Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Clear Conflict Between American and Israeli Interests

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Frankist Jew and Zionist traitor, United States Supreme Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, wrote in 1915 in his booklet The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It,

"And a conflict between American interests or ambitions and Jewish aims is not conceivable. Our loyalty to America can never be questioned."

Brandeis then betrayed America in 1917, and needlessly brought the American People into the First World War for the sake of the Zionist Jews and in exchange for the illegal Balfour Declaration. As a result, the war was prolonged and millions more needlessly died.

Another Jewish war criminal, Ehud Olmert, has come to America to influence our President to commit more crimes against humanity. The crisis in Iraq, which Zionist traitors in America have created, is a political problem and requires a political solution. But the genocidal Israelis always seek a genocidal "final solution" to the problems they artificially create. The Israeli final solution to the Iraq problem is to divide Iraq into at least three segregated countries so as to weaken it and to bring the sectarian factions into war, which civil war will broaden into a regional war, and then a World War. The Israelis will then have a stage upon which to commit their final act of genocide against the Moslems and exterminate them all. The Israelis do not want a political solution to the political problems of the Middle East. Israelis have always been "Social Darwinist" racists and they have always sought the "final solution" of Jewish supremacy and the extermination of their "enemies", of humanity. That is the official Jewish mindset written into Jewish law and carved on the stone of 2,500 years of Jewish contempt for assimilation, justice and humanity.

We Americans have different interests, which we have already betrayed by obeying the baying Zionist traitors in our midst, who have needlessly brought us into another bloody war with a people who have done us no harm. We Americans, at the behest of racist Israelis, have deliberately destroyed the nation of Iraq and created a political crisis in the entire region. We must resolve this crisis by engaging all the factions within Iraq, as well as Iraq's neighbors Iran, Syria, and Turkey, in good faith talks to bring about an equitable and sustainable peace, which will facilitate trade and good relations in the region. Israel wants instead perpetual war and the continual degradation and extermination of the Gentile Peoples of the Middle East. Israel is the enemy of the United States of America, and of humanity. If Bush were a human being, instead of a Zionist puppet, he would spit in Olmert's face and organize the world to end the threat that Israel poses to its own People and to humanity. It will be interesting to see what the Zionist Puppet Bush does instead. In the meantime, the peoples of Iraq, and its neighbors, ought to sidestep the United States if it continues to create problems instead of solutions, and work together toward a peaceful and equitable solution of the crisis, despite the efforts of racist Jewish warmongers to bring the region into completely unnecessary and highly destructive conflict. Peace and stability are obviously in the best interests of the Americans, as well, and if the Sunnis, Shia and Kurds joined with the Iranians, Syrians and Turks to negotiate a sustainable settlement, the American People would insist that their government welcome and participate in the much needed move toward peace.