Monday, October 30, 2006

Beware Jewish and "Anti-Semitic" Revolutionaries

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish leaders know that they will not be successful in duping Americans into overthrowing their Government with an openly Bolshevistic platform. Americans are wise to the Communist deceit. Some Americans even realize that Communism is a Utopian lie, which Jewish leaders created in order to make Gentiles hate their own governments and destroy them. These Jews never intended to create "ideal" societies without separate social classes, or personal property. These Jewish leaders always intended to enslave Gentiles and steal their wealth. "Communism" was simply a deliberate lie told to dupe the Gentiles into destroying their own governments, so that Jewish Bolsheviks could more easily enslave and exterminate non-Jews and assimilated Jews. It is vital to realize that "Communism" was a deliberate myth—an intentional fairy tale, and that the Jews who fabricated this myth never intended that it would benefit mankind.

Jewish leaders will use any Utopian myth that will further their aim of coaxing Gentiles into destroying their governments. Jewish leaders will mislead Americans with so-called "Patriot" movements and/or "Socialist" movements, and/or "Dispensationalist Christian" movements without having any intentions whatsoever of profiting Americans by these movements. Jewish leaders will give to Americans the same fate with their deceptive "Patriot", "Libertarian", "Socialist", or "Anti-Semitic" or "Christian Zionist" revolutions, that they gave to the Russian People with their Jewish led and financed "Bolshevist Revolution". That fate is slavery and death for Gentiles and the deportation of Jews to Palestine against their will. There is no sincerity in any of these Jewish led, financed and dominated attacks on the American system. In the eyes of Jewish leaders all these movements have the same objective, to trick the Goyim into destroying themselves in the false hope of a brighter future. These Jewish leaders intentionally weaken target societies so as to have the people clamoring for reforms. Once these Jewish leaders have opened the door to these "reforms" through revolution or economic collapse, they then use the opportunity to enslave the People.

Jewish leaders learned after they attempted a deceitful Bolshevik revolution in Germany that they would have to dupe the Germans with the Jewish led, financed and dominated Nazi Revolution, because Germans were wise to the Bolshevik deceit; but the Nazi Revolution produced the same result in Eastern Europe, Jewish Bolshevism. Jewish leaders know that they must try to dupe Americans into ruining their own country with a false "Patriot" movement, led, financed and dominate by Jews. They won't simply attempt one approach or another, but will have some crypto-Jews preaching "anti-Semitism", while other Jews call on Americans to get rid of the Federal Reserve and go on the Gold Standard, while other Jews call on Americans to ruin the American economy with disastrous and self-defeating strikes and boycotts, all in the name of "freeing Americans". This "freedom" will inevitably be the Jewish run slavery and extermination of Jewish Bolshevism. The rhetoric is insincere and is only meant to inspire the subject nation to open the door to a Jewish run dictatorship, by destroying itself in the name of "liberty, equality and fraternity."

Americans have it very good today. Anyone genuinely interested in the fate of America ought to be working to preserve and improve on what we have, instead of calling for us to tear it down in the name of the "good old days" that never were. Beware of anyone asking you to abandon the political process, to disenfranchise yourself by not voting, or to promote ruinous fiscal policies and enrichen the gold merchants. Most especially beware of Jews and crypto-Jews preaching revolution and asking you to strike and ruin the economy and government of your own nation. Their only sincere wish is to deceive you into destroying yourself and they will use any and all means to accomplish this end that they think will work on you to bring you into conflict with your neighbors and your government. Beware Greeks bearing gifts, especially when they are Jewish revolutionaries promising you a Utopia after you commit suicide.