Friday, October 27, 2006


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The name "Russo" is a very important Jewish name. The false Jewish messiah Baruchya Russo (aka "Othman Baba", aka "Osman Baba", aka "Berahya", aka "Berochia"; d. 1720) succeeded the false Jewish messiah Shabbatai Zevi, and was succeeded by the false Jewish messiah Jacob Frank, who was in turn succeeded by Rothschild. Russo's followers believed that Russo was God.

Baruchya Russo founded the Doenmeh sect called "Kuniosos", which was centered in Salonika. The Russo family produced the "Young Turk" leader Djavid Bey. This crypto-Jewish group committed genocide against Armenian Christians, instigated the Balkan Wars, instigated World War I and destroyed the Turkish Empire. It is said that the Kuniosos have flat noses.

Like Aaron, these Jews worshiped gold. It is said that none were ever poor. They were strong advocates of revolution meant to ruin Gentile society. They would deceive non-Jews with Utopian fantasies like Communism into surrendering their governments, cultures and religions to crypto-Jews intent upon mass murdering the Goyim.