Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pretexts, Profiteering, Oil and Then World War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have often stated that the problems in Iraq are political and require political solutions. There are several reasons why the Zionist Bush regime refuses to engage in diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis the neo-Conservative Jews deliberately created on behalf of Israeli perceived self[ish]-interests. The neo-Conservative Jews openly avowed that their goal was to destabilize the region and bring about revolution and war, including civil war.

It is well known that the pretexts given for annihilating the sovereign nation of Iraq were a series of deliberate lies. These lies were promoted in the Jewish controlled media and by politicians who are subservient to Jewish interest groups, and many of whom are themselves members of Jewish interest groups. Now that their lies have been unmasked, these groups use their disproportionate wealth and influence to spread the lie that the reason for the war was oil interests.

Numerous corporate contractors with close ties to the fascistic Zionist Bush regime have made immense profits from the unprovoked, aggressive war and occupation. The financial incentive has always been to destroy and consume, rather than build and benefit the People of Iraq. It has been an immensely profitable endeavor which encourages more war and occupation for profit. There has been no effort to colonize Iraq. No effort has been made to install an effective American colonial government to minister to the needs of Iraqis and facilitate trade and education which would profit both Americans and Iraqis, and which would create a financial incentive to stabilize and build Iraq, as opposed to the current financial incentive to destabilize and destroy Iraq.

This lies at the root of the failure of American Imperial Foreign Policy. If we are going to act as an imperial power, then we must go all the way and institute necessary rule in our colonies, or inevitably we will destroy them. Though it is the express goal of the neo-Conservative Jews to destroy the nations we conquer, it is not in the best interest of America or humanity to do so.

On the pretext of securing oil production and export, as well as facilitating the withdrawal of American forces, both the Zionist Bush regime and its Zionist controlled opposition are equipping and training a massive military in Iraq. The Zionist Bushies have ensured high unemployment in Iraq, thereby guaranteeing high enrollment in the military and quasi-military police. This is the worst possible thing to do, and they know it.

What they are intentionally doing is building up the armies in preparation for the Iraqi civil war. They know that in order to have a really effective civil war, one which will kill tens of millions of Iraqis, and which will draw in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Israel, ect. in a broad regional conflict that will escalate into World War III; they need to first arm, train and organize the armies under the umbrella of Iraqi national defense. As soon as the US pulls out, these arms and armies will be divided into the armies of the Iraqi civil war, and a blood bath will ensue which will require the intervention of other nations, and the Jewish neo-Conservatives will have us embroiled in their World War III.

The solution to Iraq's unemployment problem, which is the second most important element in the sectarian strife, the first being false flag terrorism by Israeli agents, is to disarm all of Iraq and install a temporary American government in Iraq to colonize the nation for a transitional period. Under this program, the US would have the financial incentive to build Iraq as a stable nation, instead of selling Iraq military equipment with which to destroy itself.

The war profiteering contractors, with intimate ties to the fascist Zionist Bush regime, want to sell Iraq US military equipment as the US pulls out, and then sell the US new replacement equipment, thereby reaping enormous profits from war and devastation, at the expense of the American tax payer and millions of innocent lives, and the reputation and good will of the United States abroad.

It is indeed necessary to secure Iraq for the sake of its own people, and to facilitate the flow of oil and promote foreign investment, which will ease the massive unemployment problem. This cannot be accomplished by arming the Iraqis. Disarmament and colonization are the only means to security.

The colonization must be transitional and in the best interests of the Iraqis and the Americans. Iraq should adopt a constitution modeled after the Swiss constitution and declare its neutrality. The US and our dwindling allies should make a good faith diplomatic effort to gain recognition of Iraq's proclaimed neutrality among all of its neighbors. Iraq should become a center for negotiating solutions to all of the problems of the Middle East.

Israel is the source of most all of the strife and instability in the region. Therefore, Israel must be contained and its subversive operations in the US and in the Middle East must be exposed and curtailed. The fifth column and fourth estate of Israel first traitors in the United States must be exposed and destroyed. It has nearly ruined our nation, and the international power of the United States has been reduced to military power, with the good will of other nations lost. Other nations will no longer look to the United States to take the lead in international affairs, and this will cost us dearly for decades to come.

The United States should cut off all aid to Israel. It should impose a military embargo on Israel, and seek reparations for the covert war Israel has waged on the United States through its fifth column and corruption of the American press. All nations should cooperate to shut down Israel economically until it disarms and ends its war on humanity. The freedom and sovereignty of the Palestinians must be secured, and if the Israelis refuse to act as responsible human beings, then their nation must be brought into severe economic hardship and complete isolation from the civilized world.

The United States must regain its dignity, sovereignty and spirit of humanity. We must eliminate the racist Jewish influence which designs to use us as a sword with which to exterminate the Moslems. There is ample proof of this plan, which spans the course of centuries, and which is designed to result in our ruin and in the ruin of humanity. If we take these measures, we secure our own future, and that of Iraq and humanity. Otherwise, we face nuclear war and our own destruction all because we are too cowardly to confront the fifth column of Israelis and their Christian Zionist dupes who are led and financed by Zionist Jews. If we fail to act, we run the risk of destroying human life for the sake of five million racist, segregationist and genocidal Israelis who believe they have the God-given right to rule the world and destroy it.