Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time to Vote!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Do not let anyone trick you into surrendering your vote on the premise that voter fraud will take place this election. Voter fraud has taken place in elections ever since human beings began elections. An honest voter is no more participating in that fraud by voting, than an honest citizen is participating in theft when he is robbed by someone else. Again, vote fraud has always taken place, and yet we sometimes manage to elect better people over worse people. Your vote counts. Even if you are defrauded, which is not the same as committing fraud, you and the candidate for whom you voted will have the opportunity to object. If you do not vote, you have waived your right to object that your vote was denied by fraud. In addition, it is foolish to anticipate that you will be defrauded. It is like refusing your paycheck because you might get robbed. Vote and if you believe someone has defrauded you, then fight back!

We do not live in a perfect world and it is better to vote in this election than not to vote. Don't just lay down and die. Human beings have always had to struggle against corruption. Be as strong as your ancestors and exercise your hard won rights. Even if someone cheats you, your rights are inherent in your being and will only be respected when you demand them. Do not surrender to the cheats. Insist that they honor your rights. You ought to be suspicious of those who try to convince you not to vote. That itself has the same effect as vote fraud. What is their motive for trying to dissuade persons who are aware of Zionist corruption in America not to vote? Are the neo-Conservatives trying to persuade their followers not to vote?

Don't be a sucker! VOTE!