Friday, December 01, 2006

Lebanon, the Switzerland of the Middle East

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


My advice to the Lebanese People is to get rid of Siniora and Hezbullah. Siniora did not defend Lebanon when Israel viciously attacked the nation. The Israeli attack was unprovoked and barbaric and Siniora did not call the world's attention to the atrocities Israel perpetrated against Lebanon, nor did Siniora defend the nation. Hezbullah is, at best, too sectarian to lead Lebanon, and at worst is working for Mossad to provide Israel with pretexts to attack Lebanon.

Putting my ear to the Dispensationalist Christian community, which is a subversive and traitorous group in the United States led and financed by rich Zionist Jews, I hear them discussing Israel's alleged right and duty to take over Lebanon and Syria, as well as Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and all other territories of "Greater Israel". This propaganda comes from hardcore Jewish Zionists and reveals their intent to commit genocide on the Lebanese, etc. Lebanon's only means of defense from this relentless attack from Jewish leadership is to appeal to world public opinion. Lebanon might have a hope to secure its long term future by declaring its neutrality and by creating "Cantons" out of the primarily Christian, Sunni and Shia districts in the nation. Each would enjoy control in the triumverate government. Their interests relative to the outside world are so divergent, and if put to positive results, so mutually beneficial, that the nation could potentially thrive under such a system. Israel would have a very difficult time ever "justifying" another unprovoked attack on such a universalist and modern nation.

The model could work in Iraq among the Shia, Sunnis and Kurds. Of course, the most important problem to solve would be preventing Israeli flase flag attacks and other agitations meant to divide the nation against itself. With a triumverate, Canton system, one sector would have an incentive to turn in traitors in the midst of the other sectors, and the government could offer large rewards and hero status to those who exposed the Mossad agents in the country. There would also be a two thirds majority against any break away movement among a third member. Since the nation would be officially neutral, it would serve as a wonderful buffer and a center for trade and international peace conferences to resolve the problems of the Middle East.