Monday, December 25, 2006

Ehud Olmert on a PR Campaign

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who mercilessly and senselessly bombed Lebanon into ruins this summer, is on a public relations campaign to improve racist and genocidal Israel's image. The resonant international Jewish cry for innocent Iranian blood has the world wondering if Israeli bloodlust knows any bounds. The Israeli genocide of the Palestinians also threatens to tarnish the reputation of the "Jewish State", despite the Jewish control of the international press and of politicians like Romano Prodi, George Bush, Andrea Merkel, Hosni Mubarak, Fouad Siniora, King Abdullah, King Abdullah II, the Pope, etc.

Indeed, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert; with the aid and complicity of the Jewish media who shy away from epitaphs to his name like warmonger, mass murderer, war criminal, baby killer, but which never mentions Ahmadinejad without attaching to his name the title of "holocaust denier who wants to wipe Israel off the map"—Olmert is out to polish Israel's image in the world. Olmert's A-list, the litany of Zionist puppets who run to lick his boots, reveal their true colors when they wrap themselves in the blue and white, and stand under the umbrella of the Jewish controlled press to bear false witness against the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, etc. by scapegoating them for Israel's crimes against them and humanity.

Olmert is vulnerable. He is naked on the mountain top and it is snowing humiliation. He would die a quick death by exposure if the tens millions of Moslems of the Middle East would seize this opportunity and add an indictment of the many crimes that Olmert and Israel have committed just in the recent past to Olmert's name and to the escutcheon of the "Jewish State" just below the Magen David. "Olmert the Israeli Prime Minister who is starving Palestinian children at Christmas." "The Israelis who tell America to bomb Iran." "The Jewish State that leveled Lebanon."

Show Olmert's bitter face to the world together with graphic images of the harm he has wrought. Show Israeli tanks illegally invading Lebanon and occupying Palestinian territory and attach Olmert's name to the image. Then indict all those who stand with him. Reveal that it is a moral crime, and many instances an international war crime, to stand with Olmert and Israel.

It will be easy to make Olmert's shoddy PR campaign backfire against him and the Zionist puppets the Jewish media parades in lock step behind him. We need only point out what this man and his country represent. We need only expose the disloyalty of those who support Israel against the best interests of their own People and of humanity. The double standards are so obvious, the hypocrisy so transparent, that we need only mention the facts and show the pictures and Olmert will remain the pariah of humanity that he is.

A less obvious threat than the Zionist puppets who line up with Olmert, are the controlled opposition who divide Islam and unite genocidal Jews on his behalf. All Middle Easterners who value their homelands and their lives should realize that it is incumbent upon them to create divisions among Israelis and world Jewry, while uniting Islam, and Christianity, in a campaign for peace and justice against Israeli warmongering and Israeli subversion of the national sovereignty and stability of other nations.

Ahmadinejad, for example, is uniting Jews and dividing Moslems and creating ill will towards Moslems among Christians. Nationalistic Jews love Ahmadinejad. Not since the Zionist stooge Adolf Hitler, have world Jewry had such a unifying force for Jewish nationalism and world war. Force the world to focus on Olmert's atrocities and Israel's crimes. Let Israel enjoy the spotlight of scrutiny. Olmert's pretending to be a peacemaker is absurd on its face, but if the lie is repeated often enough without refutation the Jewish controlled media will succeed in refurbishing Israel's image and scapegoating Islam for Jewish crimes against humanity.

Ahmadinejad should focus on the crimes Jews and Israel have recently committed against Lebanon and Palestine, not on crimes done to Jews by other Jews in the past. Ahmadinejad should focus on Israeli hypocrisy and the Jewish controlled media's double standards. He should show graphic images of Israeli and American violence and the genocide of Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis. The world can rally to rescue these innocents. Let the world be shocked by Israel, by the truth; and hammer Olmert and his supporters.

This is a crucial time. At long last the world has Zionist power on its heels defending itself from its indefensible acts and policies. Increase the momentum! Show what a wretched man Ehud Olmert is.