Saturday, November 25, 2006

Leadership and Common Cause

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israelis are pouring in money and military resources to their subversive agents in Lebanon and Iraq. The five million racist Jews of Israel are desperate for war. They want the United States of America to kill off one-and-one-half billion Moslems, so that the five million racist Jews of Israel can dominate the region and the world.

It is true that Lebanon's leaders are puppets of Israel and Israel's client state, the United States of America. The same is true of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. These nations and the leadership of Lebanon did next to nothing to stop Israel's genocidal aggression. Hezbullah, too, only served Israeli interests by providing them with a pretext to grind the nation of Lebanon into dust. Israeli troops and air bombardments moved about freely. It is not true that the Israelis did not destroy each and every structure and life in Lebanon because the Hezbullah overwhelmed them. The Israelis simply did not have enough time to blow up every building and snuff out every life. World public opinion stopped the Israelis.

Now the traitors in Lebanon want to cash in on the Israeli attack they covertly supported, just as they have done in past. Instead of calling the world's attention to the barbarity of Israel's aggression, the "leaders" of Lebanon are after lucrative contracts to rebuild what Israel has destroyed. Instead of uniting the People of Lebanon and the Moslem world against their common enemy, Hezbullah and the "leaders" of Lebanon are instead interfering with the Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi peace initiative. When the country of Lebanon is weak and vulnerable, its leaders are doing the Israelis' bidding and setting up the country for civil war, and the region for regional war. Lebanon does indeed need new leaders, leaders who will fight for Lebanon in the court of world public opinion, leaders who will call attention to the unprovoked atrocities Israel has committed against its defenseless neighbor. Lebanon needs leaders who will make documentary films to show to the world, which will make plain the violent and aggressive nature of the "Jewish State".

Lebanon needs leaders who will come to Syria's defense, as Syria has so often come to Lebanon's defense, and who will tell the world that it was not Syria which bombed Lebanon into ruins, rather it was barbaric and expansionistic Israel which launched an unprovoked attack on Lebanon, and which would have utterly destroyed the nation and mass murdered the Lebanese People had not the world intervened. It is Israel which tried to draw Syria into war. Syria consistently called for peace.

It would be wise for the leaders of the Moslems and Christians of the Middle East to come together and speak with a common voice to decry the violence and "internal" internecine fighting, which Israel is covertly causing in Israel's protracted effort to destabilize the Middle East and the world. The political and religious heads of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey ought to speak in a common chorus to all the people in the region and ask them to focus on their common enemy and work together for their common benefit, because only Israel benefits when Moslems and Christians war against each other.

The Jewish controlled press will have a much more difficult time distorting and lying about what is really happening in the Middle East, if the leaders of the region learn to speak with one voice and together on matters of vital importance to all the nations. Take control of your own destiny and cooperate! These nations do not need the permission or initiatives of the United States or the United Nations to speak to one another and to concurrently issue common statements in their common defense, common interest and in the interest of peace. Instead of complaining about what others do or do not do, they should act on their own initiative and exercise control over their own future.

Tone and perception are vital elements in controlling world public opinion, and if the Moslem world were to come together and fulfill its common cause to bring peace to the world, the world, and with them the American People, will welcome the initiative and step far away from the Israeli warmongers and their puppets in Washington. Americans are most influenced by audio-visual media. Please, would some innovative film maker make a documentary proving the horrors that Israel has perpetrated against its neighbors, and ask the cooperation of governments to translate and distribute it world-wide. Follow the example of the Jews with their focus on the Holocaust and never let the world forget who is the aggressor in the Middle East and who is the victim. Israel attacked Lebanon. Israel is daily committing crimes against the Palestinian People and in so doing, humanity. Israel is openly calling for war with Syria and Iran. Do not fight each other, fight the "Jewish State" which is attacking you, and fight by exposing their crimes and by uniting for peace.