Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Auto-Disenfranchisement: Political Suicide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is an alarming trend in the so-called "alternative media" to persuade persons, who are aware of the corrupting influence of the fifth column and fourth estate of Israeli agents in America, to not vote. Elections can be won by a single vote and elections can be challenged. Why give up your power and neglect your civic duty to influence election outcomes? The best method to counter voter fraud is to vote. There is no need for fraud if the electorate whose voting voice disloyal Jews would like to silence, stupidly silence themselves on the "good advice" of a controlled opposition. Assume you were an honest candidate, who interrupted your life to run for public office so that you could, among things, combat voter fraud. Would you ask your supporters not to vote? Are the neo-Conservatives asking their supporters to refrain from voting?