Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Margin of Victory

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Zionist Republican lock on all branches of the Federal Government has been broken, despite the best efforts of many top Democrats and many in the so-called "alternative media" to discourage anti-war voters from voting. Had not John Kerry sabotaged the Democratic Party, and had the alternative media made a concerted and coordinated effort to get out the anti-war vote, the results would have been even more spectacular.

Politics is a dirty business. It may come as a disappointment to some of you to learn that those you have trusted to help you fight Zionist corruption have betrayed you. Even if you voted, others doubtlessly did not as a result of the "good advice" of some voices to not vote. It is a classic example of the work of subversives to destroy the effect of a political movement at a crucial time. This election has a tremendous impact on the ability of the Zionist traitors to wage war on Iran and Islam for the sake of the five million racist genocidal maniacs in Israel. The Zionist subversives in the alternative media, who have worked for years to earn the trust of anti-Zionists, have fulfilled their role by dissuading some from voting at a key time. Those votes represent the margin of victory in many key elections. If Kerry's sabotage accounted for a few hundred votes in crucial elections, and the deliberate defeatists in the alternative media account for a few hundred, the Zionists have won their elections, courtesy of the stupid anti-Zionists. The Zionists expected that Independent voters would favor Democrats at a ratio of 2:1, and they knew it would work to their favor to discourage anti-Zionist Independents from voting. After whining for years that something has to be done, when it came time to do something, the advice was to do nothing.

Many of these same voices are calling for a gold standard which would ruin our economy and profit the Jewish bankers. Many of these same voices are calling for a revolution, which would put a Zionist Bolshevist dictator in power in the Americas. They tell you that the crypto-Jewish agent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will save you by bring the world into a nuclear World War III. They promise you that the Communist agent of the bankers, Hugo Chavez, is the answer to your problems, because he hates your government and wants to help you destroy your country. What they fail to explain is how a people which cannot clean house at a crucial election, will somehow be better off when it has destroyed its government completely, and sent its people into civil war.

Look at what is going on in Iraq today. Why would we want that in the United States? Look at what happened to Russia, perhaps the wealthiest nation in the world, when the Jewish bankers had their subversive agents convince the Russian People that the problems the Jewish bankers were deliberately causing the Russian people were instead caused by the Russian Government, and the Jewish bankers, through their subversive agents, convinced the Russian People to revolt and destroy their own nation. The same will happen if the American People are stupid enough to listen to those voices who tell them not to vote in the hopes that America will fall apart.

The most pressing problem we face at the moment is to prevent the Jewish led war on Islam. Clearly the most important thing we could have done to slow or stop the Zionist Republican and Democratic leadership would have been to vote en masse against their most obvious agents. That would have had a greatly beneficial effect. Instead of seeking to prove that the anti-Zionists are a substantial, organized and effective political movement, some in the alternative media sought to prove that the anti-Zionists are of no consequence.