Monday, October 23, 2006

Barack Obama's Amazing Good Luck

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In both the primaries and in the general election, the Senate race which concluded with Barack Obama's win was one of the most dirty, disgusting and bizarre series of campaigns in the history of American politics—and that's saying something! There were a herd of hopefuls from both Parties. The heads of the heads fell as scandal after scandal unfolded before a befuddled public. Slow and steady, Obama won the Democratic primary. The Republican Party utterly collapsed, as if by magic. Jack Ryan fell so far from grace that he became a disgrace, but still held a strong lead. The People didn't seem to care about his personal life as much as the Party leaders and the newspapers. Ryan was pushed, and pushed some more, and then jumped, leaving it up to the Party to choose their candidate. With two handfuls of contenders vying for the spot, the Party mysteriously made one of the worst moves it could have made, and brought in the Straussian neo-Conservative William "Bill" Kristol's old roommate Alan Keyes, whose campaign sabotaged the Party, whether it was by intent or incompetence matters little. Those in the Republican Party who chose Keyes must have known that he was the key to Obama's easy victory. Obama taught at the University of Chicago, Leo Strauss' institution. Obama is smart enough to succeed, but not insightful enough to get himself into trouble. He is very polished, but does not shine brightly on controversial and important issues. If he is to be a great man, he has yet to show any signs of it. He is certainly a great politician and a favorite of talk show hosts from Larry King to Oprah. His Senate seat is much sought, and if he has any skeletons in his closet, there are those who would pay much to see them. It will be interesting to see if his probes for a Presidential bid find deep pockets and staunch support. He would certainly be a favorite in the press, though they often lift a man up to the highest heights, so that they can drop him hard.