Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Racist Ratio

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are about five million racist Jews in Israel playing at being the Chosen People of their genocidal God. One of their games has been to infiltrate the United States of America with a corrosive, coercive, racist and warmongering fifth column and fourth estate of Zionist traitors, who are training Americans to hate and to want to kill the one billion and five hundred million peace-loving Moslems of the world for the sake of five million warmongering Jews in Israel. Racist Jews and their agents are teaching Americans that we should murder one billion five hundred million innocent Moslems so that five million racist Jews in Israel can steal more land that they do not need. Racist Jews and their agents use their disproportionate control over American institutions of influence to convince the American People that it is wise and just to enter into a Third World War for the benefit of Apartheid Israel, that "Holy" "Jewish State", so that we can wholly wipe out one billion five hundred million people who have done us no harm. The racist Jews fail to inform us that the five million racist Jews of Israel can live in peace if they so choose, and can keep the land they have already stolen if only they will stop attacking their defenseless neighbors. But it is not peace the racist Jews want. It is world war and the extermination of non-Jews, starting with the billions of peace-loving Moslems of the world. An added bonus for the racist Jews of Israel is the destruction of the stupid Gentiles of America who pay with their lives, their souls and with their prosperity for the racist Israeli wars without end.