Thursday, November 09, 2006

Agents of the Enemy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Saying that it makes no difference who is elected to public office is like saying that it makes no difference which artist paints your portrait, or which doctor performs your operation, or which lawyer handles your case. No two people are exactly alike and whenever you are given a choice, there is an option which will produce a better or worse result. The Jewish controlled media, AIPAC and other Jewish groups spend so much time, money and effort to influence elections for the very reason that it makes a profound difference who is elected to public office in the United States of America.

Given that billions of dollars are spent to influence voting results, it should come as no surprise if Zionists placed subversives into anti-Zionist organizations, and created controlled opposition media. In an election where the margin of victory is 2,000 votes, that margin represents but 1,000 voters.

For example, assume an election ended in a tie at 10,000 votes for candidate A, and 10,000 votes for candidate B. Further assume that the candidates agreed that a new election would be held. If 1,000 of candidate A's voters changed their minds, candidate A would receive 1,000 fewer votes, or 9,000 votes. If none of candidate B's voters changed their minds, then candidate B would pick up 1,000 more votes and receive a total of 11,000 votes. Therefore, the second election would produce a result of 11,000 to 9,000, with a 2,000 vote margin of victory, representing only 1,000 voters.

If the Zionists create anti-Zionist media which they control, and that media persuades 500 stupid anti-Zionists that is cool to NOT vote and that there is NO difference between candidates; and, further, if the Zionists have one of their quasi "anti-Zionist" agents deliberately make a blunder that causes another 500 anti-Zionists to become disgusted and refrain from voting while firing up 1,000 Zionists to vote who otherwise would not have; then the Zionists have won themselves 2,000 votes in an election. Another trick is for the anti-Zionists to run a ridiculous, extremist anti-Zionist spoiler candidate, who garners another 250 votes from the anti-Zionist vote. Dollar for dollar, these are comparatively very cheap ways to accomplish a political end and to render an opposition impotent—completely ineffective and inconsequential.

This represents but one direct way of subverting the interests of anti-Zionists. In an election there are infinite means to sway people to vote or not vote, each of which adds up to a total cumulative effect. Anti-Zionists must lose their political naivete and be careful whose "good advice" they follow, and what they view as appropriate behavior. Zionists are masters at controlling mass behavior, and they are trying to lead you into many self-defeating traps with a silly smile on your face believing that you are in the know.

Perception and image are very important. Cigarette companies learned early on from Jewish propagandists the importance of making it appear to be cool, trendy and wise to smoke. Foolish people have made the cigarette companies immensely wealthy, while slowly committing suicide, on the absurd premise that it makes one appear sophisticated and sexy to inhale a highly addictive poison into one's lungs. Conversely, the image that the American Revolution was about securing liberty and rights, despite the ultimate true causes, won us the vitally important Bill of Rights.

We need to be more honest and open than our ancestors and change the image of Zionists and anti-Zionists in the public eye. We must educate the American public and teach them that Zionists blindly support the racist cowards of Israel, who bomb helpless women and children so that they can steal their land. We must teach them that anti-Zionists are peace-loving people, who oppose racism and genocidal violence. We must also teach Americans that Moslems are good people who need and deserve our support, and that Israelis have proven themselves time after time to be racist and genocidal maniacs. Once Americans learn where, when and how the Israelis have infiltrated our country with a racist, warmongering, anti-American fifth column and fourth estate, then it will be the most natural thing in the world for Americans to be openly anti-Zionist, and anti-Zionists will be recognized as the humane, peace-loving people we are and we will have an easy time electing openly anti-Zionist candidates.