Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Colonial Confusion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

American imperialism has not been successful in Iraq, because America has not established its bureaucratic rule over the Iraqi victim. When an empire, such as the Roman Empire, or the British Empire, or Imperial Japan, invaded a country, they took steps to secure their imperial commercial interests, and thereby created a financial incentive for the exploitation and improvement of the colony. The United States has failed to take these necessary steps toward building a successful colony, because we pretend that we are not an imperial power. This has created a power vacuum which cannot be filled by American military force sans American colonial policy and control.

Instead, the American policy of invasion and destruction of Iraq has been one of colonizing the American taxpayer through the venue of Iraq. The greater the destruction of Iraq, the greater the amount of money contractors stand to make by supplying and equipping American and foreign contractors and soldiers. Therefore, instead of creating a financial incentive to build an Iraqi colony, we have created a financial incentive to demolish the nation of Iraq and leave it without a government or a future. American enterprise then takes over with the incentive to destroy, instead of build, and rapes the Iraqis and the American taxpayer.

If we are to be an imperial power, then we must conduct ourselves as one, and create and implement policies and regulations which will enable us to successfully colonize Iraq. We must not continue down the path of destruction of the American economy and the Iraqi nation to the detriment of both Peoples, while profiting the war profiteers and creating an incentive for more war without any beneficial results for any nation. I do not think it is in America's best interest to build an empire, but if are going to go that route, then we must go all the way, or face inevitable disaster.

The dilemma we face if we seek to restore Iraq is that we must effectively face the reality that it was a mistake to destroy it. Once we have eclipsed that hurdle, then we must talk to the leaders of the various factions of the nation and organize a centralized power base through reasonable means, not through hubris and aggression. We will have to break up the Mossad/CIA/British Intelligence operatives who are manufacturing sectarian violence for the purpose of destroying stability and centrality. More broadly, we should take the opportunity to negotiate just and wise solutions to the problems the Zionists have created throughout the Middle East and we must secure the safety and well being of the Palestinian People.

First though, we have a choice to make as to whether we are an empire, or respect the sovereignty and rights of other nations. We have to stop obeying the Israelis, who are exploiting us in the hopes that America and the non-Jewish nations of the Middle East will fall, leaving Israel standing, and in the hopes that American Jews will then move to Israel. If we are going to colonize Iraq, and I am against the idea, then let's do it without colonizing the American taxpayer, instead.