Thursday, October 12, 2006

Irony of Ironies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is indeed ironic that racist Jews have confounded an America first attitude with racism, when their Israel first attitude is the result of these Jews' genocidal racism and hatred of humanity. Racist Jews are fomenting a Communist Revolution in Mexico. They are alienating Americans from our friendly Mexican neighbors. Racist Jews want to create a literal divide between Americans and Mexico with a wall—much like the wall racist Jews are building in Palestine.

This proposed wall is an unprovoked and hostile gesture toward our neighbor. If America does not want Mexican labor, then let Americans stop hiring Mexican nationals who have illegally crossed the border. I suspect that it would be a mistake to remove this labor asset. We must, of course, protect our interests from criminals and the diseased, but there are much better means to accomplish these desirable ends then beginning a war against Mexico while concurrently inviting the artificially created enemy into our home.

Rather than play into the hands of the Jewish bankers who want to destroy both Mexico and the United States, a Rothschild plan from long ago, we should help our neighbor and ourselves and use this immense labor force to build a better United States and a better Mexico. Why not put Mexican criminals in American prisons to work building Mexican universities? Instead of spending monies to build a wall, which sends a terrible and hateful message to our neighbor, why not spend the money building Mexican infrastructure and schools? Jewish racists want Mexicans to move north, but they also want Mexicans to hate Americans and for Americans to hate Mexicans. What Jewish racists don't want is a strong and friendly sovereign Mexico and a strong and friendly sovereign America working together as good neighbors for the benefit of both, using the labor of both to its best effect for the benefit of humanity. What do we see happening before our eyes? We see a racist Jewish designed American foreign policy of isolating Mexico and generating animosity, while inviting this manufactured enemy into our land to subvert our interests.

For many centuries racist Jewish bankers have used the Americas to generate wealth, while subverting the interests of the native populations. Racist Jews even brought slaves from Africa to exploit the wealth of the peoples of the Americas and funnel it into the banks controlled by Jews. America should reverse this policy and help our neighbors to the south. They are a tremendous labor force and potential market. Jewish leadership are busy building up Communists like Chavez to destroy us all in the Americas. We easily defeat this threat by helping our neighbors. It is in our own best interest to do so.