Sunday, October 15, 2006

Japan and South Korea Are in a Vise

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Communist China has placed Japan and South Korea in a vise. North Korea claims that America has declared war on it. Communist China plays innocent, and Japan and South Korea must look to Communist China for help, because the US appears as an irritant, and China the salve. India must also be questioning its policy of non-alignment and be considering the value of the immense Chinese market and the influence of Communist China over a weakened North Asia and the loss of influence of the United States in the region. North Korea will pretend that Communist China has betrayed them to the Japanese, again drawing Japan closer to Communist China. North Korea will threaten the Japanese and South Koreans should they seek to follow the sanctions regime of the United Nations, which will be blamed on the United States. Communist China will protest, "See what we get for helping the United States! We warned you not to agitate North Korea!"

Japan would be wise to be wary of the Communist Chinese. The Chinese and Koreans above and below have a long memory and have not forgotten the Second World War, and the Chinese see themselves as a master race from which all true and noble culture emanates—the Chinese see themselves as the center of the universe. There are forces overseeing the Communist Chinese Government, the racist Jews who created Communist China and armed Communist China and Russia—and North Korea—with nuclear weapons, in betrayal of the United States of America. These Jews despise the Japanese, who have a strong sense of independence. The Japanese are much like the Germans were, and the racist Jews destroyed the Germans because they posed a threat to Jewish supremacism. It appears that Japan and South Korea are being set up by Communist China, and the Jewish bankers behind Communist China, to take a hit from North Korea. Japanese and American leaders are working with the Communists and against the people of Japan and America.

The Zionist traitor George Bush is engaging in a farce diplomacy of preplanned impasse, as are the North Koreans. This game of chicken is engineered to end up in a collision. It would be well for the United States to have India, Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea on our side working for peace, but peace we cannot have when the treasonous Bush regime is heading for war on all fronts and is deliberately ruining the good will of our former friends around the world. The mass murder the United States Government has committed in Iraq at the behest of Jewish leaders is only a slight hint of the Bush regime's planned attack on all of humanity, the US included.

The thinner Bush spreads American military forces around the world, the more leverage he places on military leaders to utilize the nuclear option, which is what Israel and Israel first traitors in America want. The weaker Bush makes the American economy, and the more anxiety Bush causes the American People, the more vulnerable they will become to his dictatorial ambitions. Chaos breeds dictators. Order comes fastest from absolute rule and if Bush can bring America into ruin he can then more easily assert himself as an absolute ruler on the pretext that absolute rule will be the only means to restore order—never mind that he and the traitorous Israel firsters who placed him into power deliberately caused the chaos for this very reason. The same forces which placed Bush in power own the media, and just as they were silent when it came to defending the peoples of Lebanon and Palestine from Israel's aggression, they will be silent when it comes time to defend the American People. Just as the Jewish controlled media was a constant forum for Mossad agents, traitors, and Israeli government officials and unofficial propagandists when Israel committed its genocidal and unprovoked attack on Lebanon, the Jewish controlled media will do what they can to see to it that their warmongering puppets of whatever political stripe they make fashionable at any given time will go unopposed in the public "debate".

The people most immediately threatened by all of this at the present time are the South Koreans. It is odd that we hear little from them. One wonders if they are considering capitulating to the Communist Chinese.