Thursday, October 12, 2006

When Protectionism Becomes a Matter of Self-Defense

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is time for America to reassert itself and join with our true allies to rescue our economies and our cultures. America has true allies in Japan and Taiwan. We should impose a self-defense tax on Communist China, since it is clearly acting through its proxy state, North Korea, to destabilize the region and create divisions between America and our true allies. America should use its influence to hurt Communist China economically while bolstering truly American, Japanese and Taiwanese businesses and interests. We should begin to create clearer distinctions between the nationality of products and services. The threats by North Korea, which originate in Communist China, and ultimately in the Jewish financiers, are so severe and aggressive, that we must take aggressive actions against them. We cannot tolerate Communist Chinese games which increase the likelihood of nuclear war. We must also bolster the defenses of our allies. It is regrettable that Communist China, at the behest of Jewish leadership, is starting a new arms race and promoting nuclear proliferation. It is regrettable that we have allowed our enemy, Israel, and its disloyal agents in America, to place our lives in danger. It is they who have created and armed our enemies. We cannot defend ourselves from the racist Jews who want to destroy humanity until we identify this enemy and defang it. Were we to recover the wealth they have stolen from us, and promote the welfare of our citizens and of humanity, our debts would be paid and we could assist other nations, instead of destroying them at the behest of disloyal and racist Jews.