Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fiscal Policy and the Gold Standard: Beware the Trap

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Consider the possibility that Jewish bankers have hired mouthpieces to pose as "patriots" to spread the message that America would be better off if we were to stop paying income taxes and went on the gold standard. Further consider the fact that Jewish leaders are deliberately destroying the American economy with war debt (to profit the "Jewish State" of Israel, and Jewish war profiteers, as well as to destroy the American economy), the exporting of American industry, and the deliberate sabotage of the American educational system.

Such a move would not be unprecedented. When the Jewish bankers wanted to create the Federal Reserve System, they first deliberately caused a financial crisis in 1907, and then hired journalists and others to spread the idea that reforms were needed in the banking system, and in this way opened the door to a change that would enable the Jewish bankers to plunder America of its vast wealth. Jewish bankers tricked Americans into clamoring for reforms, which the Jewish bankers would draft, and which would ruin the American economy. The Jewish bankers were successful in creating a system that enabled them profit immensely from the World Wars they deliberately caused and to engineer the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, which enabled Jewish financiers to buy up the accumulated wealth of America at pennies on the dollar. The Jewish bankers secured the debts of America with the Federal Income Tax.

It appears that the international Jewish bankers have slated the American economy for a terrible crash. They want to secure their debts with American land and personal property, because there will likely not be revenue to be had from income, when Americans fall into massive unemployment and American wages drop substantially. Immensely wealthy Americans also anticipate that they will not be able to avoid paying income taxes should Americans demand a more reasonable tax structure, and as income and expenditures become 100% traceable.

The Jewish bankers want to trick Americans into clamoring for reforms, which will open the door for these bankers to steal the wealth of America in the coming crash. The Jewish bankers want Americans to demand that the Federal Reserve System be replaced with a gold standard (and note that the gold standard was a disaster in the Twentieth Century), because the Jewish bankers hold large quantities of gold which they would like to sell to Americans at immense profit, and concurrently run Americans into unpayable debt, which the Jewish bankers would like to secure with something more substantial than abstract future income taxes. The Jewish bankers want to secure the debts, which they would like to impose on Americans, with Federal Lands and national resources, because the Jewish bankers plan to foreclose on those lands and steal them from the American public. The Jewish bankers have hired traitorous spokemen, who clothe themselves in the flag, to trick stupid Americans into demanding policies which will ruin Americans and fatten Jewish bankers; as if it were a patriotic gesture to make the Jewish bankers richer, because they have the "freedom" to rob Americans of their future and their wealth. Jewish bankers also count on the greediness of the rich to go along with scheme to ruin America, by promising them lower taxes and greater opportunities for profit in the near term. Why, only a card carrying Communist would demand that the rich, who receive the greatest benefits from the American Government, pay a substantial share of the taxes, or so these traitors and greedy but shortsighted dupes will tell you.

In reality, the Jewish bankers are setting a trap. They are deliberately destroying the economy and will ruin the American job market, while concurrently running America into unpayable debt. They hold these debts, and would like to increase them by pushing America into a gold standard, while altering the tax system to secure these debts with land and personal property, property which can be taken quickly and efficiently. They will only get away with this scheme, if they can dupe Americans into demanding these "reforms" for themselves. The Jewish bankers also have other schemes they will play, once they have opened the door to change, by tricking Americans into demanding changes.

Changes are indeed warranted, but they should be changes which empower, and increase the wealth of, average American citizens and the American nation. One desperately needed change is to step off this Jewish led path toward perpetual war and perpetually growing debt. Another desperately needed change is stop helping the economies of our enemies to grow, while concurrently undercutting the growth of the American economy. It may well be wise to reform the tax system and Federal Reserve System, but only if it is done in a way that profits the average American and the American Government. It would be disastrous to adopt the gold standard. It would be disastrous to sell off Federal Lands and resources, so that the Chinese, covertly led by Jewish bankers, can buy up America. It would be wise to go after the Jewish bankers who have stolen the wealth of America and recover that wealth. It would be wise to use the American military towards that end. We would then have more resources to improve the lot of humanity, instead of following the Jewish led path towards World War.

We should open up an international court and put the Jewish bankers on trial for plundering the wealth of humanity, for bringing humanity into perpetual war, and for deliberately hindering the progress of the human race in the hopes that Jews will eventually kill off non-Jews and rule the world. Let us put Judaism on trial and try the present lot of Jewish leaders, who have caused human beings so much pain for the last 2,500 years. Let us do it quickly, before they begin their Third World War.