Monday, October 09, 2006

How Bush Ought to React to North Korea

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

North Korea has detonated a nuclear of device of significant power. It is possible they have previously attempted to trigger such a device, but failed. Both Communist China and the Zionist Bush regime of the United States have betrayed the People of Japan. The Zionist media of America is making excuses for China. The People of North Korea are in a very precarious situation. The Democratic Party in the United States is not a real political party. American youth are not motivated to vote in force to secure their future.

Bush should not give the Communist Chinese any basis for making excuses not to act to contain North Korea's aggression. If the Chinese are worried that North Koreans will migrate to China in search of food, the world community should come to the rescue and fund massive refugee camps in China and Russia to help feed the starving People of North Korea. The Chinese and Russians can thereby profit from the migration of North Koreans out of North Korea. The people who leave North Korea can then be schooled in ways beneficial to our interests and theirs. Some of the pressure on the North Korean regime would be relieved. The Communist Chinese would not have any excuse not to work with the world community to resolve this crisis and they should be motivated to prevent nuclear proliferation in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Bush should express strong support for the Japanese, South Koreans and the People of North Korea. He should express his desire to see to it that the People of North Korea not die out as a result of their government's aggression, and offer to feed those who leave and to negotiate with the North Korean Government directly in bilateral talks to hear out their position. This is not a reward for North Korea, simply an opportunity to reverse this trend toward nuclear proliferation. Any give and take will have to be negotiated. Bush can simply state that North Korea's actions make no sense, are self-destructive, and that the United States is concerned for the welfare of all the people of the region and is interested in a negotiated settlement. This test is a new event and calls for new measures.

The People of America should be greatly concerned by the failure of United States foreign policy for decades. There are forces higher than our government who are setting up Japan and China, and the United States. Debt, trade and the balance of power in the Asian countries are the real motivating forces behind North Korea's actions. North Korea would not take this step if they did not have orders from Communist China to conduct it. George Bush is a traitor to the American People. He is strengthening China's hand and alienating America from our allies. Our economy and world peace are being deliberately subverted. Bush is working with Jewish leaders to make Americans distrust American Government so that Americans will conduct strikes and boycotts which will bury our economy. Bush is working with our enemies to bring us into such hardships that we plead for revolution. When our nation is ruined, Jewish leaders will offer their financing as a way out, and they will finance their puppets, and then the Jewish Bolshevization of America will be complete, and the Americans will be begging for it.

American youth must become involved in politics and vote. They must take over their churches, schools and government and promote their interests and their future, or face inevitable ruin. Older people are too cowardly, complacent and filled with self-doubt to protect our youth. They must do it for themselves.