Monday, November 20, 2006

Ahmadinejad, Moallem and Talabani

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It appears that the nations in the region have begun a peace initiative. Hopefully, they will secure the integrity and national sovereignty of the nation of Iraq against the Zionist plan to Balkanize the nation into at least three hostile countries. CNN reports:

Iraqi president plans talks with Iran, Syria

Of course, the oil companies and the Western nations have a huge stake in the outcome of these talks, as do the Kurds and the Turks. The Israelis will do whatever they can to sabotage any effort at peace, and they are already using their fifth column and fourth estate in the United States to undermine this peace initiative.

One suggestion I would make to the leaders is that they establish a trilateral effort to curb the subversive actions of the Mossad, for example, by offering a reward for the capture of Mossad agents agitating for "sectarian" violence in Iraq, Turkey, etc. They will have to be careful not be trapped by the Israelis, who will attempt to trick them, but this can be avoided. However, significantly, the mere act of offering a reward for the capture of Mossad agents will shine a bright light on the activities of the Mossad to generate war and destabilize the region, and ultimately the world. The leaders should also make clear that they want peace and a united Iraq and that the United States is welcome to join them in this humane pursuit.