Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Do Not Negotiate with the Genocidal Jewish Terrorists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews of Israel, and their agents around the globe, are terrorizing the Palestinians with illegal sanctions, concentration camps, dehumanization, and the theft of their land. They have brought the Palestinians to such a point of desperation, that the Palestinians are contemplating capitulation to the terrorist Jews. The result of any such capitulation will be increased misery and the eventual extermination of the Palestinian People. The lessons of history teach us that Israeli "concessions" are instead traps leading to genocide.

The Palestinians knew that the Israeli "withdrawal" from Gaza (and note that the "withdrawal" implies the illegal occupation—the theft of land and rights), the apparent amendment of the Israeli policy of genociding of the Palestinians of the Gaza strip, was instead an inhuman trap meant to isolate the Palestinians in a vast concentration camp and starve them into submission. The Israelis are not only not acting in bad faith, they are deliberately baiting a spring trap upon which should the Palestinians nibble, their necks will be broken and the land of Palestine will become the stolen property of the European and American Jews who have no legitimate claim to it. It will become an Arab grave and Jewish resort.

Regard the deceitful and treacherous Tony Blair as the Zionist stooge that he is. His efforts to play "good cop" to Bush's "bad cop" indicate the collusion of at least one shade of Palestinian leadership with the Israelis to utterly destroy the Palestinian People. Ask him, if indeed he wishes the Palestinian People well, why Blair does not call upon the Israelis and the world to immediately free the Palestinians and give them financial and material aid, before entering into negotiations, so that there is no absolute proof of, let alone the appearance of, coercion, duress and extortion on the part of the Israelis and their Zionist puppets around the world against the Palestinian People to surrender their Palestinian birthright?

Do not allow the Israeli thieves to pretend that their theft and terrorism grant them the right to negotiate for the division and acquisition of the lands they have stolen. A court of justice does not grant a thief the privilege of asking for a portion of the property he has stolen. Rather, an honest arbiter demands that the thief return what he has stolen. Why is Blair blaming the Palestinian victims for the fact that Jews have stolen their land, and asking the Palestinians to concede their property, rights and dignity to the thief?

England has long been a violent intercessor in Middle Eastern affairs. Under its ultimate Jewish leadership, England has long been a crusader and invader in the Middle East. Trust them not. They are acting on behalf of the Jewish bankers who have ruled England for hundreds of years, in betrayal of the interests of the British People, and the Peoples of the Middle East. Recall that the British lured the Arabs into the trap of fighting the Turkish Empire, only to then issue the illegal Balfour Declaration.

Seize control over your own fate. Call upon the Moslem world to unite and demand justice, and further demand that the most basic human principles of fairness be enforced against the "Jewish State", which perpetually terrorizes you and corrupts the nations of the world, thereby deliberately causing unnecessary wars and economic calamities. If you make a pact with the devilish Israelis, you will inevitably end up in hell.

Demand that the non-democratic "Arab" nations cease their false pretense that they are powerless to act on the behalf of Palestinians and justice to end the Jewish genocide of Arabs. Demand that they use their control of oil to leverage the world community in the righteous and just pursuit of Middle East peace, by providing the Palestinians with equitable and immediate relief. There can be no just conditions placed on the alleviation of a genocide, and Jewish leaders around the world are genociding the Palestinians in order to extort them into giving up their property and rights. Demand that the Israelis stop their criminal acts and terrorism, and expose the vile and disgusting use of genocide as a means to coerce the Palestinians into surrendering their fundamental human rights.