Thursday, December 28, 2006

Palestinians Need a Future, Not Assault Rifles Meant to Kill Palestinians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes


Under the direction of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who aggressively and illegally bombed Lebanon into ruins this summer, 2,000 assault rifles and 20,000 magazines of ammunition have been sent from Egypt to Palestine from the Zionist puppet government under Hosni Mubarak to the Zionist puppet Mahmoud Abbas for use by the Fatah. These small arms are intended to be used to kill Palestinians in the civil war, which the subversive Jews of Israel are fomenting among their Palestinian neighbors.

Recall that the Zionists fomented the Iraq-Iran War in order to weaken both nations in preparation for the current Iraq War and the war to come on Iran. Just as the Zionist Bush Administration is arming and training Iraqi factions in the hopes that they will annihilate each other in the planned and orchestrated civil war Jewish leaders are arranging in Iraq, "Arab leaders" are working with the Jews to provide Palestinians with the means to kill Palestinians and leave them fighting each other, instead of demanding justice from the oppressive Jews of Israel who have stolen the Palestinians' land. Bush and the Arab leaders are working against the best interests of their own Peoples, and the Peoples of the Middle East. Israel is their intended beneficiary. Iraqis and Palestinians pay with their lives in the millions, so that Israeli Jews, a scant five million—a population smaller than many cities in the world—can steal more land and kill still more Moslems.

Abbas and Olmert are working together to give the appearance that they are finally going to ease illegal and inhuman Jewish persecutions of Palestinians, but watch what happens. They are freeing up the movement of Palestinians between cities as part of a plan to allow forces to organize for civil war and to facilitate the transfer of arms and ammunition. Mossad dupes and hirelings will also be able to move into position to fire upon Israelis, giving the Jews the pretext they always seek for more attacks on Palestinians.

Be warned, Palestinians, the Israelis are deliberately tying up your young men in the most productive years of their lives. They are killing off the most healthy, courageous and noble men in your population in their child producing years.

Expansionism is always the goal of the Israelis. Israel has stolen most of Palestine from the Palestinians and now asks for "compromise" on the part of the Palestinians, that "compromise" being the rest of Palestine going to the invasive Jews.

Tell the Israeli warmongers, the Jewish death merchants, that you need recognition of your right of return, not guns. Tell the "Jewish State" that you want food for your children and salaries for your work, not bullets with which to kill fellow Palestinians.