Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jewish Leaders Are Isolating Japan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


In the last century, the Zionists built up Japan in order to knock it down—after Japan accomplished a few goals for Jewish leadership. Leading Jewish financiers used Japan to attack Russia, which weakened the State and lessened the Russian People's faith in its government. During the Russo-Japanese War, the Jews financed Japan while concurrently cutting off Russia's access to funds. Jews corrupted Russian society with revolutionary talk and Jews organized devastating strikes which crippled the Russian economy. Jews blamed the Russian Government for the all the ails Jews had deliberately caused the Russian People to both weaken them and to make them hate their government. Jews issued Jewish revolutionary propaganda to Russian prisoners of war under Japanese control, who were bored and discouraged, and therefore highly vulnerable to the lies. Then Jews offered their puppets as suitable replacements for the Czar, after Jews had destroyed Russia with a another war, a world war. Numerous eyewitnesses recount that it was usually the Jews in a crowd who would cast aspersions at the State and defame those who were trying to save the nation.

Zionist Jews used the same tactics in the United States during World War I to propagandize the American People with speeches by "five minute men" who were paid agents of Zionist Jews, and who gave the appearance of giving spontaneous talks by neutral observers to rouse the American People against "enemies" foreign and domestic. In fact, these paid propagandists were the agents of the true enemies of the American People—Jewish Zionists. They conducted psychological warfare on the American People and led them into unnecessary war and a totalitarian State. It was vital for them to control American public opinion, and they did so by using traitors, often Jews, who would pretend that they represented American common sense and that common sense demanded that Americans abandon their principles in the name of preserving them. A paid agent would make an irrational claim in a large crowd, and a paid claque of a handful of traitors would applaud the irrational and the mob would be deluded into doubting its hard won sensibilities and cheer for its own destruction—in fact, the mob would be deluded into demanding its own destruction in the name of preserving the nation and its values.

The process is reoccurring today in the American media, which is dominated by traitorous Jews and their agents, who place the perceived self-interests of Israel above the genuine interests and traditions of the United States. As they contort what is considered to be American into their evil, they ridicule the evil they have caused and concurrently cause Americans to hate America. They then exploit the heightened state of tension to justify infringing on the liberties of the American People, whom they have made an enemy of their occupation government, which foreign government they have made hostile to the American People. Leading Jews are using the same tactics to create a war between the American People and the American Government, that they used to destroy the relationship between the Russian Government and the Russian People. And it will be loud-mouthed Jewish Communists who will step farthest forward, with the help of the media they control, to propose that Americans destroy their government, which leading Jews have made the enemy of the People. Then these traitors and subversives will impose perpetual war and serfdom on the American People in the name of liberty, equality and fraternity—just as they did in Russia.

Jews built the Imperial Japanese war machine, which would eventually attack the United States of America in the Second World War. They did so to weaken China and leave it ripe for Jewish revolution, and to destroy Chinese sovereignty so that Jews could form a Jewish State on Chinese soil. Jews also used Japan to attack Korea, the United States, and other nations and leave them vulnerable to Jewish revolution. The Jews believe in the myth of hevlei Mashiah, or the "birth pangs of the Messiah", and this is one way in which they justify genocidal war and genocidal Jewish revolution. Leading Jews write off the lives of tens of millions of Gentiles as the price that must be paid for the world to enter the Messianic Era, in which period the Jews will kill off the remaining Gentiles and restore Cabalistic "order" to the world by purging it of the spirit of Satan Jews believe is implanted in the genes of Gentiles. This is made clear in, among other Jewish works, the Zohar.

The Jewish war on America through the surrogate nation of Japan led America far down path to Bolshevism. The Jews who provoked Japan into World War, then saw to it that Japan would be bombed with atomic bombs. Their intent was always to use Japan to destroy itself and as many other Gentiles as possible, while promising them world conquest. Leading Jews are doing the same to America, and America is bound to be attacked by nuclear weapons launched from silos covertly under Jewish control.

Today, Japan is being used a pawn between China, North Korea, Russia and the United States. The Japanese know better than anyone what it means to be bombed with the bomb. North Korea's saber rattling, its stated intention to conduct a test of its nuclear arsenal, is an open threat to Japan, and the U. S. knows that Japan must run to America with its tail between its legs begging for protection. Once mighty Japan has been reduced to a sniveling nation of self doubting and emasculated pollyannaish pacifists by a prolonged covert attack stemming from Jewish leadership. Enlightened pacifists, who know the true source of the wars, know that this is a set up for a nuclear exchange. With their submarine capabilities, Israel and the United States could easily launch a false flag nuclear attack on Japan and blame it on North Korea. China wants the West out of the East. Japan is our Western presence on the coast of Asia. We would do well to support them, not only for humanitarian reasons, but also to protect our markets and interests and way of life.

The Zionist traitor George Bush is alienating us from our true allies. Bush is helping Jewish leaders to drive a wedge between America and our allies in Europe and the East. The future of our economy is very dependent upon stability in the East and good relations with the Asians. Our currency depends upon them. Leading Jews are setting us up to fall after we have been used to destroy ourselves and as many other Gentiles as possible. The probable result of these games will be the dangerous proliferation of nuclear weapons if not a short term prospect of a nuclear World War III, which apocalyptic war is the more likely outcome of the machinations of Jewish leadership.

Imagine if our enemy Israel were so threatened as our friend Japan. Oh, how things would proceed differently!