Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Curious Divide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a strange split between good natured and humane Jews, and psychopathic Jewish leadership. On issues where the interests of the tribe are not openly threatened, the gulf grows even wider.

The genocide taking place in Darfur provides us with an interesting case study of this phenomenon. Good hearted Jews, and there are a great many, know the urgency of providing help to the struggling people who are under attack. The violence, especially against women and children, is a threat to all of humanity—and perhaps no one recognizes that threat and feels greater compassion for the people under attack, than Jews of good conscience, and there are many. They not only feel for the oppressed people, they organize and act on behalf of the oppressed people. Everyone should learn from their example.

However, when we contrast the fact of Jewish compassion with the fact that the Jewish controlled media is focusing less attention on Darfur than on Foley and Hastert in order to manipulate the complexion of the Congress of the United States of America, and to create distrust and hatred between the American People and their government, we see that the real power in the Jewish community lies in its leaders. We see that Jewish leaders are inhumane and manipulative, in spite of the good naturedness of many Jews. We see that if Jewish leaders had the desire, they could, with the near full support of the Jewish community, prevent much of the evil that takes place in the world, but instead encourage evil and artificially create it—to the detriment of all.