their way into power by hiding their true beliefs and keeping their genocidal literature secret. They also preached the Frankist Jewish doctrine that the world must deliberately be brought into chaos and evil and heresy must rule the world in order to provoke God to bring the Messiah, named in this sect the twelfth imam to appease Islamic sensibilities, but it is Frankist Jews who are behind it. It was Frankist Jews who bred Ahmadinejad, the Communist Revolutionary, and it was Frankist Jews who placed him in power to bring Iran into its own deliberate destruction. The Jews have had this plan for a very long time, and their green tinged anti-Messiah, Armilus, has an anti-Elijah—the Persian King. It is all told in the Jewish myth of Sefer Zerubbabel. Hence the myth of the green halo surrounding Ahmadinejad to foreshadow Armilus, and Ahmadinejad's scripted role as forerunner of the anti-Messiah and leader of the war on Israel.

Once America has been sufficiently alienated and humiliated by Chavez and Co., I suspect Ahmadinejad will return to the Saddam script and heat up the rhetoric. I hope I am wrong. It would be better that it were a bad dream.