Thursday, December 07, 2006

Condemnation of Israeli Warmongering and Subversion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


It is clear that Israel is calling the shots for Bush, Blair, and the international media. The press reported that Lieberman rushed in to provide Bush and Blair with their marching orders from Tel Aviv. Indeed, Blair and Bush were careful to toe the Israeli line in their joint press conference today. Blair and Bush continue to pretend that they are impotent to do anything constructive to solve the problems they have created on behalf of warmongering Israel.

The Israelis are desperate to prevent any legitimate peace process in the Middle East. The racist Jews want war and more war. They want the opportunity to steal land and still more land. The genocidal Jews of Israel want to kill Moslems until they are gone from the face of the Earth.

The Zionist puppet George W. Bush continually iterates the obligatory racist and deceitful Jewish mantra that the Moslems of Syria and Iran are the root cause of the violence and disorder in Iraq and Lebanon. The Zionist controlled media parrots the mendacious mantra echoing from chortling trolls of Tel Aviv. Bush's claims are bald faced lies. Neither Syria, nor Iran, invaded and destroyed Iraq. The United States launched an aggressive war on Iraq and deliberately ruined the nation. The United States was following an Israeli plan for the conquest and destruction of all of the non-Jewish nations of the Middle East. The United States and Israel are to blame for the problems of Iraq.

Bush also lies when he claims that Syria and Iran are responsible for the unrest and violence in Lebanon. Neither Syria, nor Iran, made an aggressive attack on Lebanon, reducing the defenseless nation to rubble. Israel launched an unprovoked attack on Lebanon and the United States gave Israel material and political support in Israel's genocide of the Lebanese, while the world's leaders mostly stood by pretending that they had no power to end the barbarous Israeli onslaught against defenseless people.

The leaders of Israel and the United States foment genocidal hatred against Syria and Iran by falsely accusing them of creating violence in the Middle East, while Israel and the United States lay vast nations to waste before the eyes of the world. The leaders of Russia, Syria and Iran should condemn the Israelis for fomenting genocidal hatred and wars of aggression against Slavs, Russians and Eastern Orthodox Christians, Arabs, Persians, Moslems, etc. It is the Israelis, and their client regimes in the US and UK, who are the demonstrable provocateurs of violence and sectarian strife.

Disloyal Jews have created a Fascistic coalition of Zionist puppet states and Zionist controlled media in the United States and Great Britain, which undermines the sovereignty, security and national interests of these states. Though the Israelis accuse, without proof, Iran and Syria of involving themselves in Lebanon and Iraq to create disorder; it is unquestionably the racist Jews of Israel and the racist and disloyal Jews in de facto control of the governments, press and other institutions of influence in American and the United Kingdom, who are pressing for the annihilation of Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, which sovereign nations the racist Jews see as Israeli territory. These warmongering Jews are also trying to coax the Americans and British to commit genocide against Iranians and to obliterate Iran, one of the few nations which defends the rights of Palestinian human beings against inhuman genocidal Israeli aggression.

Jewish leaders are also behind the genocidal aspirations of Dispensentionalist Christians, who seek the nuclear destruction of the Russians, Syrians, Iranians, Lebanese and Iraqis. Have Bush or Blair ever spoken out against this subversion of America by racist, disloyal Jewish infiltrators, or their genocidal call to violence? Why would it be wrong for Moslem nations to defend the interests of their neighbors, but right for Israelis and disloyal Jews to subvert the interests of the United States and Great Britain?

For the sake of their own survival, the leaders of Syria, Iran and Russia should join together and condemn the Israeli interference in the internal affairs of the United States and Great Britain, through their corruption of the American and British political process and media. They should condemn the Israeli call to violence and war. They should condemn Israeli, American and British false flag terrorism and assassination designed to artificially create "sectarian" war in Iraq and Lebanon. They should condemn the genocidal Christian Zionists, who are funded and promoted by Jewish subversives and infiltrators. All of that venom of which the racist, warmongering, terrorist Jews of Israel accuse Syria and Iran, should be thrown back on the "Jewish State's" doorstep, because that is where it originates and belongs.

After jointly condemning Israel (one should not surrender one's power to act to someone else) for Israel's subversion of the United States and the United Kingdom; Syria, Iran and Russia should move for a United Nations' condemnation of Israel for its subversive actions. Should they receive one tenth the support Chavez received with his condemnation of Bush, it would be a resounding and redounding success.