Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fixing Iraq

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Beware the Zionist trap of "changing direction in Iraq". Jewish leadership and their agents will attempt to corrupt the new Congress with the message that Iraq ought to be divided and that the United States has tried but failed to remedy the ails of Iraq. The truth of the matter is that, in obedience to Jewish leadership, the neo-Conservatives have deliberately destroyed Iraq in the hopes of bringing the nation into civil war, so that it will be terribly weak and divided in the coming world war. The five million racist Jews of Israel want to build a Temple to their "Messiah", to their anti-Christian King, and first need to obliterate the one billion Moslems of the world.

Racist Jews are pitting Kurds against the Sunnis and Shia of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey. They are also planning to drag in Armenian Christians into a broad Middle East war in the hopes of another holocaust of that People. Instead of conducting meaningful programs to resolve the problems of the region, Jewish leaders will prompt the new Democrats to pull out and leave Iraq in ruins and civil war. It has been the Zionist plan from the beginning.

What are needed are negotiations and talks to bring the Iraqi People together with their own People, and with their neighbors. The Turks must come to realize that their society has been corrupted by Zionist Jews for centuries. The Iranians must depose their crypto-Jewish leadership. Responsible men and women in the American Government and Military need to root out the Zionist traitors and Mossad agents who are deliberately bringing Iraq into civil war. There must be international talks to rescue the Palestinians from the Jewish genocide of Arabs.

The best way to save the world from the Jewish Israeli attack on humanity is economically. Israel must be cut off financially and those few Jews in Israel who oppose the racist Jewish genocide of Moslems, Christians, Arabs, Persians, Turks, Pakistanis, etc. ought to leave Israel for good and take away the racist Jewish incentive to expand the borders of the illegal regime.

Democrats will be playing into the racist Jews' hands if they fail to take active measures to not only secure America's position by ceasing the march toward more war, but also if they fail to work with the players in the region to secure a lasting peace. We must act as a force for peace and justice in the Middle East, and that does not mean bringing Iraq into civil war and dissolution. It means stopping the Israeli genocide of its neighbors. It means counteracting the Israeli campaign to bring Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq into a broad war. Most importantly, it means exposing the Zionist fifth column and fourth estate of traitors who are deliberately bringing America and the world into ruin.