Friday, October 06, 2006

The Failure of the Zionist Bush Regime's Foreign Policy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are several striking points about the reaction of the traitorous Bush administration to the threatened nuclear bomb test by North Korea. First, it is incredible that the Zionist Bushkovites apparently had no plan to deal with such a threat. How could they not have anticipated that a nuclear North Korea would someday conduct a test of its weapons? Or, were they in fact hoping that North Korea would prove its nuclear capabilities so that the Zionist Bushkovites, and/or Israel, could then blame North Korea for any nuclear event in the world, or so that they could use this as an excuse to justify an attack on Iran with North Korea as an example of the danger of complacency in the face of nuclear proliferation? It appears that there is more at work in the treasonous Bush camp than incompetence. They may well be working with our enemies to generate World War III in an era when peace is the rule and prosperity for all a real possibility.

Why isn't America voicing our support for our allies in the region? Why aren't we applying leverage to Communist China, and cautioning them that North Korea's aggression will lead to a massive proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region, including the influx of nuclear weapons into South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, which would not profit Communist China or Communist North Korea? We must, of course, make it clear that we seek to avoid this proliferation. We must ask North Korea why it feels so threatened, and begin a dialogue. Talking cannot hurt us or weaken our position. Why is there no concern that misunderstandings might be at play and why is there an almost apparent delight that the situation, which is imminently dangerous, appears to be spiraling out of control?

There is evidently something far more sinister than incompetence at play. There are ways of dealing with this crisis and they are not being employed.