Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Slide into the Slavery of Bolshevik America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish led neo-Conservatives have eliminated our fundamental rights to due process. Our only means to regain Federal protection of our inherent rights is through our fundamental right of free speech, and, should the need arise, the right to keep and bear arms. The Jewish led Bolshevik Democrats threaten to not only sweep away Federal protection of those rights, but to criminalize criticism.

The first act of the Jewish Bolsheviks who destroyed Russia and then mass murdered millions of Christian Slavs, placing countless Jews into official positions of power, while executing Slavic leaders, intellectuals and police, was to criminal criticism of Jews and/or the disclosure of the names of crypto-Jews on pain of death. Adolf Hitler used the same Bolshevik principles to make himself a dictator, to mass murder his perceived political rivals in the SA and to justify the Gleichschaltung and the Ermaechtigungsgesetz laws in Nazi Germany, which forbade dissent of any kind. Lenin iterated his infamous doctrine of "Democratic Centralism" in 1901-1902 in his famous article "What is to be Done?", which doctrine prohibited dissent, or even discussion, on issues of Party dogma. Communist Party dogma covered all aspects of life, including science. Lenin employed this principle of "Democratic Centralism" to make himself a dictator, as did Joseph Stalin. Lenin censored the press and prohibited the publication even of revolutionary literature by such notables as Maxim Gorky, which dared to advocate democracy and freedom of thought. In 1948, Communists used terror tactics to close down the play "Thieves' Paradise" by outspoken Jewish anti-Communist Myron Fagan. The Communists largely destroyed Fagan's career and his life.

It is not enough for the Zionist Jewish traitors who are ruining America to control the media. They now seek to control what we say. When they have pitted the police against the public, they will then begin to mass murder Americans, as they mass murdered Armenians, Slavs, Chinese, Jews, etc. The same forces which have artificially created the World Wars and the worst genocides of human history now seek the shield of criminalizing criticism directed against them.

The only hope we have to prevent this slide into the hell of a Jewish Bolshevik state in America is to become increasingly active in the political process and to voice our outrage at the criminals who are destroying our Republic. Beware, they will send out impostors, who will assure you that your efforts are futile, or worse, in effort to subtly silence you by persuading you to quietly surrender your soul to their devilish schemes. Most Americans have probably asked themselves how the Russian People allowed themselves to be controlled by the mass murderers Lenin, Trotsky, Kaganovich and Stalin. All they had to do was resist and the momentum of their mass would have toppled the dictators. Now ask yourselves, will you resist the Bolshevization of America?

Rev. Ted Pike has made herculean efforts to secure your rights to free speech. Please support him for all of our sakes and for the sake of goodness, that the promise of human freedom not perish forever from the face of the Earth under the tyranny of a Jewish "Messianic Era" otherwise known as "Bolshevism".

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